A weekly Podcast for business owners, we show you how to have a better business, make more money and have a better life as a result.

Online Business, Physical Bricks and Mortar Business, We discuss it all, covering topics including, Marketing, Cash Flow, Finances, Business Strategy, what's working right now and what is not.


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Episode 73 – Best Accounting Software For Small Business
In this episode, understand the critical resolutions you can put in place in your business practices to make 2019 your best year yet in business.
Episode 72 – New Years Resolution for Your Business
In this episode, understand the critical resolutions you can put in place in your business practices to make 2019 your best year yet in business.
Episode 71 – Success Isn’t A Straight Line
In this episode, I give you 10 actionable steps to strengthen your path to success in business and in life.
Episode 70 – Pick Up The Phone
In this episode, we discuss the benefits of picking up the phone and having a human to human conversation.
Episode 69 – Start Your New Year Planning On The Right Foot
In this episode, I give you the tools and a framework to start your year new off on the right foot.
Episode 68 – Above or Below The Line – Where Are You?
This week we discuss a mindset tool that will help you to change the way you think of problems and situations when they arise and guide you to make more clear and better decisions
Episode 67 – Getting More Done by Outsourcing Business Processes
Outsourcing your business processes is one of the greatest ways to create capacity in your business and achieve greater results.
Episode 66 – Is Your Director of First Impressions Hurting Your Business?
The director of first impressions is arguably the most important role in any business. Learn exactly what the director of impressions role is in your business.
Episode 65 – Better Systems for Communicating with Your Customers
In episode 65, we discuss the importance of effective communication with your customers and systems you can implement in your business to achieve this no matter how big or small your current business.
Episode 64 – What A Business Needs To Grow?
Today I’m going to give you the tools you need to break down where you need to be focusing your attention when it comes to growing your business.
Episode 63 – Who is Looking After You?
Looking after yourself in business is one of the most important responsibilities and roles, we as business owners are charged with.
Episode 62 – The Importance Of Building Customer Relationships
We discuss the importance of building customer relationships in this episode. Specifically the importance of building value-based relationships, that are not transactional but deep and long-lasting.
Episode 61 – 7 Strategies To Improve Productivity In Business
In this episode, I share with you 7 strategies to improve your productivity in your business. 7 strategies that will give you back your time and help you achieve greater success in your business.
Episode 60 – Finishing The Year Strong
Learn the 5 steps to finishing the year strong. It’s not too late to make this year your best year ever. Set priorities, refocus and take action.
Episode 59 – Which Social Media Platfrom Should I Be Using
Knowing which social media platform you should be using in your business can be a tricky decision. We go through the pros and cons of each in this episode.
Episode 58 – 15 Steps to Avoid Business Burnout in Your Business
Business Burnout can have detrimental effects on your business performance and Health. These 15 tips will help you avoid burnout in your business.
Episode 57 – Why Building A Business Is Like Building A House
You wouldn’t build a house without a clear solid plan and proper preparation beforehand and nor should you build a business without one also.
Episode 56 – What’s Wrong with My Business
Business is an important part of life for an entrepreneur and while we do everything in our power so things don’t go wrong, it’s a major fact of life that things are going to go wrong from time to time.
Episode 55 – When Things Go Wrong In Business
Business is an important part of life for an entrepreneur and while we do everything in our power so things don’t go wrong, it’s a major fact of life that things are going to go wrong from time to time.
Episode 54 – Business Partner – Should I Take One On?
Taking on a Business Partner or going into business with a business partner can often be an attractive idea. After all, it can be lonely at the top right?
Episode 53 – Systems In Business Why They’re Important
Systems in Business play an important role in making sure the tasks, steps and processes in your business happen as they should and how they should predictably every single time without fail.
Episode 52 – Cash flow vs Profit: Why are they different?
Business owners are often scratching their head in disbelief wondering where the money is, given the profit being reported.
Episode 51 – Importance Of A Business Plan Before You Start Your Business
The importance of a business plan can not be overestimated when it comes to starting and running a business.
Episode 50 – Culture and Why It’s Critical to Business Success
Business Culture is one of the most important elements to business success. Yet it ’s so rarely discussed, mentioned or identified.
Episode 49 – Vulnerability Being Your True Self In Business
It is more important than ever to be building personality and story into the branding of your business. This week we answer a listeners question in helping them to be more vulnerable in bringing out their personality in their brand.
Episode 48 – The Customer Experience Strategy
A Customer Experience Strategy is one of the most critical things you can have in your business. Gone are the days of just providing great customer service. Your customers are now more informed than ever when they engage with your business.
Episode 47 – Should You Be Buying A Business?
Buying a business can be a challenge at the best of times. But when you add blind emotion into the mix it can be a disaster. We share the story of Barry and Angela this week who had a lifelong dream of owning their own business.
Episode 46 – Persistence
It can be common, as a small business owner, to wake up and not want to get out of bed at times when it all seems to be getting too much. So why do we do this to ourselves? What is the secret sauce that gets us through this turbulent highs and lows? Listen to this weeks episode as we discuss the secret powers of persistence v's perseverance.
Episode 45 – Effective Customer Experiences – With Matthew Barnett
Matthew Barnett from Bonjoro knows all about delivering an exceptional customer experience to grow your brand and weld customers to it. We talk about the importance of building these relationships with Matthew and why they are so important to your business success.
Episode 44 – The 1 Important Thing That Business Owners Actually Prefer to Overlook
It's a contest between death and taxes as to which is least favourite but, as the old saying goes, they are the only two things that are absolutely certain in life. Today we talk about why it's important to have your estate plan under control and the types of considerations you should have when doing so.
Episode 43 – Secrets & Lessons of Business Success with Kent Sisco
Kent Sisco is an entrepreneur in the true sense of the word. Kent has been an integral part of some of the largest software development companies in the world, including being one of the original design team on Microsoft Excel.
Episode 42 – The True Cost Of Discounting
A commonly used strategy to increase the sales and income in a business is to offer a discount to entice more customers to buy. But discounting can work out more expensive than you might first think.
Episode 41 – Scaling Human To Human Relationships For Effective Marketing with Mary Charleson
Mary Charleson, is a wiz when it comes to effective marketing, that gets results in your business and how scale human to human relationships that keep it growing.
Episode 40 – How to Know Your Break Even Point & Why It’s Critical to Your Bottom Line
On this episode of The Business Made Easy Podcast I give you an in-depth look into what the break-even point is in your business, how to calculate it and why it's so important to growing your business and taking your profit to the next level.
Episode 39 – Chris Brogan on Getting Down to Being Real in Business
Entrepreneur, public speaker and author Chris Brogan shares his 'Tell it how it is and be Real' approach to business and marketing.
Episode 38 – 5 Tools I’m Getting Amazing Results with In My Business
Feeling overwhelmed at the amount of options out there for business tools and software? In Episode 38 I share with you 5 great business tools I'm currently using to efficiently help grow my businesses and deliver the results I'm seeking.
Episode 37 – Do You Have A Biz Bestie You Can Lean On?
In this episode we talk about the importance of establishing a network of peers who understand your journey, who are there to support you and how to find these people in both the online and offline world.
Episode 36 – Email Marketing Strategy That Works
When it comes to email marketing strategy, we often hear "Nobody reads emails anymore" or "email marketing is a waste of time".
Episode 35 – All Things Entrepreneurship & Business with Pat Flynn
I catch up with Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income to chat about all things entrepreneurship, his journey in business, the work involved to achieve success and how he approaches business and life as well as his strategies with YouTube and business going forward.
Episode 34 -Customer Service v’s Customer Experience
What is good customer service in your business? Are you providing your customers with just good service or are you giving them an exceptional experience when they do business with you?
Episode 33 – Communication Skills in Your Business with Dinesh Rudra
Dinesh shares his framework for communicating effectively within your organisation, no matter how difficult or complicated the message.
Episode 32 – Are you Running a Business or Hobby?
In this episode I take you through the distinction of a hobby versus a business and what you can do to identify what it is you are actually running,
Episode 31 – Copywriting Skills & Why You Need To Get it Right with Prerna Malik
Perna Malik talks us through the fundamentals of what makes engaging copy, why it's so important to have it right in order to grow your business and the framework to make sure your copywriting does the job it's meant to do.
Episode 30 – Focus, Clarity and Time Management For Busy Entrepreneurs
Heather Parody asked for help on what to prioritise as a busy entrepreneur when everything seems to have equal importance and priority, yet there are limited hours in the day to achieve what needs to be done when you are trying to grow and scale your business.
Episode 29 – Do You Really Know Who Your Customers Are?
Learn why people are not seeing or listening to your Social Media posts and practical tips to change the marketing game in your business.
Episode 28 – Practical Marketing Tips For Your Business from the Master of WOW!
Hear from the Master of Marketing John Dwyer this week as we discuss practical tips to grow your business and improve the results you're getting from the marketing efforts in your business.
Episode 27 – Become The CEO In Your Business
In this week's episode we discuss adopting a CEO mindset in your business and practical steps you can implement to move you from being the technician on the tools to the CEO growing your business.
Episode 26 – Is Your Business Zapping Your Energy?
Do you feel like running  your small business zaps every last bit of energy out of you? Feeling like you're stuck and don't know how to move forward?
Episode 25 – Do You Have A Digital Strategy For Your Business
Updating your Facebook page each day doesn't constitute a digital strategy for your small business.  Today we talk about what it is and how it can help to future-proof your business.
Episode 24 – Getting Your Business Finance Structured Correctly From The Outset
This week we discuss the importance of your credit rating when applying for business finance and Ty shares his proven tips and strategies for making sure you get things right from the get go.
Episode 23 – Are You Overlooking the Gold Within Your Business
On today's solo episode I want to encourage you to stop the overwhelm and put a pause button on your social media marketing. Why? There is a good chance you are leaving money on the table by not servicing your existing clientele to the fullest.
Episode 22 – Work Less Make More with James Schramko
Today on the show I talk to online entrepreneur and mentor James Schramko about his new book Work Less, Make More. James excels in making the complex world of business simple so that your quality of life can improve. 
Episode 21 – Making 2018 Your Best Year in Business Yet
In this first episode for 2018, Jason sets the scene for the year on the content and layout of material to help you grow your business and have your best year in business ever.
Episode 20 – Year End Planning and How You Can Take Steps to Make the New Year Your Best in Business
Today on the show I talk through the process I use to set business goals.  This year I am taking a different approach to planning by setting my goals over my Christmas Break, rather than in the New Year when back at work.
Episode 19 – What Does Your Logo and Branding Say About Your Business?
Today on the show we are joined by Ian Paget, founder of Logo Geek, a UK based graphic designer located in Manchester, who specialises in logo and brand identity design
Episode 18 – The Importance of Great Web Design and How to Get a High Performance Site for Your Business
Today on the show talk we are joined by Greg Merrilees, founder of  Studio 1, a web and design agency specialising in custom-made websites.
Episode 17 – Cashflow in Business and Why It's Critical
Today on the show talk about cashflow and why it can make or break your business.
Episode 16 – Importance of Preparing Regular Financial Statements
In today's episode, I answer Vanessa’s question of how often she should review the financial statements of her new small business.
Episode 15 – The Importance of Overwhelm and Why Work is Important
In this episode I am interviewing Jo Muirhead who is the Director and Principle Consultant of Purple Co, the Purpose for People Company, helping people return to work following injury, illness or trauma.
Episode 14 – Dealing with Overwhelm in Business
On today’s solo episode I talk about a common issue I see amongst business owners especially around this time of year is overwhelm.
Episode 13 – Productivity Tips to Help You Master Your Time from Dr Shannon Irvine
Today on the show I am joined by Dr Shannon Irvine, productivity business achievement mentor and founder of not-for-profit Mosaic Vision.
Episode 12 – The 5 Key Ways to Grow Any Business
Today I talk about a common problem that many customers face - exactly how can they increase their revenue to reach their lifestyle goals.
Episode 11 – The Art of Storytelling in Your Business
Today I am joined by Ben Amos from Innovate Media and the Engage with Story podcast where we talk about importance of formulating a story when using video in your business marketing strategy.
Episode 10 – The Upside Down Budget
Today is a solo teaching episode where I introduce you to my Upside Down Business Budget.
Episode 9 – The Story of Duffy Down Under – The Electric Boat Company
Today’s guest is successful lifestyle business owner Gordon Kerr from Duffy Down Under who hires self drive electric boats on the Gold Coast.
Episode 8 – The Chuppa Chup Story
Today is another solo episode where I discuss the importance of making it as easy as possible for you customers to do business with you.
Episode 7 – Tips On Maximising Social Media For Business
Today’s guest is Greg Cassar who helps small business and entrepreneurs with his digital marketing mastermind, The Collective.
Episode 6 – Challenges Faced by Entrepreneurs
Today I answer a listener question from Sam around the biggest challenges new business owners face.
Episode 05 – A Healthy Business Starts with a Healthy Business Owner with Chris Barnes
A healthy business starts with healthy business owner. Learn about the impact health can have on your business and tips to improve it.
Episode 04 – The Importance of A Business Plan
The importance of a business plan can not be overestimated. It is critical to your business success and should be dynamic, to changing business conditions.
Episode 03 – From Passion Project to Full-Time Business
Learn how Donna Webeck, merged her two passions of property & copywriting into a fulltime business Prestige Property Copy.
Episode 02 – The Importance of A Smile in Business
The importance of a smile in business cannot be underestimated in growing the relationships and opportunities in your business. A smile builds lasting relationships and welds people to your brand and best of all it's totally free to implement and can be implemented immediately.
Episode 01 – Introduction to the Business Made Easy Podcast
The Business Made Easy Podcast is where we make business easy for small business owners and entrepreneurs.


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A supportive group of entrepreneurs sharing ideas, having their questions answered and celebrating their wins in business.

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