Effective Customer Experiences – With Matthew Barnett

Episode 45

About The Show

Matthew Barnett from Bonjoro knows all about delivering an exceptional customer experience to grow your brand and weld customers to it.
Technology has allowed your customers to be more educated and informed when they make purchase decisions, so it is imperative that when they come to your business they are acknowledged, made to feel special and appreciated.

We talk about the importance of building these relationships with Matthew and why they are so important to your business success.

We also discuss how, with tools like Bonjoro, these relationships are easy to scale and deliver effectively and efficiently in your business.

What You'll Learn!

  • The importance of providing a unique customer experience
  • The changing landscape in customer service and expectations
  • How Bonjoro is WOW’ing customers.

Links Mentioned

Treat Your Customers Better 

Bonjoros simple platform and powerful integrations make it simple to convert your prospects into customers.

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