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We chat with Amber Hawley & Maelisa Hall from the My Biz Bestie Podcast. Both successful entrepreneurs and business owners in their own rights, they have found each other and established a close support network to make it through the day to day ups and downs of running a business. In this episode, we talk about the importance of establishing a network of peers who understand your journey, who are there to support you and how to find these people in both the online and offline world. Thanks for listening!





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I’m glad you’re here. Thank you and uhh regular tuner–tuners in, regular listeners, thank you so
much for being here as well. I’m really happy that you’re–you’re here as well. We have a great
episode today. We got– I’m actually, it’s the first time I’ve actually interviewed two guest at the
one time. So that was quite unique and uhm, this is actually the second take of doing that
interview because the first time uhh the technology let us done some–some months back
but–but we’ve got that together now and though I’ve got a great interview today with uhm,
Amber Hawley and Maelisa Hall and uhm, they’re–they’re over in the States and t-t-they’ve
got a podcast themselves called the Biz Bestie pos–podcast and uhm we got together because
they run their own respective businesses in their own rights but(2:00) uhm, they formed a
friendship uh through business and now they’ve really uhm produced out– oh, not produced
but–but together this great support network in in uhh, with each other, uh helping each other
uh to grow their businesses, they’ve become really close friends. But we talked today with
them about the– like the importance of support networks in business because it can be a lonely
place at times in business particularly the online space. If you’re working in the online space,
you might go days without actually talking to someone. These guys have–have worked it so
that they stay in touch and share goals and share pains and frustrations and all those sorts of
things that we call experience in business and uh I really love chatting with them and I love
what they’re doing over there in particular with the support network. So they actually uhh, I
wont spoil the interview but yeah, they–they do all sorts of stuff like uh go around and
planning retreats and all that sort of stuff so great interview. I’m going to take you and uhh to
hand over to the interview now. So uhh, I’ll check with you shortly. Here’s uhh Amber and
Good day, everybody and I am absolutely wrapped. We have got Amber Hawley and Maelisa
Hall in the house. Hello there, Amber and Maelisa. How are you doing?
(3:07)Amber and Maelisa: Hi.
(3:09)Jason: Ha-hi. Now, this is our second attempt to this interview. We had a great chat last
time but we had technical issues so hopefully we’re going to sort it this time and things are all
going to work out. But you guys are uhh the Biz Besties from the Biz Besties podcast. How’s it
all going with that?
(3:27)Maelisa: It’s great. We’re loving it.
(3:29)Amber: Yeah, it’s wonderful.
(3:30)Jason: Yeah, and it’s uhh–
(3:31)Amber: Having a lot of fun.
(3:32)Jason: Second season. Fantastic.
(3:34)Amber and Maelisa: Mm-hmm.
(3:35)Jason: Uhm, today, we’re gonna talk about uhm I guess uhm having uhh sup–support
groups in your uhm network and in your business and the importance of I guess having uhm
that support because you guys found each other through work, didn’t you? Through your
respective works?
(3:51)Maelisa: We actually met through an online book club.
(3:54)Jason: Uh-huh.
(3:55)Maelisa: We were all on Facebook reading a book together, uhh a–(4:00) a book called
Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! so it was all about money mindset and uh out of that we all decided to
get together and do uhh like a business retreat and so we all rented a big house and spent a
week hanging out and I really didn’t know Amber at all until I met her at that house in Las
(4:21)Jason: Fantastic. So, it was a group of– sort of party houses.
(4:25)Amber: So essentially we met on Tinder. No, just kidding.
(4:30)Jason: It’s–it’s uhh– I think I’ll call it a book Tinder or something like that.
(4:34)Maelisa: Oh is there something different there?
(4:36)Jason: Nah, nah, nah, nah. I was going–
(4:37)Maelisa: Oh. [laughs] Oh, you’re [inaudible]
(4:38)Amber: Wait, he’s just– He’s just giving us a business idea, that’s all.
(4:41)Jason: Yeah, that’s it. That’s it, that’s this.
(4:42)Amber: It’s the uhh, My Biz Bestie Tinder app, yes. [laughs]
(4:47)Jason: Tinder Football clubbers. Yeah.
(4:49)Amber: Yes. [laughs]
(4:49)Jason: [laughs] Fantastic. So and now you’re sort of collaborating together. Uhh, are you–
I forget, just tell us by uhm separately or probably Amber first, uhh your business background,
sort of what you’re doing now and then how you guys are collaborating together ’cause one of
the uhm – one the important thing is I guess in business particularly if you’re an entrepreneur
or a solopreneur on your own is having that support network. So I’d love to hear about sort of
your business way right now and then how you’re working together.
(5:21)Amber: Certainly, uhm, so yes I have my primary business is Fremont Counseling
Services. I’m a group practice owner. I’m a Marriage and Family Therapist so I actually have
other therapist that work for me as well. So that’s my main bread and butter. Uhm and then I’m
launching an online endeavor called Couples Fix where I help couples in their relationships but
it’s not therapy, it’s just online resources and support. But the most fun I have is the My Biz
Bestie podcast which Maelisa that we launched last year as like our passion project
because(6:00) even though, you know, I’ve been in business for eight years and it was a long
time as well, we realized that we have this really great support system to be there for us as
solopreneurs because as you said, it can be very lonely, it can be – there’s always ups and
downs no matter what and it’s so nice to have those people who are there for you, cheering on
for you, giving you feedback and support and ideas and you know, sometimes calling you
forward [giggles] when you’re not – when you’re going down the wrong path and we really
believe that having that support system helps you increase your profitability but also helps you
enjoy your life more. So that’s – that’s our our joint endeavor. Maelisa?
(6:48)Maelisa: Yeah and I have an online business so I’m a psychologist and I have a business
where I actually provide online training courses for other therapists. So I’m not doing therapy
or anything, I’m doing the whole online business deal but it is like, you know, still based on what
I actually went to school for.
(7:08)Jason: Mm.
(7:08)Maelisa: Uhh, and then I have the podcast with Amber so it’s been a lot of fun and we
really did notice like everywhere we go and we go to conferences or hang out with people or
even just talking with other people individually, how often uh other women in particular will
mention that they don’t have the support system and and I’m really thankful that I’ve had it
from the very beginning of my business and didn’t realize how fortunate I was to have uhm
connected with a community right at the beginning so our goal is really to help other women
find that support system for themselves.
(7:47)Jason: Mm, fantastic. I don’t–i-it’s particular online space uhm and and you mentioned
uhm uh in the female demographic as well uhm that it can be blindly, can it?I mean(8:00) online
business can be learned easily and on the computer all day. I know I’ve been up since 4 AM this
morning just bashing out posts and doing all that stuff and uhm yeah, you really, it – it’s it’s a lot
on your own time, isn’t it?
(8:14)Amber: Yeah and – and I think that for Maelisa and I naturally, we just created those
networks were were extroverts, we’re ENFPs with eight BHD, we’d like to say on our podcast
and uhm we say it because it’s true [laughs] but –
(8:30)Jason: I didn’t–I didn’t pick that out from me, you know.
(8:35)Amber: I know, I know. We’re pretty subtle, we’re pretty demure and subtle. I know.
(8:39)Jason: I was at the corner at the conference you were, yeah.
(8:43)Amber: Hiding away.
(8:45)Maelisa: Yes, I know. We had uh a great time with Jason at the bar.
(8:50)Jason: Yes.
(8:50)Maelisa: His idea.
(8:51)Jason: Yeah.
(8:52)Amber: Yes. By the way, and then he takes no responsibility for that but yeah, it was – it
was great to actually – we actually got to meet in person at Social Media Marketing World,
which was awesome.
(9:03)Jason: Yeah, it was.
(9:03)Amber: But yeah being – I think being extrovert is who we are because we didn’t wanna
experience that loneliness. We just created those – I don’t even know if it was conscious but I
think we both ended up doing that and so the fact that we’ve not really felt that loneliness in
our entrepreneurial journey but hearing so many other people talking about it was why we
said, hey, we wanna create this resource for people.
(9:27)Jason: Mm, yeah.
(9:28)Maelisa: Yeah and even after like building the podcast, I mean, we continue to get that
kind of a response. It it’s still surprises me, you know, how many people are looking for a way to
connect with someone and we’re happy to help.
(9:41)Jason: Mm, it–it’s ’cause we live in such great times too. I mean, there’s– the world is
such a connected place now. I mean, so uhm – I guess uh, you know, you can have friends all
over the world technically can, you now.
(9:56)Amber: Yeah.
(9:57)Maelisa: Well, yeah. Case in point.
(9:58)Jason: Mm.
(9:58)Amber: Hello.
(9:59)Jason: There you go. There we go.
(10:02)Amber: He’s like, you’re not friends. [laughter] But, but I think the thing is– a-and it also
can be very deceiving in the fact that we are very connected and yet we’re not connecting
necessarily on a deep level and so it’s very – it’s it’s great to have people that you chat with or
that you connect with and you have fun with and you meet whatever or just chat with online
but having a biz bestie which is the, you know, one of the pieces that we’re promoting and
telling people like this could be really valuable for you. That to me there’s a depth in that
relationship. There is – there is reciprocity, there’s really feeling like that person understands
me and cares about me and is there to support me through everything and not always just
business stuff, right?
(10:49)Jason: Mm.
(10:49)Amber: And even though everybody structures it differently, I think that’s the thing is
we’re talking about not just having people that you are, you know, “friends with” or connected
to online but actually having this deeper relationships and having this inner circle that truly
supports you and lifts you up.
(11:07)Jason: Yeah, and it’s – and it’s – I think it’s a fun on, isn’t it. But I guess between having
that uh deep relationship where someone cares about your business uh nearly as much as you
do but that certainly understands what you’re trying to achieve, your vision and your goals and
and what, you know, what–what you’re all about but at the same time to uhm, I guess not
interfering with your life and sort of uhm being too much the other way so how do you handle
(11:39)Maelisa: I don’t, I mean, Amber can interfere with my life when she wants.
(11:43)Jason: Ah, exactly.
(11:44)Amber: I was gonna say – I was going to say, uhm actually, it depends. We like that part.
(11:50)Jason: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
(11:51)Amber: But I think, I guess you have to ask – you might have to ask Maelisa’s husband
about that one.
(11:56)Jason: Yeah.
(11:58)Maelisa: Yeah well and I guess I think –
(11:58)Jason: The third person in the relationship.
(12:00)Amber: Yes, yes.
(12:01)Maelisa:Wish I could just– Oh, that’s a good episode. Uhm but I think for us that’s part
of the Biz Bestie thing and e– and severyone structures it differently which is why we’ve
actually been doing interviews with different Biz Besties this season. It’s been really
interesting to see how different people people structure their relationships but for us there’s –
there’s a personal aspect and a business aspect to it. So like we can talk to one another about
personal things and support each other with that, whether it’s just having a stressful day in
general or being annoyed with a family member or whatever. But it can also be, you know, hey, I
have this business idea. What do you think about this? Or, would you read the sales page? Or
uhh, you know, I’m having this business struggle and I I feel really overwhelmed and I dunno
what to do about it. So, for us those are all intertwined.
(12:56)Jason: Yeah. I guess you do mix the, you do, I guess, the relationship covers both uhm
per– uh personal and and business from – from your own perspective. Yeah.
(13:06)Amber: Yeah, well if ours does and again, other people might do it differently but I like
for me it’s – it’s very integrative, right. It’s that, when people talk about sometimes the work life
balance and how that’s not really a thing because it’s really – you can unrealistic. It’s like in that
sense, yes and so when you – the more you integrate your life I think the easier that becomes,
you know. It’s not about, you know, so yeah, I think for us it’s just – it goes hand in hand.
(13:35)Jason: Mm-hmm. Just just on the uhm work life balance thing, what’s your–what’s your
views on that? Because I’ve– I’ve read various things on it, of life, you know, people saying, well,
it’s uh it work life balance is a myth uh ’cause it’s just one life, really. It’s just living your life so if
you’re doing something you’re passionate about uhm and you know, uh working personal stuff
really are intertwined, is that how you guys say iit?
(13:59)Maelisa: I don’t. I think I (14:00) – I think it’s different for everyone and some people– I
think it’s also different at different points in your life. So for example some people like maybe
they are single and they have a business and they’re starting it up and they are spending most
of their time working, working, working, I don’t think for the vast majority of people that’s
sustainable and you have to have hobbies and you have to have time where you can like just
have down time, you know, where you’re not thinking about that stuff. Uhm on the flipside, I
also understand when it’s hard like to have that down time and then not have like a business
idea, you know. Like I think I’ve realized for me that’s just part of who I am and it doesn’t mean
that I always have to follow through on that, you know. Uhm so I have been trying to have some
better boundaries about that and I think if you’re–if you’re gonna have a sustainable lifestyle,
you have to have a little bit of both
(15:02)Jason: Mm-hmm.
(15:03)Maelisa: –but they will look different at different times. Like if you’re launching
something, you’re going to be more in the business, yeah. If you’re like starting up a podcast
then you’re working a lot on that. If you go on a business trip, it’s pretty much all business most
of the time. You know, you’re probably not really talking to your family that much during that
time but then maybe when you get back I think Amber and I both learned the smartest thing to
do is not to schedule a bunch of business stuff right after that.
(15:30)Amber: The next day, yes.
(15:32)Maelisa: Hi, Mavericks.
(15:33)Jason: It sounds like– talking from experience, you girls.
(15:35)Maelisa: Yes, yes, let’s have some down time afterwards. Uhm, you know, and so that
way you’re creating balance but every day does not look like, you know, this percent work, this
percent life, et cetera.
(15:48)Jason: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s not–
(15:49)Amber: Yeah and I– I actually had stopped myself after I mentioned it ’cause I’ll look, oh,
don’t go down that path ’cause it’s such a complex thing, right? But I – I do think you know, kind
of(16:00) I agree with a lot with with what Maelisa said and I think – I think the mistake people
make in that ’cause I’ve read a lot too and I sit and kinda grapple with all of that is the mistake is
thinking like somehow balance means 50-50. I think uhm, you know, and like she said there are
times where, you know, you’re required to be more at home or you’re required to be more at
work, you know, launching or having a child or somebody is ill or you know, there’s all kinds of
things. There’s a theory that I really like that I uhm – an article I read called The Four Burner
Theory and the author talked about yes, [clears throat] excuse me, and I had talked to – the
author talked about the fact that we have this four areas of our life and it was family– I think
family and friends actually might have been together. Family and friends, work, health and
there was one other. So maybe and friends were separate. So you have to, it’s been awhile,
(16:57)Jason: It’s okay. I’ll put a link in it.
(16:59)Amber: He talked about, you know, these are the four main areas of our life and that
there are gonna be different times we’re like if you’re really gonna try to, let’s say grow your
business, you can’t have all four burn–burners on and think you’re gonna grow. So basically you
have to turn off maybe one, maybe two, sometimes three burners in order to focus on growth
mode and the same thing goes for, you know, if you have a new baby or some kind of big
transition or like I said like some – somebody gets terminally ill. You’re gonna turn off and on
burners based on what’s going on in your life and so to realistically think that all four burners
are going to get that attention and be going at the same time, that’s just not sustainable.
(17:44)Jason: Yeah.
(17:44)Amber: So it’s about figuring out, you know, where do I need to be putting my focus
today? But I do think it is about setting boundaries because, you know, I have three young
children and I could work all day long and still never feel caught up. So(18:00) but I wanna be
able to spend time with them. So it’s about figuring out, okay, what sacrifices am I gonna make
or what choices am I gonna make?
(18:08)Jason: Mm-hmm. They are valid points. I’ll put a [inaudible] that uh article of The Four
Burner Theory and put it in the in the show notes as well. Uhm I think you did right there
because uhm firstly, do you think people look at a 50-50 thing when they think of work, life,
balance? Everything is in proportion to what it should be. Uhm ,but I think a lot of it comes
down to your vision at the end of the day, doesn’t it? Really? And your vision for your life and
that’s why planning, taking the time out to work Stephen Covey calls it “sharpening the saw”
but uh take that time out to actually work out what life is for you and each of those
compartments, uhm family, friends, uhh business, uhm and and my guess that’s gonna drive the
weight, isn’t it? In terms of what–what’s uhh what’s needing more to get to that. Like I like that
idea of the four burners, you know, and it’s cool.
(19:10)Maelisa: We’re all talking at the same time.
(19:13)Amber: I just said, yes. That-that-that article just so resonated with me.
(19:17)Jason: Yeah, cool.
(19:18)Maelisa: Yeah and I think, you know, it’s like a way overly used analogy or simile or
whatever it is but you know, the whole put put on your own gas mask or put on your own
oxygen mask first, right? Unemployed–
(19:28)Jason: Oxygen.
(19:29)Amber: I was like, yeah. [Boom!?] the gas mask.
(19:31)Maelisa: Gas mask, geez. Uhm but that is true too. Like even with all these things, I think
that’s the the piece that a lot of people leave out is maybe they think about like, oh, balancing
work and family but they don’t also think about like are you uhh are you giving yours – like your
creative self energy and time to pursue your passions? Are you giving yourself adequate rest
time? You know, like you always hear these productivity people talking about wake up an hour
early to do whatever,(20:00) but like are you actually valuing your sleep? Because that’s like a
basic thing that so many of us are not getting enough of. Are you making sure that you take
breaks so that you can eat throughout the day? Like when you study productivity so much of
your productivity is based on how well you’re taking care of yourself, you know, and so that’s
another piece that’s really, really important and and together they – they they do all work
together. Like if you’re having, if you just had a fight with your spouse then a lot of times work is
gonna be harder because you just start off your day badly or your thinking about it or if they
start texting you in the middle of the day, you know, so all of these things do intertwine let’s– I
feel like it’s impossible to separate them all out.
(20:40)Jason: Yeah, yeah. Uhh, that I agree with you. I totally agree. And I can, it’s like point
getting off an hour earlier if you’ve only just gone to bed at two in the morning, you know, like
when you get up and you get up at three instead of four, you know, like in particularly in
business when you – when you – if you want to make things happen, you basically have to be at
the top of your game and actually I am there myself if if I go for a run in the morning, my – my
day is totally different. Uhm I’m energized, I’m alert and I get seemingly more down in the day
than uhm if I just, you know, get out of bed and just start working. So it’s uhm good as routine.
(21:19)Amber: Mm-hmm.
(21:19)Maelisa: Yeah, and I think that’s – that can be when it’s helpful to have the biz bestie too
or to have like people in your life who – who know you well–
(21:28)Jason: Mm-hmm.
(21:28)Maelisa: –so that when you start to get off track with that stuff ’cause I like just a few
months ago pulled a 100% all nighter–
(21:36)Jason: Oh wow
(21:36)Maelisa: –to finish a membership site, [laughs] right? So it’s not like I’m, you know,
saying this because I’m doing it all well right now but when you have someone who can be like,
you know what, you should probably just go to be ’cause six months ago when you did this
remember how you made all those mistakes and it was – it would have been better if you just
went to be. [laughs]
(21:53)Jason: Yeah. Yeah. And things –uhm an employee with an accounting story but but
I(22:00) know when I was starting because they are interesting. Accounting stories can – I
know when I was starting in accounting though and you had to reconcile the accounts and you
had to do this and you could never find it and you’d stay up to one or two in the morning trying
to– because you didn’t want to lose your job. Like [inaudible] and uhm but if you went home–
(22:19)Amber: Sure.
(22:19)Jason: –and went to bed, you’d come back the next morning and and you’d see the error
straight away and that was like –
(22:24)Maelisa: Right, right.
(22:25)Jason: But you just– But I would have sat there all day in other words.
(22:26)Maelisa: Ah exactly.
(22:27)Jason: Yeah.
(22:28)Amber: Yeah, at a certain point you got to say it. [clears throat] Okay, I need to call it a
day and you know, thinking about uhm, Maelisa’s story, it might not even be that I would say
don’t pull the all nighter ’cause she was launching her new membership site so I totally
understood that but it was – if I recall about two days later when she was saying, oh I wasn’t
productive today and this that and I was like, did you not just pull an all nighter like a day and a
half ago?
(22:52)Jason: Yeah.
(22:52)Amber: And so like somebody giving you perspective ’cause you’re so in the zone and
you know, you can beat yourself up so easily and so having somebody that can be like okay, you
need to cool your jets, you’re fine. [laughs]
(23:04)Maelisa: That’s true, that’s true. To celebrate your wins and remind you when you’re
like, okay, you’re not doing so poorly.
(23:12)Jason: You know, that’s uhm – I mean this this– in terms of uhm like the whole business
bestie relationship, I mean, it it can be uhh accelerating the winds too, isn’t it? Having someone
to share those winds et cetera with as well uhm, do you, do you guys help people to find these
friends or uhm or or do you have any tips or recommendations to people that are wanting to
uhh that are working say on their own and they would – would ideally like to have have a-a-a
similar sort of relationship?
(23:47)Amber: Yeah and uhm funny you say that. We’re actually – we got the idea in the media
marketing world. We’re going to do an episode that’s called “find me a bestie” and we’re going
to help – we’re actually going to walk through that process and help somebody(24:00) uhm but
yeah, we – we definitely I think that’s what part of our podcast, that’s really what the podcast
is. Is to kind of help, give people ideas and to uhm talk to them and that’s why we talk a lot
about personality profiles to understand like I think the more you know yourself, the better
you’re able to find and connect with the people that are there to give you what you’re needing
as well, right? So that you’re finding better fits.
(24:27)Jason: Mm.
(24:28)Maelisa: Yeah, yeah and we talk about different things like all the – just all the different
ways ’cause there’s so many ways that you can meet people whether it’s online, whether it’s in a
Facebook group or at a conference or at a networking event but I think the the common threat
among all of those things is putting yourself out there, number one, like actually putting
yourself in a place to meet other people [giggles] and number two uhm is like taking a step
further and making some personal connections. So you know, not only joining a couple of
Facebook groups for example. If you don’t even wanna do like in person stuff but then like
seeing someone’s post and saying, hey, let’s let’s jump on a zoom call or you know, let’s let’s do a
phone call. So it’s like taking to that next level and then and – and sometimes it takes awhile.
Like you might do that with one person and not connect with them at all and you don’t have to
talk to them again, you know, move on. It’s like – we always say it’s like dating. [giggles] Like you
try out different people, you know, and then you sort of like try people out at these different
levels and increase the intimacy uhm, but I think you really have to be putting yourself out
there and then – and that’s really the next thing is – is you have to be willing to say let’s go have
(25:47)Jason: Yeah.
(25:48)Amber: Yeah and in fact an episode that’s coming out in two weeks where we
interviewed another biz bestie pair. They actually met by doing a virtual coffee date and the
one person(26:00) who like initiated, she had been doing a ton of them and so, you know, and
some of them it’s not like they – it’s not like she like, was like, oh, you all suck. It wasn’t that. She
still made connections but when those two came together, there was something where they
felt like this is – this person they get me, I feel connected to them and then they continue to
take it to the next level. So yeah, I do think putting yourself out there is — is a huge piece of it.
(26:27)Jason: Mm, yeah, and t-t-that’s a great idea. The the uhm virtual coffee, the virtual
coffee catch up. That’s fantastic. And I know, uhh myself have been in a lot of Facebook groups
and uhm uh and the same groups a lot –you guys are in Arizona, that’s how we met uhm
through through a Facebook group and it is amazing. The relationships that you do build up and
and the support networks that you can by getting involved and I think that’s a critical thing if
you are at home on your own or if you are in business on your own and you’re sort of uhh
looking for that. You have to take a step forward which is the point you raised. You have to
actually put yourself out there and get involved.
(27:08)Amber: Yeah and I do think that that’s kind of the first step. So I know we’re talking
about finding a my biz bestie, a biz bestie, that that’s gonna – that takes the most time usually
although we do feature a lot of people that kinda connected quickly. Uhm but there’s all these
other layers of support. So Maelisa and I are in this group. Uhm, we call ourselves the Mavens
because of that book who is written by a fellow Australian by the way, Denise Duffield Thomas.
(27:35)Jason: Yes.
(27:36)Amber: And it’s a great book and world renowned.
(27:40)Jason: Yeah.
(27:41)Amber: And uhh but, we’re in this group of nine – it’s nine women total and we go in this
annual retreat where we all work independently on our own businesses but we’re giving
support. So we have this group like whether you would call it your tribe, we call it our Mavens
uhm you have that. So that’s kind of our inner circle and support. I’m also in(28:00) a
mastermind for therapist group practice owners so I have that support. We’re in other groups
like we’re in uhm Natalie MacNeil’s The Conquer Club. It’s an incubator, so there’s all these
places, there’s different layers where we’re having supports and then the biz chicks coup
community now that I think about that. Like we have a whole bunch of them actually.
(28:22)Jason: Do you actually do any work?
(28:24)Maelisa: No. Who has time for that? My god.
(28:28)Amber: We’re too busy chatting with people.
(28:29)Jason: I know why you have you to do all nighters now.
(28:32)Maelisa: Now ,exactly. I was like I am often on at 3 AM but that’s something else. Yeah,
but you know, I think like again there’s so I have these paid masterminds. We’ll do like one off
coaching and I’ve done coaching in the past a lot with other people and we have these groups
that we’re a part of where there are self selected people who are they’re mo– they’re building
momentum in their business and there are certain level of business and so we’re surrounding
ourselves with all of these people in many different levels and there’s different levels of
intimacy and connection on those relationships but it’s kind of, you know, it’s keeping you in
that same focus and so if you’re – I would suggest you start doing those kinds of things and
then hopefully you find a biz bestie out of it or you find uhh a group of people that can give each
other that support or you create a pure lead mastermind or something like that but I think it’s
usually it’s like that pyramid where you go from greater to smaller, right? And so my biz bestie is
the point of the pyramid. Uhm, so I just think that that’s an important thing to consider when
you’re going through all of that.
(29:38)Jason: Yeah, it’s a good analogy. Actually, the pyramid is sort of a– starts with a sort of a
broader funnel, doesn’t it? And of of–
(29:43)Amber and Maelisa:Mm-hmm.
(29:43)Jason: –context and then – but I guess that’s life in general but I guess it’s following a
uhm – following that that business theme and uhm to the point where you’ve got those – those
uhm key people that – that uhh you relate to. Can I just ask further about the uhm(30:00) the
idea of – I like the idea of that weekend retreat away with the business – uhh working on your
business net– so I think, how do they work — how did I work practically? Like do you — do you
uhm work like do prod– set projects together or is it sort of individual and you come together
and share your exercises and–
(30:20)Maelisa: It’s all individual so our – when we all got together and we do this for a full
week. Uhm Amber and I have together and then with other people on shorter ones but this big
one is – is a week long thing and we all have our own project that we work on and some people
– some people’s project is just to relax and like take some time off because that’s the only like
they have small kids and that’s the only time they really get to do that uhm and for some people
— there are people like – like there’s a pair who uhm they each have their own businesses but
they’ll do work shops together. So they’ve used that time to like work on their workshops
together and Amber and I are actually gonna do that this time around but uhm – but in the past
like we’ve all just worked on our own things and some people bring like one big project, some
people bring like their giant to do list and just spend that whole week catching up on all those
little things that always, you know, are always to do but never get done. So uhm so for us that’s
we run it. I see, you know, you could do it a bunch of different ways but – but having very few
expectations of one another and yet having expectations of ourselves has worked well for us.
(31:30)Jason: Mm-hmm. And do you – do you get together at the – so just sort of everyone just
arrives for the start of the week and do you have social occasions as well or is it – or is it you
just sort of go off and do your own thing and then get, you know what I mean?
(31:45)Amber: No, so we’re usually together the whole time. Uhm people – some people will
say, oh, I’m gonna leave and like go visit friends or go get some juice or something like that or a
couple of us women got tattoos when we were in Vegas, uhm,(32:00) But for the most part —
(32:02)Jason: Vegas does [inaudible]
(32:03)Amber: I know. So we – we were at this, you know, and both times there were these big
tables and we would all sit in the same area but working on our own stuff and then it could be
like, hey, can you, you know, right now is a good time, can you take a look at the sales page? Or
you know, this is what I’m thinking about for this idea and kind of talking it out but we
absolutely infuse a lot of fun with it because that’s, I mean, life’s too short. So we do a – we do a
whole spa day, we do a dinner out. You know, we went dancing uhm and we do things like even
little dance parties just to kind of, you know, break it up and change it up. So we’re – we’re
constantly doing both. So it’s not like we we’re working on our own thing. The only times
people really left is if they were filming a podcast episode or a video and so otherwise we’re all
kind of just collaborating and being in the same area and just working independently but
together and yeah, we’re laughing and telling stories and then having fun and yeah, so I think
like that helps ’cause you can’t just be productive. [laughs]
(33:03)Maelisa: Yeah
(33:04)Amber: You have to have breaks.
(33:06)Jason: You know, and honestly, I think where the strength of this is too is – is there’s
there’s the group aspect of it and all the all the uhm like minded entrepreneurial people
together but when you break that const– that normal cycle at home or work where you go, you
know, the 9 to 5 if you like or if you work from home, you know, it’s getting up and doing the
same thing every day. When you get out of that environment into a motivating place, it’s a lot –
a lot more productive, isn’t it?
(33:34)Maelisa: Oh absolutely. Yeah, ’cause you don’t have all those typical distractions and like
for us, you know, to our like people who’d be following our businesses, it’s like we’re off for the
week but we’re not. You know, we’re still working on stuff but we don’t have to worry about the
day to day things. So, and we do, we actually – we have an episode where we talk about how to
do this kind of like as a quick weekend productivity thing uhm and then we have an episode
that’s releasing–(34:00) I’m not sure when this is gonna air but it’s it’s actually releasing next
(34:04)Jason: Cool. I’ll I’ll put that as links in the uhm show notes as well so that people can
grab those and uhm and get those uhh as well. So this will go out in a couple of weeks time so I’ll
put here definitely, that will be up by then, so–
(34:17)Maelisa: Cool.
(34:18)Jason: All righty, so biz besties, that’s a great idea. I love the – I love concept. Uhm, I’m
conscious of time. Amber, you’ve got another appointment but I do like the uhm I do like the
idea of uhm getting together and sharing and I guess sharing winds and frustrations uhm and
and supporting each other uhm so yeah, it’s it’s congratulations on on your relationship
together and helping each other and bringing this out and helping others too. It’s fantastic.
(34:50)Maelisa: Yeah. Yeah, we’re hoping to, you know, get more people to feel so so that
they’re not in that place of feeling isolated in their entrepreneurial journey and having all of
those layer support. There’s so many ways in which having that support system benefits you
uhm beyond just the emotional part like even sometimes it’s the logistical stuff of, hey, do you
know about this app or this thing or you know, sharing resources or making connections with
other people. So there’s just a ton of value so even if somebody says to themselves, ahh, I don’t
need another friend. I feel fine. I think there’s so much more to it than that.
(35:27)Jason: Yeah.
(35:28)Maelisa: But uhm we highly encourage people to – to check out the podcast and see,
you know, I think there’s – there’s stuff that could help you for yo– during your entrepreneurial
journey like you just gonna be having more fun. Like that’s important.
(35:42)Jason: Well, that’s it. I mean, like we – we just – you don’t know how long you got on the
Earth uhm and you don’t want to, sort of, it’s not a rehearsal, is it?It’s – this is life. So you got to
– you got to live it.
(35:56)Maelisa: Absolutely.
(35:57)Amber: Even you — even new accountants.
(35:59)Jason: Yeah.(36:00) Some of the – some of the most fun people you could ever get to
know. [laughs]
(36:05)Maelisa: Oh we, we know. We went to FinCon and yeah, that’s the craziest event we’ve
been to.
(36:12)Amber: That was hard core partying. Like that was, yeah, we went to it in what was it
Novem—no it was October, October yeah the annual FinCon conference and wow, so yes, we
know accountants can party so we get it.
(36:28)Jason: Yeah, we’re not all that. I’m very good. All right, well, thanks for coming on. I
really appreciate your time and uhm that important into that because I think a lot of people
could benefit from uhm getting involved in more groups and and and finding that person. How
can people find your show and more about what you guys are up to
(36:49)Maelisa: Yeah, they can go to
(36:52)Jason: Mm-hmm.
(36:53)Maelisa: And you can listen to the podcast right there on the website, you can sign up if
you wanna hear about the – our retreat that we will be putting on in the fall of 2018 uhm
(37:03)Jason: So they will get involved with it?
(37:05)Amber and Maelisa: Yes.
(37:06)Amber: Yes and actually uhm before that we’re even gonna be having something that
will be coming out shortly that will help people in that, you know, helping them meet and get
out there, meet people and get out there and kinda start building their network as well but we
are also on every single player and radio station–
(37:25)Maelisa: Yes.
(37:25)Amber: –and like I – I’m pretty sure there’s nothing we’re not on as far as the podcast
(37:31)Jason: So check out the podcast and uhm yeah, catch up with these guys because
they’re doing some some fantastic stuff. All righty, well, thank you for coming on. I really
appreciate that and uhm and glad we got to record the whole episode this time which is –
(37:44)Maelisa: Yay.
(37:45)Jason: Which is great. Fantastic. All right, guys. Thank you and we’ll uh we’ll catch up
with you soon.
(37:52)Amber and Maelisa: Thanks. Bye.
(37:54)Jason: There you have it. That’s Amber and Maelisa and that was a great interview. I’m
sure you’ll agree they’re doing some fantastic stuff and(38:00) I really love the idea of those
support networks and I guess having that biz bestie or that that friend or or colleague in uhh in
business that you can swap uhm more stories with and share successes with and share your
dreams and goals with so that uhm you know, often when you communicate those things uhm if
it’s if it’s a frustration something like that is great to talk it through but if it’s a goal or or a
dream that you have and usually when you speak and talk about it and you get clarity around it,
you got a far high chance of achieving it as well. So yeah, those guys are really doing a great job.
They have a great podcast as well so check that out as well the biz bestie podcast and uhm
that’s all I have time for this week. Thank you so much for joining me. If you haven’t joined our
free Facebook group yet, please, remember to do so. You can do that at We got a great group of uhh entrepreneurs over
there and business owners. Maelisa and Amber are over there as well in the group and
swapping stories and it’s a great place if you’re looking for a support network in your business,
that’s a great place to go and start because a lot of people over there in business all sharing
their thing. So yeah, check that out for sure and uhm I will catch you next week. Thanks so
much for joining me again. I hope business is going well for you and here’s to your success. Talk
next week. Take us out, Mia.
(39:19)Mia: Thanks, Jason. You’ve been listening to the Business Made Easy Podcast where we
make business easy.(39:30)




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