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Looking To Start A Podcast Of Your Own?

Podcasting is one of greatest ways to create community around your business and establish authority in your niche.

When it comes to starting and setting up a podcast however, it can be difficult to know exactly what equipment you need and where to start.

There is a tonne of different equipment and options in the market place and all at varying price points.

I have trialed and tested and researched a lot to take as much of the guess work out of it all as possible for you. 

The list below is the exact equipment and tools I use to bring The Business Made Easy Podcast to you every week. 

Heres To Your Success!


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Heading Dash

Before starting out on your Podcast I would highly recommend getting clear about a few basic details before committing to your show and purchasing any equipment.

Starting a Podcast is a lot of work and a big commitment so having these points understood and clear in your mind will ensure you know exactly what direction you want to head and will set you on the right foot from the outset.

  • What niche or subject do you want your show to be about?
  • What style of show would you like to host, Interview or Solo or Mixed?
  • How often would you like your show to air Weekly, Monthly etc?
  • check
    What will make your show different to others that are out there?
  • check
    Are you ready to commit?


RodePodcaster Mic

Your Microphone

You will need a microphone

My microphone of choice is the RODE USB Podcaster

The RĂ˜DE Podcaster is a dynamic, end-address USB microphone that combines broadcast-quality audio with the simplicity of USB connectivity, allowing recording direct to a computer without the need for an additional digital interface. The Podcaster processes all of the analogue-to-digital conversion internally, bypassing the computer's lower quality on-board sound controller altogether.

Whilst there are higher end, higher spec Microphones out there I found the Rode Podcaster was exceptional quality for the money.  

Simple and easy to setup and install I've been loving the quality of this Mic.


Boom Arm To Hold Your Microphone

RODE PSA1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm

You will need a solid foundation for your Microphone. 

Rode make the RODE PSA1 Boom Arm to hold the Rode Podcaster Microphone. 

It comes with two ways to attach to your desk or work bench.  A clamp fixture that clamps the stand to your desk or a more permanent chrome holding plate that is drilled into your desk and allows the arm to swivel.

The clamp works just fine if you don't want to damage your good desk surface.


Attach The Microphone To The Boom Arm

Rode PSM 1 Shock-mount For Podcaster

The perfect suspension shock mount for the Podcaster, the Rode PSM1 provides isolation from external vibrations which can translate as low frequency noise or manipulate the microphone position. 


Heading Dash

One of the fastest ways to get your Podcast started and ensure your success is to take a course that maps out each process and step in an easy to follow system.

While the process is not difficult it can be daunting if you don't know what you're doing.

Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income, one of the most respected and knowledgable podcasters runs a fantastic podcast course called Power Up Podcasting that will remove the guess work and fast track your podcast success.

Not only do you get the course but there is a supportive Facebook Community to support you and help you along the way.



All of the resources and tools listed or mentioned in The Business Made Easy Toolbox have been through my 5 step quality control process. 

My process is simple, yet extremely important in ensuring you are getting the right tools for your needs from trusted and reliable sources.  

In full transparency some of the products on this site are affiliate products that I get paid a small commission from should you decide to purchase them. This is at no expense to yourself and is not the only reason I recommend them.

The must meet my "5 Must Haves" before being recommended and featured here.

  • I must be using the product or service in my own business.
  • I must be witnessing results from the product or service.
  • The support for the product and service must be proactive.
  • check
    The supplier should be credible and legitimate
  • check
    It should be user friendly and easy to setup & use. 

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