Cash Flow VS Profit: Why Are They different?

Episode 52


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It’s common as a business owner to look at your profit and loss statement at the end of a period and wonder why the profit figure doesn’t equate to the money in your bank account.

Business owners are often scratching their head in disbelief wondering where the money is, given the profit being reported.

Both profit and cash flow are critical components to running a successful business. Profit is what generates cash flow and cash flow pays the bills and keeps your business running. But they are two very separate things.

In this episode, we have an in-depth look at the differences between profit and cash flow and discuss, that despite being very dependent on each other, they are in fact very, very different in they way they operate in your business.

What You'll Learn!

  • The difference between cash flow and profit
  • How profit and cash flow operate differently
  • Why it’s possible to have a high profit with little cash flow
  • Why you can have cash flow with no profit
  • Tips you can use to improve your cash flow

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Cashflow is critical to success in business. You can have the best business idea ever, but if you can’t generate cash and pay the bills you won’t survive.

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