A Healthy Business Starts With A Healthy Business Owner

Episode 05


About The Show

A healthy business starts with a healthy business owner and this week we meet with Chris Barnes owner and franchisee of Jetts Fitness Varsity Lakes to discuss the importance of being healthy in your business and how it can impact the health of your business.

In this episode, Chris shares with us his journey in business. The ups and downs his had along the way and the key lessons he has learnt as well.

What You'll Learn!

  • How Chris was at the beginning stages of Jett’s journey to becoming a rapidly growing worldwide franchise chain.
  • The process of buying a franchise and working with territory and zones
  • The importance of health and well being for a successful small business owner
  • Coping with business failure and what key lessons Chris learnt from the process
  • Knowing what your driving motivation is in running your business
  • What you need to consider when opening a new location and the importance of community in the marketplace 
  • Challenges Chris has faced by not understanding the key financial numbers in his business 
  • Tips for working with your partner and balancing the work/life stresses 
  • How a healthy mindset and being mindful will help you with managing staff and customers 
  • Why being mindful and staying positive is critical in becoming a healthy business owner. 
  • How to get started in improving your physical and mental health while running a business 
  • The importance of putting back into your health and how that affects your overall well being 
  • Tips for staying healthy when travelling, Chris’ new Leaner and Cleaner 7 day program 

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Jetts Varsity Lakes strives to inspire and empower people in all areas of wellness. Our goal is to create a ripple effect of greater health amongst our community.

Stephen R. Covey's book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®, continues to be a best seller for the simple reason that it ignores trends and pop psychology and focuses on timeless principles of fairness, integrity, honesty, and human dignity. 

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Full Episode Transcript

G’day g’day Jason here and welcome to another episode of The Business
Made Easy Podcast, Where We Make Business Easy.
I’m looking forward to today’s show, I’m joined by a man by the name of Chris
Barnes. Chris is an interesting guy who’s had some really good ups and downs
stories in business he’s going to share with us, I learnt so much about Chris
during this interview and just his journey in business. Chris owns a franchise
Fantastic Jason, thank you so much for having me.
Yeah, no worries, it’s good! It’s good to have you! Chris has a business called
Jetts Fitness, and he’s located in Varsity Lakes here on the Gold Coast in
Queensland. So, Chris tells us a little bit about your background in business.
Yeah definitely, so business owner for seven and a half years now. We
opened the doors on the 6th of March 2010. Prior to that, I was a manager
within the company, so actually, I’ve been within Jetts since its inception in
2007. I was the first club manager for that franchise which is now, yeah, a
multinational company with over 200 clubs worldwide in multiple countries
So very humble beginnings. Starting there I still remember the head office
was actually, located in Varsity Lake here with Brendon Levenson, who was
the founder of Jetts just across the road.
Yes, I was managing the Helensvale club driving down here weekly and
having that conversation now it’s like a massive corporation with head office
up at the Sunshine Coast, but uhm yeah with businesses all over the country
and New Zealand, Thailand, and they’ve just opened up in the UK. And uhm,
so yes, incredible in ten years. This is the 10th anniversary this year of Jetts.
Yeah, we’ve been around seven and a half years in Varsity, so seen a lot of
So, tell us about the Jetts’ model it’s a gym/fitness centre.
Yeah, yeah! Jetts’ has really revolutionized health and fitness in Australia
when the first club opened in Helensvale, it was a 24/7 gym, that wasn’t
manned 24/7. So, had the best of both worlds – members could come and
train whenever they wanted but from a staffing perspective and business
owners perspective overheads weren’t as high cause you weren’t paying
24/7 red-eye shift hours, but just worked so well. No lock-in contracts as
well. So that was another big change up, at the time pretty much all the
fitness centres were locking members into 12 month commitments, whether
you wanted to quit or not. So, there was just that luxury – you join or cancel
when you wanted to, it was probably a fraction of the cost at the time as well
of your big box gyms.
It’s just exploded. Like I still remember managing the club and I didn’t
have to go out and sell like people were just flooding through the doors, and
it just took off.
I’d say you removed that barrier to entry. So, because people would probably
not want to join a gym previously because they couldn’t get out of the
contract you were locked in.
Absolutely mate, absolutely, like I still hear with some of the other bigger
box gyms around here just notorious stories of people moving away and
wanting to get out of their contracts, and just not being able to and having to
continue to pay out, that’s, yeah, you’re spot on with that barrier being
removed, and it proved in the success rate, like, within the space of a year
there was probably, yeah, ten, fifteen new Jetts clubs in the country and then
all the major competitors from the States came over, so your Snaps and
anytime’s which is were already operating over there, just come over in full
force so it was a perfect timing to get into the market, and I guess that why
Jetts has been so successful.
So, you’re in business yourself and with your wife Casey?
Yes, yup.
And uhm, so tell us about that. How’s that going? You bought into the
franchise itself?
You’re spot on. Yeah, yeah, so when we initially started we purchased the
franchise, I purchased the territory which was Rabina Varsity. That was an
exclusive zone at that time, slightly different now, there’s no kind of real
exclusive zone, there’s just your little catchment area they’ve taken away
those big zoning, well I’ve got Varsity Lakes and that’s kind of it.
Which it’s not as ideal cause you tend to find that more franchises pop up
closer to you, but that’s the nature of the beast really.
I was going to ask that, how do they control that?
yeah, kind of… unfortunately ….
Just kind of work in your area…
Yeah exactly! That’s what you can really control. I can control what we do in
our little community and the business relationships that we forge in our
community and how we treat our members, and the rest of it I try not to get
caught up in too much, because it’s out of my control a bit.
Cool! So, you’ve got a background I did some research on you, you’ve got a
passion for health and fitness obviously, but you’re a Bachelor’s degree in
health and physical education, and then you’re doing a holistic lifestyle and
that’s one thing that I guess that I have liked about your service is that it’s not
just selling me a gym membership but you are very passionate about, uhm
health and wellbeing as well, diet as well as nutrition. How’s business been, I
guess, what, you started working in Jetts then you bought into the franchise.
Was this your first business?
First real business. I started as a personal trainer, prior to that, I was running
a subcontracting business, but I wouldn’t really call it a highly successful
business. This was just my first step into a true small business, yeah
absolutely. It’s been a hell of the journey, like one that I’ve can honestly say
I’ve kind of felt both spectrums – the highs and lows – absolutely. Like when
our business opened, like I said we were the first into Varsity lakes and it
itself like took off; it was break even when we opened, which I don’t think’s
the norm for a lot of businesses as these days, and we were at capacity within
12 months. I was kind of mid to late 20’s so for a mid to late 20’s with a
business that was charging, like, all my dreams come true. I was financially
kind of in a good position, but yeah that climates definitely changed. It’s a lot
more challenging now and in that time as well I’ve also gone again with
another business – the second business and that has failed as well, so I’ve had
a business that’s failed and I’ve shut the doors and walked away from it.
Was that in the health space as well?
That’s another Jetts Club. That was a real big curveball for me which yeah.
It’s hard to, uhm, you kind of feel like when that happens, it’s like it’s the end
of the world sort of thing
Oh mate. I honestly, I’ve burnt out through that process, now I think I’m
coming back from that, but, yeah, I can understand the pressures and the
stress that business owners and entrepreneurs go through with, successful
business… because there’s still those stress in a successful business, but to
have one that’s rock bottom that’ just you’re throwing everything into that’s
not throwing any love back it’s just burning money, so…
What did you learn from that?
Well, motives? Why am I doing this? First and foremost, what’s the driving
factor? Like I had one business that was excellent, what am I going again for?
Is it just financial gain which, I sit back and go, yeah maybe, the challenge
maybe, yeah. I’ve done this, the logical step is to go again. Could I have
channelled this into something else, made this even better. So, uhm yeah the
second one never felt the same as the first one, right from the very beginning
I just didn’t feel the same like even the fire inside wasn’t there.
And definitely I think it taught me a lot more about myself but also about my
true passion and that’s I think where the real love for health and well-being
has stemmed from and that’s gonna where it’s definitely shifted the way that
we approach our business here. How we approach our family with their
health and everything. So I’m so grateful to go through that horrendous
experience to get to that stage, because I probably wouldn’t have discovered
that now, might have been later on. So that’s the lesson learned – site
selection… (Chuckles) absolutely… uhm…
Yeah doing your due diligence, it was a very spontaneous development.
Popped up it was a beautiful site, ticked all the boxes part of a busy shopping
centre bigger than the first business. I thought this is a no brainer, it’s going
to work, Jetts ticked it off. I thought it had the stamp of approval but
obviously, they probably didn’t look into it too much. Uhm, but yeah,
definitely demographics, and really researching the business in the area, is
there already an oversaturation of businesses, yes there was, that’s the
It’s like the competition already…
Yeah, it was already there. Timing, and those kinds of well and truly into the
24/7 sector. The market was already starting and that balloon was kind of
getting ready to go. So, I don’t think the point of difference was really there
when we came in. We just grew to a point and then just didn’t grow again and
it was well below break even. That was tough.
Then you’re haemorrhaging cash was like…
Oh (sigh), and then your other business suffers considerably like this kind of
has to prop-ups. Uh it carried it for three years and then it starts to decline
because your focus isn’t there and your burning out, and you don’t have the
mindset that you did, don’t have the, just the energy, you’re really fatigued
and so this some big kind of takeouts of that experience.
Wow. Do you think, uhm, because, because you mentioned your first
business took off from the day you opened it, so that’s sort of, you think, well,
it ticks all of the boxes again, so I should expect the same results…
Spot on, that was my thought process exactly, I’ve done this, I can go and just
duplicate that process and it’ll work. Did all that. Gave me nothing. Yeah but
just I think that goes to show that not every business is alike and yeah some
have the core principles of how you need to operate a business are alike and
you can take it there. You’ve got to treat every environment differently.
Your marketplace really has a lot to do with it.
Big time. And I’ve realised the importance of community. Where we went
into was a very community-based area, as is this one in Varsity Lakes, but I
think it takes years to really forget those bonds and relationships with the
local business in the community and we didn’t have that when we went in.
We were trying to do that…
Like, you’re a stranger? Still paying the rent?
Yeah, chasing our tail. Massive rent – another lesson learned. Look at and
review your lease and have somebody else who probably has more of an
understanding around contracts, and cash flow, get a good accountant and
listen to the little voices along the way. Like my brother said, just be careful
about going again. He’s had friends do the same thing, had a great business
just wanting to go again and have it completely destroy the performing
business. I didn’t listen to him, obviously young focus, and I knew what I
wanted. Had my accountant, later on, say, you should have presented this to
me, I should have said the rent was far too high. Again.
Hindsight it’s a great thing, it enlightened you…
Yeah, it is, isn’t it. Exactly. If I went again I know exactly what I would look at
and do differently.
You’ve been lucky haven’t you, in the sense of you’ve been able to come back
to and build your foundation
Absolutely, if that had been my first venture into it, like yeah you can always
come back from it. That’s one thing I’ve learned, like even at your lowest
point, you walk away, you can always build it again and it’s hard to get over. I
don’t know if it’s the ego, in your mind or all that self-doubt for failure; failure
is such a bad thing, but now I look at it, it’s sometimes necessary.
Yeah it is…
It’s kind of move forward
Yeah, that’s how we learn…you had a go
Yeah exactly. I look at them like, some of the successful businessmen around
and you look at their failures and they’ve had business’ losses far greater
than my fractional ones. And they turn it around and they’re even more
successful, so you kind of use that.
I think, it’s, a lot how you approach, how you actually deal with that loss. Is
how well you come back…
Yeah spot on
Ahh it’s good. So now the business is, if we fast forward to today, I mean,
you’ve just gone through a bit of an expansion here (yeah, yeah), the process
as well, which is exciting
So exciting. It’s been something that we’ve wanted to do for many years, but
just haven’t the opportunity with the space. By chance had an opportunity to
secure a little bit more space down there. Just, yeah in the last week we’ve
knocked the wall down, expand the gym put a whole new training functional
space in there which yeah, it’s been super well received by our members. I
think it was a necessary step to kind of stay competitive in this market and
move forward and take the business to the next level with everything that we
want to do. Be it a little more holistic in the approach as well, we’ve got
another therapist room that we’ll rent out to massage therapists and maybe
some other holistic therapist as well, so, yeah. Exciting.
So leverage, you’re going to leverage that rental space with.
Well yeah absolutely, yeah exactly, rent that out to somebody else, so make
better use of that small bit of space.
Makes sense since you’re paying the rent…
Say to leverage them to, ah, I guess an aligned service offering to what you’re
doing which complements the whole thing.
Oh it does, something that we’ve never been able to do.
Fantastic! So, what would you say would be the most challenging part about
business for yourself at the moment?
Apart from shutting a business down, and dealing through that one (yeah,
yeah) and that was shutting a business down three years into a five-year
lease so dealing with that whole mess.
That’s been your biggest…
Yes, probably that, and just truly looking at the numbers a lot more. It’s
something that’s probably been a massive weakness for me in the business
just not being over all the numbers and being able to forecast and measure
things more effectively, so.
So are you doing that now?
Better, better and getting more support with that. Just through accountants
and people with a probably bigger skill set than what I have. Definitely far
better than, but still probably a long way to go…
So, you’re focusing more on your strengths in the business and then
outsourcing I guess?
Yeah, I still need probably outsourcing the level of expertise to teach me how
to do more effectively, which I still need to be able to learn that and then
apply that, and teach our managers how to do that. Yeah, it’s definitely, I
think it’s an area a lot of small business owners don’t get over properly? Being
over the numbers and the cash flow, the leads the prospects.
There I guess, there’s is a lack of interest I find, I know in advising businesses.
Just the importance of the numbers but people look at it as just doing
book-work but it’s so much more than that (yeah). It’s actually reading what
those numbers are telling you, and behind each those of the numbers is a
driver and what’s driving that and that’s the thing to get behind and find.
Spot on like even, just with like expenses. Like this so much money that can
be found within your business just by looking at the expenses and where they
can be reduced or kind of remove completely, like unnecessary expenses.
Yeah, constantly rather than just looking at how I can earn more money in the
business but yeah some people don’t even look at that, myself included. Early
days it’s like ah, the money is coming in. I’ll just leave that to the bookkeeper
and the accountant. But.
And then you get the first big tax bill…
That’s another massive challenge, just the whole BAS system, like spending
the money that’s coming in and not putting that aside, and then getting there
your massive kind of ten thousand, twelve thousand dollar BAS every
quarter, and just going oh crap how will I pay for this?
Just because the money is in the bank doesn’t mean it’s yours.
Oh, I know, I know. And that’s something.
It doesn’t matter where you are in business; the tax man is always there.
I know, unfortunately.
So, some of the fun stuff you’ve learnt in business. So working with Casey,
your wife?
Yeah, with her!
How’s that go?
Oh fantastic, we do work really well together. And she hasn’t always been so
actively involved in the business, because her background is, uhm, she was a
flight attendant.
Oh okay!
For Virgin Airlines, but in the past few years, she’s always been a massive
support role there, but last couple of years since having our first child she is
not flying obviously and stepped into the business, at a high capacity with her
service background, it’s just been amazing, it’s allowed me to focus a bit more
on the holistic wellness side of things and step back from, like the
management which was something that I really wanted to do anyway. Yeah,
we get along really well. She’s a straight shooter, if I’m not doing something
well enough, she’d tell me, there’s no sugarcoating it’s black and white
basically which is kind of what I need.
I know that kind of straight shooter thing I work with my wife as well.
Yeah, I think it definitely a skill set if you can cause I know a lot of people who
couldn’t and I think it’s great, and really be strong.
It’s good to have a common goal…
It’s a strong dynamic. Yeah
You can work together, solve problems and that sort of things. In terms of,
does it creep over into your home life or do you have to manage that or you?
Look, I can honestly say, not so much with Casey and I, but just me personally
carrying work home with me and on holidays with me, as a small business
owner I think it’s hard to ever be free of that. I tend to find that every time we
go on a holiday there’s some kind of disaster that happens. I think learning
how to effectively just separate at times is healthy. You need to have time
where you’re just not thinking of the business.
I think most business owners and entrepreneurs fail in that area.
And that’s I think constantly drain on yourself.
Absolutely. Cause I wanted to talk about one of the things that I guess I’m
extremely passionate about in business is having a healthy business mindset
and the importance of your health in your business. I’m of the belief that a
healthy business starts with a healthy mind or a healthy business owner.
I know you share that same view. How significant has health been for you?
Paramount important. I’m not just saying that cause I’m entrenched in the
health and wellness industry. I’ll take that even a step back and say that a
healthy person starts with a healthy mind. (yup) It really, for anyone looking
at making any kind of level of change in their health and wellbeing or the
business life, it starts with that mindset, positive thoughts, because we all
have those inner little roadblocks and thoughts that other talk your down,
and tell you that you can’t do something, and people don’t realise that every
time you’re having those kinds of little negative thoughts in your head it’s a
stress response on your body, which is draining on your body and your
energy, so I think being mindful is the first step of that, being aware of what’s
going on inside the 2 ears, cause if you can really maintain a really positive
focus-mindset, then everything else is going to be aligned with that. So good
food choices, good exercise regimen, understanding of balance work-life, but
then that will stem into your business you’re going to make, better business
decision, you’re going to be clearer focused, more resilient to stress.
Which is a big one.
It’s huge, it’s huge, I’ve been kind of at that point where you stress and the
thing with stress is it does accumulate. You’re fine for a while then it just
creeps up there, creeps up there and then you find that you have that irate
customer or somebody and you just snap. And that should never happen. You
should never get into that point. (Yeah) Being mindful, it’s, yeah, this person is
really, starting to tick me off. (Yeah), but I’m not going to react, because it’s
not the smart approach to do so. But even just managing your team, I think
being focused and clear-minded, you’ll just manage that whole environment
so much better than, uhm, from a dictators’ perspective, do this, do this, (yup).
I know myself for days I go for a run in the morning, and I come into the office
like the day just goes so much better, I feel better I’m happier in myself sort of
feel more smiley, a lot happier and just focused. And the days when I get busy
and just go, I won’t go for a run, I’ll just go to the office early, you rob yourself
with that time, that important time I think.
Just from a physiological perspective, exercise increases all those feel-good
endorphins, it burns off excessive cortisol in your body which happens when
you kind of burning candle of both ends, or drinking coffee all day to fuel
yourself, so just getting out, and like honestly doesn’t need to be hour
work-out. If you get outside for a 15 – 20-minute walk in the sunlight (Yeah)
on your lunch break. I guarantee you’re to be more productive when you
come back (yup), So exercise is essential, movement is essential, and it
doesn’t necessarily have to be exercise, just getting up out of your chair,
every 30 minutes. The research that is coming out now about sedentary
lifestyle and people that sit down for like 5 to 6 hours a day, and the effects
on your health. It’s really alarming (Hmm). So I think if anyone truly cares
about their health and wellbeing, you’ve just got to get up and move.
Just start..
Yeah just start. Just get up out of that chair, walk over, have a chat with your
colleague or.
Because it can be difficult, like particularly if the business isn’t going as well
as you expected or whatever’s going on in your business at that time. The
very first, I guess, uhm defence mechanism is to go in and just work harder at
it and make it work (Hmm), but if you’re not actually looking after yourself
and keeping that clear-mindset, you could actually be exacerbating the
Hands down mate and I’m like I’ve been that person, like throwing myself and
my resources into the business, I guess despite of the need for more
relaxation more time out of the business, just kind of refill and regenerates,
like I could be more effective when I get back in there, but you end up burning
out, burning out, burning out, and it’s perfect kind of recipe for burn out is to
keep doing that it. You really do need to kind of like I refer to just kind of
working in, so we workout, working out in the gym, working out even like the
workplace high stress, go, go, go, go, it’s a form of working out. You need to
work in, so whether it’s lying on a bench or reading a book or just lying down,
just relaxing, just kind of giving some fuel back to your body because all of
that other exertion is energy out energy out. (Yeah) it’s a balance, good
hydration, good breathing, good food, relaxation is so crucially important,
and the people who don’t do that are the ones who really do suffer. You just
see that they decline, decline, decline, until something presents whether it’s
disease or just meltdown.
Yeah, burnout.
I think, Steven Covey in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, I
think he refers to it as sharpening the saw, which I think is, I think it’s
principle no.7 or something but it’s talking exactly about that the importance
of putting back in, and maintaining health. That’s great! and so, uhm, yes I
think, I guess one of the things I don’t know why I suffer from is like if I’m
travelling a lot. That tends to be the time that you drop your guard in terms of
health as well, (yeah). Have you got any tips or ideas around for people that
are travelling a lot? You’re on the road, because you can’t just sort of pull
over and make a healthy salad or (chuckles) you know like.
I think, yeah, we’re in a time now where convenience is the key, and there are
more options, more healthy or healthier options available, in most kind of
places, even when you go in the airport. If you look at airports now, and
there’s Sumo Salads and all that kind of options in the go. Most places will
cater, even in the hotel, you might have a set menu, but you can still ring up
and say “Hey spare the chips with that and giving me a serve of vegetables”,
swap it, you’ve just got to be mindful of it, and understand that when you are
on the go that sometimes you do want to reach for those little comfort foods.
Particularly if you’re tired.
Particularly when you’re tired, and then that’s one thing with stress as well
that brings out those cravings, (yeah) or pack healthy snacks when you go, so
there’s no reason why you can’t put some healthy snacks in your bag. I know
people that take little cool packs in their suitcase with like frozen kind of
meals and things like that, so just depends on how meaningful it is, for you to
stay on track with your healthy eating, like I understand, like I’m realist when
it comes to food and I love food, and like there’s times when I’ll still eat my
pizza or a burger but I understand that, it’s like an 80/20 rule.
It’s an exemption.
Yeah exactly, exactly. It’s an issue when the 80 becomes the norm of poor
foods and I think there are still options out there you just need to make the
effort to find them.
They do go hand in hand don’t they? I know myself I’ve started, just started
getting back in being conscious of getting healthy, and being healthy, and I
think once you do start the exercise then you do want to eat a bit better, and
it does one helps the other, (Hmm)
It’s a catalyst. Absolutely, absolute. Just getting back into training, you’ll start
to think better about your food, you’ll start to probably be more receptive to
taking some health supplements and things like that, (yeah) maybe try some
meditation or some yoga (yeah, Chuckles) drink more water. That’s it.
You’ve got a few colleagues who’ve done your leaner and cleaner
7-day program…
7-day program. Do you want to tell us a little bit about that?
Absolutely, yeah. It’s really exciting. I’ve had several people go through it
now. It started from something that I created for myself. I just wanted to
create a bit of cleansing, detoxing program for myself, just do a bit of a spring
clean internally, just knowing how toxic our environment is and the
accumulation over the years, I was still kind of feeling a bit flat after coming
through that, that burn out period of the other business. So I created this
program, but I wanted something a little bit gentler than those extreme
detox diets which they’re all over of the market. So out of that came the
Leaner and Cleaner 7- day program. What I found like, I did it for more
energy and kind of detoxing properties, the amount of body fat that I lost
doing that was amazing like, it kind of almost challenged my beliefs working
in the fitness industry where like, you can only lose a kilo to 2 kilos of body fat
a week. That’s a safe amount of weight to lose anymore is just water. And I’m
like, okay I’ve lost like 4 kilos of body fat in 7 days. And other people
averaging between 1 – 4 kilos of body fat and keeping it off as well. And it’s a
gentle program. It’s something that’s just taking out a lot of the processed –
inflammatory food that we eat on a daily basis. Just having a little rest, I’m a
coffee lover and I do see benefits in good organic coffee and in moderation,
but I took that out, just give the nervous system and everything a rest as well
and a few other little tricks that I’ve researched that work well with that
cleansing process as well, (yup) and yeah just really effective, and over a short
period as well, so it’s something you can do and still go to work and do it and
do it a few times throughout the year, just to one cleanse the body and also
keep your body fat low. And everyone that has done it so far has told me that
one they’ve lost some body fat, but they’ve felt amazing after, like more
energy, sharper mind. That’s priceless in my mind.
So it might actually be a good starting point like I guess if you’re thinking of
getting in fitness and sort like that, it might be good starting point might be
actually just to clean yourself out, and then start…
Well, exactly mate, that absolutely or anyone at any stage, like, I, with my
kind of one-on-one coaching clients, I normally introduce it to a little way in
so we start off just tweaking their diet, getting them into some proper
movement, and then I use it as a little catalyst kick start, a couple of months
in just to shift any kind of unwanted body fat or just a new little challenge, but
you do it anytime, like I’ve had stay at home mums that have got a bit of time
on their hands trying to shift some of that post-pregnancy body fat, or just
the fatigue that you get from broken sleep throughout the night and just
having small children, getting more vitality and energy, better skin, it’s just
about flooding the body with all of those nutrients as well, so yeah, such a
cool little program.
Fantastic! We’re coming up to the half-hour, Chris. You’ve shared some great
stuff there – your very lows in business, and your (chuckles), and we’ve all
had them and the importance of your health in being in business and owning
a business, and running a business. So, I really appreciate you doing that and being so open in sharing. If people want to find out more about you, where can they do that?
Yeah absolutely! So, I’ve got a Facebook page which is Chris Barnes
Wellness, or you can reach out to me at [email protected]
Fantastic! And Chris has kindly shared the link for his Leaner and Cleaner
Program. Head over at businessmadeeasypodcast.com/leanerandcleaner.
If you want to know more about Chris’ Leaner and Cleaner 7-day Detox
program, by all means, go over there and check that out. I’ve got the program
I’ve got to start that myself actually I might even record my results and
diarise my progress on the blog.
There’s accountability right there.
Yeah, you can see it, so we’ll track the progress of it.
I’ll do it with you…
Yeah, ok cool. That sounds good, Chris thank you so much for coming to the
show mate and we’ll leave it at that. Thanks, mate, bye.
Thank You, Bye
Well there you have it, that’s a great discussion with Chris there on the
importance of health in your business and keeping a healthy
fit-business-mind, and your diet. Just how much importance your diet and
exercise, etc. has on the way you make decisions and your stress level etc.
Thanks, Chris. So, if you haven’t done it already, please go over to the
website, thebusinessmadeeasypodcast.com and if you’ve got a business
question that you’d like answered or something that you’d like featured on
the show, please hit the red record button. I’ll get your questions sent
straight to my inbox and we’ll endeavour to get those questions answered for
you on the show. Also, too if you haven’t joined that Facebook community
yet, there is a Facebook group, that’s Business Made Easy Podcast Facebook
group and Facebook page. So, feel free to go over there and keep up to date
with what’s going on with the rest of the business community, so until next
week. Thank you for your time. I really appreciate you listening in. This was
the 5th episode now, so we’re getting a little bit of momentum, and we’ve got
some great topics coming up as well over the coming weeks. Until next week,
to your success and we’ll talk soon. Thanks, Bye!

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