Cashflow In Business & Why It's Critical

Episode 17


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Cash flow in your business is like the fuel in your car, without it you won’t get too far down the road.

We explore why cash flow in your business this week, why it’s important, how it can make or break your business and most importantly what you can do to improve the cash flow in your business.

What You'll Learn!

  • The importance of cash flow in your business
  • The problems that can be caused by not having a¬†cash flow budget and proper cash flow management in your business
  • Why you can show a profit but have no cash flow in your business
  • The importance of understanding your working¬† capital and cash flow cycle
  • Ways to improve your cashflow and working captial cycles
  • Why all types of business need to understand cash flow
  • The difference between a normal budget and a cash flow budget
  • Why the banks will ask for a cash flow budget when lending money

Links Mentioned

Business-Made-Easy-Cash-flow-Budget 1200X900

Cash Flow Budget Template

Use this free cash flow template to get a handle on the cash flow of your business.

12 Hacks To Improve Cashflow 1384X766

12 Cash Flow Hacks

Grab my 12 Cash Flow Hacks To start improving the cashflow in your business.

Join other business owners in our Free Facebook Community all sharing their trials, ideas and wins in business. It's a fantastic community of driven and supportive entrepreneurs.

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Cashflow is critical to success in business. You can have the best business idea ever, but if you can’t generate cash and pay the bills you won’t survive.

Grab my 12 simple ways to boost your cashflow cheatsheet!

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