Hi, I’m Jason! I am thrilled that you have found us and I’d like to welcome you to my Podcast community. As an accountant and business advisor, I’ve been helping business owners like you for well over 20 years (that makes me feel old).  During this time I have seen hundreds of businesses grow and blossom into incredible success stories… and some not so incredible too!

My passion is helping business owners to realize their full potential and as a result live happier, healthier, successful lives. Here’s to your success!



My journey with business began

After finishing senior school I went through a mix of career changes.  I’ve been a sign writer, a builder’s labourer and a fine dining drink waiter, to name a few.   I was trying to find a career I could be passionate about, but fortunately it also gave me great exposure to the different facets of business life. It was in 1992 that I started my career as a trainee accountant, working full time by day and studying by night. They were hard years but a lot of fun too. Juggling full time work and study was certainly a challenge, but I would soon learn it was nothing compared to owning my own business!

Oct 1996

My first taste of business

I still remember meeting with my first major client, I was helping them in their BBQ business. It was a nervous day leading up to the meeting, but equally excited and it was this day that my passion for business was born. I distinctly remember at the end of that meeting being so excited by the idea that I could build a professional career from simply being a set of fresh ears to someone who was all out of their own ideas, to listen to a client’s problems and then find and implement practical solutions.   Best of all, I got to see the results and celebrate their wins with them. I was hooked!


JUN 2003

A dream come true

I had worked my way through the ranks of the accounting world and it was time to stretch my wings.  I was offered the opportunity to become Junior Partner as part of our firm’s expansion plans.  A totally new challenge and one that required me to move states and also meant being a BOSS for the first time in my life – Eek!

DEC 2007

Skinner Hamilton Accountants was born

It was 2007 that my wife Melissa (she’s the Hamilton) and I partnered up to form our own accounting and business advisory firm. Together we created a very clear vision to build a professional business that would specialize 100% in advising and helping business owners to grow and become more profitable. We continue to do this today, helping hundreds of business owners each year to better achieve their business and financial goals.

Sept 2017

The future of business advising

Armed with a passion for business and a thirst for knowledge, I decided to get out from behind the desk and into the studio and trade the calculator for a microphone.  This has given me to ability to reach out to more business owners and bring them the help and answers they need. A format where they can ask the questions and have them answered.  Hear from other business owners that are experiencing similar problems and most importantly celebrate their wins.  And so, the Business Made Easy Podcast was launched.

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