It’s not too late to finish the year strong and make it your best year ever.

There are always obstacles and reasons and excuses as to why it’s hard to achieve your goals and with the end of the year and holidays seasons, increased social activities around the corner there are going to be even more reasons why achieving your goals may seem impossible.

You can still achieve your important goals for the year despite the distraction and seeming lack of time.

We take you through a 5 step program to re-prioritise, re-focus, take action and finish the year strong, making it your best year ever.

You can still have your best year ever

A must listen to episode if you are serious about achieving success in your business.


  • What holds us back this time of the year
  • The importance of finishing the year strong
  • The importance of revisiting your goals and recalibrating to finish the year strong.
  • My 5 step process to make 2018 year your best year ever.



Good day, good day and welcome to the Business Made Easy podcast where we
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podcast. This is all about growing your business, growing your bottom line profit
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Thank you so much for joining me. How are you doing? We are at episode
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So thank you so much for all of you, for your support and encouragement and
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Alrighty, thanks so much for joining me. As I said if you haven’t hit that uh, if
you’re new to the show welcome, we are all about business here. We talk about
business and business tips and advice and all things business really. I mean
there’s more to business than just looking at numbers. This-this also the
emotion behind business. This also, you know, productivity and look advert
marketing um human relations [laughs] all sorts budgeting cash flow oh there is
just so much to uh to business as you know. Getting your customers, keeping
customers happy and we like to discuss and touch on all those topics over the
show. I get experts in from time to time where if there’s a particular topic that
we need to discuss but that’s what we’re all about. So, welcome to the show and
I’m glad you’re here and for those of you who are returned again, thank you so
much for coming back as well.
Alright, let’s get into today’s show. Now today’s show actually came about from
a situation that I had myself actually just this last week. I’ll give you a bit of a
background story. I was sitting and talking with my wife and we were talking
about our goals etcetera and our health goals and it turned on me you know,
that we’re sort of getting close to the end of the year and uh I thought,
“Oh my god. I’m never- never going to reach this.” I’ve set myself a fairly
strenuous goal to lose a bit of weight over the course of the year and I just, to be
honest, have not done that. I get busy. I love what I do, my work, and I tend to
focus on that. I get up early and I’ll go into the office, I’ll go to work or you know,
sit in front of the computer, work as opposed to getting up and going exercising
and then you start to not eat as well. And um you know, as you know health is
such a huge part of-of being fit and ready for your business and I’ve always
believed in fitness and health, but uh I really have just let myself go a bit I guess
in that space and it was on my goal list. It’s been on my goal list for several years
now and I just have not focused on it and I have not achieved that area of my life.
And I said to Melissa, “You know like we’re coming up to the end of the year and
I know full well that come November we’re going to start all the festivities and
things. Start holiday season start.” And you know you just– the idea of focusing
on goals this late in the year just seems such like a daunting task and this is what
sort of brought this episode today about. Because today’s episode is titled
Finishing Strong and Finishing the Year Strong and I want to basically go
through I guess a methodology and system that I’ve put in place to make sure
that I finish this year strong but I want you to finish this year strong as well.
Because it’s so easy to get to this time of the year and sort of think, “Oh, gosh
you know it’s time to start winding there,” particularly if we’re getting in to
holiday seasons in November, you know, Thanksgivings and all those
Halloweens and all that holiday season coming up and you know in Australia we
have Melbourne Cup Race days and [laughs] we have all sorts of-all sorts of
distractions. And it’s very very easy to sort of throw in the towel I guess on your
goals and to say, “Oh well, there’s only a few weeks left of the year.” I mean, to
be honest, there’s about 11 or 12 weeks of the year so we’ve still got plenty of
time. But as we go down the track very easy to get I guess less and less focused
on your goals that you wanna achieve for the year. So, this episode I wanna take
you through my five-step process to– so I guess, help you finish 2018 strong and
there’s a workbook and the things, I’ll give you the link for it at the end of the
show here, but um there’s a workbook I’ve put together for you to help you
finish 2018 and make it the best year that you have had.
And the reason for doing so is it, I don’t know if you’ve had this feeling but you
get that feeling of I could have done better and when you get to the end of it–
when you get to the end of the year and you’re setting your goals for the New
Year you’ll be looking back going, “Oh my God. I could of achieved that goal. I
really could, I didn’t give that area of my life. I did slow down um– I did slow
down too fast before the end of the year.”
So, we wanna be go in to the New Year’s strong and we certainly wanna be
relaxed and we wanna enjoy our holiday season, so it’s all the more reason to be
in the best mindset and best I guess mental um outlook to-to achieve it, to
starting the New Year and-and going into those holidays. And I guess I came
across this saying and I’m not sure who said it but um I came across this saying, a
quote when I was looking through for information on this- this episode and it’s
basically it’s not how we start the year it’s how we finish it, that is the most
important factor and it’s the same with any- any race, it’s not how we start the
race it’s how we finish the race. You can start the race as strong as you like and
be out the front in the lead but if you don’t cross that finishing line first you still
haven’t one. So we wanna make sure that we’re the winners in 2018 and I wanna
go through the steps, the five steps um to do that.
So uh, before I get into that though I mean, I guess you’ve got to ask yourself the
question. So I want you to ask yourself these couple of questions. Where is your
head space right now?In terms of are you in a space where you’re- you’re feeling
still pumped in you, you’re on fire a-and you’re heading- heading to that finishing
line or are you starting to wind down and starting to put things on the back
burner a bit and start to look forward to that holiday break.
And that’s what we really need to work on and-and um I’m gonna give you some
tools today to help you do that. But the important thing is that we finish strong.
So, I guess uh start to slow down just yet and I want you to work out before we
get in to the very uh I’ll get in to the methodology of-of my work- work in a
second but I want you to sort of have a think about and picture how you want
your 2018 to finish. Do you wanna be sitting back looking at it going, “Wow I
had- I had the best 2018 I’ve ever had,” or do you wanna go, “I could have done
better,” and that’s what we’ve got to ask ourselves um when we- when we going
in to these next few weeks. So, this is a bit of a pep up and a bit of a freshen up to
get us in to um get us to– get us over the line for the- for the New Year.
So, let’s look at um– let’s look at how I’ve approached this and this wa– just-just
to be um to be clear, I’m actually doing this myself as well right now with my
health goals. I have actually set this in place and I have sat down and-and
worked- worked out what I’m going to do to achieve this. I’ve got a very intense
October on at the moment in terms of health and fitness. Its October 2018 and
for those of you listening in the future, but I’ve got a very intense four weeks
ahead of me of detoxing and-and just not eating anything bad and just fruits and
vegetables and uh lots of exercise and those sorts of things ‘cause I’ve got to try
and shift a fair few kilos, not that I’m overweight but I’m not my preferred
So, I wanna shift a few kilos because the thing is with weight too it just goes on
year, after year-after year and I’m sure you can agree with that without actual
proper maintenance. So I wanna be my best when I hit 2019. I’ve had such a
great year this year, I wanna—I wanna be fully focused and ready to help as
many businesses in the future as I can, so I have to look after myself as well.
So, let’s get into to how I’m approaching this and as I’ve said I’ve got a workbook
for you a cheat sheet if you like. I don’t like calling it a workbook, it sounds like
hard work doesn’t it or more work but it’s a bit of a cheat sheet to help you get
clear about what’s important to you in the next– in the coming weeks.
But the very first thing we wanna do is a goal review and by goal review, I want
you to get out your goals that you set for yourself at the start of the year and
dust them off and hopefully they’re not too dusty. Hopefully, you’ve looked at
them recently. But hopefully you’ve got some goals there that you wanted to
achieve this year for 2018 that were important for you to achieve. And if you
haven’t got goals that you’ve set yourself and you know you’re coming in fresh
and you sort of haven’t really thought about too much about goals this is not too
late for you because you can actually set some goals now and say, “Okay, but
within the coming year what would make 2018 a really good year for me if I
achieved X or Y?”
You can join me on my weight loss campaign if you like. [laughs] Whatever it is.
Uh jot those goals down and I’ll give a cheat sheet here for you that you can uh
download, I’ll give you the details for. But basically, jot all those down and let’s
get them all out onto a piece of paper. Even if you’ve finished them get them all
out. Write them all out, list and that’s gonna be our working list for the-for the
next coming weeks which I think it’s about 12 weeks or 12 or 13 weeks.
And with that list in, I want you to go through and put a line through everything
you have already finished. Put a tick next to it, highlight it. Any goal that you had
on that list that you wanted to achieve for the year. Put a line through or
highlight or whatever. Put a tick next to it, something to indicate that it’s
And that’s a good thing because that means we can sort of see where we are and
see what we’ve actually achieved and we wanna have a bit of a good, feel-good
sort of [chuckles] outcome from the activity. But go through and cross out those
ones that you’ve already finished.
The next step in the goal review process is to cross uh go through and ask
yourself with the remaining goals, are these goals that are still important to me
for 2018. Are there things on here that I like set, at the start of the year that I
thought were important and I had thought that I wanted to achieve but
circumstances have changed and they’re no longer important. Or it really isn’t a
priority for me anymore. I’ve changed my mind or something, which is okay to
do. You know we all change our mind and our environments always changing. So
cross off anything there, put a red line through it or delete it, but basically get rid
of those non-legitimate goals anymore, they’re not valid goals. So take those off
your list.
And we now should be left with a list of goals that we still want to achieve, but
we haven’t yet completed. They’re still important to us but we haven’t yet done
them. Now what we’re doing here is just eliminating the noise. We’ve just
gotten rid of everything that’s been done or is not important anymore. Now
we’re just eliminating all the noise around us and what I want you to do next in
this next step is to go through and write next to go through and look at each of
the remaining goals on that list and actually write next to it. Write 2019 next to
each of the remaining goals that do not have to be done this year and are not
important to you this year. they’re still important to you but at the end of the
year when you’re sitting on the towel by the beach and you’re sitting back
thinking about the year wondering, you know, you’re not gonna regret not
having got that goal done, it hasn’t been a game changer for you. Because it’s
still important but it might not be necessary or imperative that we get it done
before the end of the year. another way to look at it too, is it a goal that is going
to set yourself up really well for 2019?If I get this goal done, if I achieve this task
and a achieve this outcome before the end of the year is that going to set my set
me up for a bigger success in 2019?
So, that’s how I want you to think of these goals when you’re looking through
the list. Is it something that I really should be doing now and will make a big
difference to my 2018 or is it something that I can put off till 2019 and that’ll be
your starting list then for 2019. So, we’re not gonna lose sight of them, we’re
gonna put those on a separate list and move them over to 2019.
And then from that, we now should be left with a list of goals and actions or
tasks that we need to complete and have in place before the end of 2019. So, it
should be a lot shorter list, a lot cleaner list, and a lot more direct list. It should
be a much targeted list. It should be a list that means something to you and it’s a
list that getting these things done are gonna make a difference to you.
Now there are lots of things that you might already have in place. You might of
already started some of these goals we’re getting into the next step, we’ll look at
prioritizing that. some of the goals might be fresh and haven’t yet started but
they might have a bit of a lead time, so I want you to have a sort of think about
what works involved in getting each of these goals done.
That’s the next step is prioritizing what needs to be had. So step five is to
prioritize what needs to happen and take action on that. So, by doing that what
we’re going to be doing is looking at okay, you might have a reasonably large
goal. Actually, let’s look [inaudible] we’ve been talking about my weight loss so
let’s stay with that goal there. So let’s look at that goal for instance. I wanna lose
a few kilos, maybe I’d ideally like to lose about 10 kilos. I’m not sure what that is
in pounds. But I’d like to lose about 10 kilos. Now, that’s not something that I can
just leave till the last week of-of December and then start. So I can’t look at it
and go, “Okay I’ve still got 13 weeks but I’ll leave that one till the last week of–“
weight loss takes time, it takes perseverance and it takes a lot of multiple little
actions and steps along the way rather than just one big one at the end of the
year, one big push at the end of the year.
So, I have to really start now in October. I have to start and be dedicated and
focused and stay focused on that goal now. So, that’s something that you might
have to look at with your goals is, are these goals that I’ve got left, the ones that
are important, are they things I should be starting now? Should I be ordering
things that I need to achieve these goals? Should I be, you know, employing
services that I need to achieve these goals? Whatever it is that you wanna
achieve have a good think and strategy session around and do this ASAP around
what’s required to finish these goals and mark these steps out.
Now, a great tool to do this is Asana, I use Asana so much for my tasks and goal
planning and all that sort of thing. I will put a link to Asana in the show notes. I’ve
talked about Asana before but it’s a great project management and task
management tool. You can create all your goals in there and you can put
sub-tasks under each goal, you can put all the sub-task and plan them out and
due dates in there to achieve-achieve things and you can assign tasks to people
etcetera. It’s a great tool to do that.
But, yes start planning out. Okay, what the big items that we need to order in or
get going or start implementation sooner because it’s got a long lead time to
achieve that. What is it that we need to start now and start taking action on
those. And then put the lower smaller end, smaller ticket items at the latter part
of the coming 11 or so weeks. So, you’re not having to stress and worry about
you prioritizing what’s important and the lead time ‘cause finishing those things
and having those, you’ve identified that they’re important, you’ve identified that
they’re achievable and you wanna get them done before the year end then you
need to that and you need to plan and prioritize each of those steps to make it
along the way.
Now the other tip around this prioritizing, prioritization and setting up the steps
along the way is to looking at what resources you need. Do you need to
delegate? Do you need to outsource any tasks to help you get those goals
achieved? Upwork is a great resource, I’m not sure, depending on what your goal
is, I mean I can’t outsource my weight loss regime. I guess I could get a personal
trainer but I really think it just comes down to discipline, but you can get work
done, leverage your time. Leverage it by using, you know, outsource labor and
using things like Upwork to get people in profess like qualified professionals or
whatever into help you to achieve those things that you wanna achieve that are
important to you. So, don’t think you have to do it all on your own. Remember to
leverage your time and stay focused on the important tasks that are gonna move
the needle the most for you.
So don’t do like I do and fall into the trap of mucking around on Photoshop and
things like that [laughs] from time to time.
The other thing I will say too, I really think we still lose far too much time on
social media platforms and that sort of thing. I know myself I do, it’s a big times
out for me. I just keep getting drawn into it. So, I’m making a concerted effort to
reduce that sort of thing as well and really stay focused on what I need to get
done before the year end because 2019 isn’t too far away.
I think as I said it’s about 13, 12, 12, or 13 weeks away. It will go fast particularly
once those holiday distractions and holiday events start cutting in. I know here
in Australia we have as I said earlier, Melbourne Cup day here and we tend to
close the office around lunchtime and then we’re off for the rest of the day. And
it’s kind of the– well not kind of, it’s the first official function of the holiday
period and it just seems to all go on from there. So I really wanna make sure I’m
in the best mindset possible to take full advantage of those fun times.
And that’s the thing too, you feel better about yourself when you are achieving
your goals. You do feel better when you are relaxing and taking holiday time but
you have given it the best shot you can and you deserve that holiday, you’ve
earned that holiday. Rather than slowly phasing into the holiday it’s nowhere
near as rewarding and impactful and this just a way to go I think is finishing the
year strong, 2019, know that what for you and I want you to go hard. I would
love for you if you wanna share your goals with me or share what action plan
you’ve put in place once you fill in the worksheet. I’m going to put the link in the
show notes which will be
So, I’ll put the link on and then we’re
gonna put a cheat sheet there which will step you through the steps that I spoke
about here in this episode and you can go through and write them out. I’ll also
put a Google sheet there that you can use to write your goals out and actually
and fill that in and use that as your tracking mechanism if that works for you as
So, I’ll put that in there, you’ll just need to copy that sheet to your Google Drive
and then you can fill that in till your heart’s content and-and keep track of your
goals and use it as a planning worksheet um to do that. But I’ll-I’ll fill that in and
I’ll-I’ll have that there ready for you as well.
Alrighty, so there you go. We’re going to finish 2018 strong. You’ve got my
five-step plan there to do that. First of all just to recap is to do a goal review um
and really um get clear about the goals that are that you uh want to do. Um step
two is to get rid of the goals that you’ve already completed for the year. We’re
gonna clean those off the list. Step three is to get rid of the goals that you don’t
want um the goals that really don’t matter um anymore. The-the goalposts have
moved and you’ve got you know fresh– fresh uh ideas etcetera or they’re not
relevant to you anymore and the environments changed. So, that’s step three.
Step four is to prior– uh to-to move forward goals that are not relevant for 218.
They are not priorities, they are not game changes, they’re not gonna make a
world of difference to you or your business.
And then step five is to prioritize what’s left. The 218 big kick, big-ticket goals
that you’re going to um you’re going to implement ahead of uh the end of theend of the New Year. So um end of the current year I should say. End of the
2018. So, they’re the five. I’d love to hear from you, I’d love to hear what your
goals are and what you’re plans are for the next 12, 13 weeks feel free to write
into me at [email protected] Share those goals with me
and I’ll help you keep accountable as well. But looking forward to finishing the
year strongly.
Thanks so much for listening on episode number 60. I’m so stoked and just
happy that you are here and appreciate you listening in and taking time out of
your busy day but uh very good. Let’s do this. Let’s finish strong and I’m gonna
hand you over to Mia. Until next week take us out Mia, let’s do this.
Mia: Thanks, Jason. You’ve been listening to the Business Made Easy podcast
where we make business easy.




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