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Episode 03

Donna Webeck On The Business Made Easy Podcast

About The Show

Today is our first guest episode we’re fortunate to have a very long-time friend of mine, Donna Webeck from Prestige Property Copy to share her journey in starting a niche business.

You will hear in this episode how Donna took her passion for the written word and blogging, identified an untapped niche in another passion area and has now married the two together and turned it into a full-time business she has built from the ground up.

It’s a fascinating story and Donna shares openly her experiences, the highs and lows and her lessons learnt so far.

What You'll Learn!

  • How Donna has turned her passion for copywriting into a successful niche business.
  • The importance of using hashtags # on Instagram to attract and grow your clientele
  • Balancing family and work life when starting a business and the unique challenges working from home can create
  • How Donna went about Identifying an under-serviced target market
  • Growing pains when starting a business such as getting help and business planning
  • Using SEO and organic traffic to drive sales leads through your website
  • Overcoming initial negative feedback of your business idea
  • The daily practices you need to implement to help make smiling a natural part of your day.
  • Going from ‘this is just a ‘hobby’ mindset to being a legitimate business owner.
  • Why outsourcing the tasks that are not your core business activity is so important for future growth.

Links Mentioned

Learn more about Donna Webeck and her services at Prestige Property Copy.

Join other business owners in our Free Facebook Community all sharing their trials, ideas and wins in business. It's a fantastic community of driven and supportive entrepreneurs.



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