The Importance Of A Smile In Business

Episode 02


About The Show

You cant overestimate the importance of a smile in business. It costs absolutely nothing, it’s effortless to implement and most importantly, it can make a profound difference to the culture and health of your business.

In this episode, we explore the importance of a smile in business, why it’s an effective marketing tool and the difference it can make to enhancing your relationships in business,  with your customers, suppliers and team and why it’s effects are long-lasting.

What You'll Learn!

  • How smiling can change our physical and mental state.
  • The benefits of a smile in business on your culture, staff, suppliers and customer engagement. 
  • Smiling in your business and it’s impact on your stress levels.
  • How do you smile to help you relate with customers more quickly and improve your networking skills.
  • How to implement positive body language like smiling into your company’s culture.
  • The daily practices you need to implement to help make smiling a natural part of your day.

Links Mentioned

Dale Carnegie offers practical and proven advice on how to deal with people and understand them in order to get along well with them to make your life more rewarding. Carnegie believed that financial success, to a very large extent, depends on ‘the ability to express ideas, to assume leadership and to arouse enthusiasm among people'. 

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Full Episode Transcript

G’day g’day and welcome to another episode of the Business Made Easy
Podcast, where we make business easy. I’m your host Jason Skinner and I
absolutely wrapped that you could join me today…Wherever you’re coming
from in the world, welcome to the show. Thank you for your time, and thank
you for being with me.
You may be just starting up in business or you may have an existing business, wherever you are on that spectrum, I hope you’re kicking some goals and
having some wins because that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?
Today’s topic is a topic that I feel extremely passionate about. The reason
I feel passionate about this is that I’ve seen it work in business. I’ve seen it
work in our business and I’m a strong advocate of it. It’s something that cost
absolutely nothing to do, say, a lot of money to do this. You don’t need to be
highly educated to do it. In fact, all of us, every single one of us has the ability
to be able to do this. And I’m talking about the importance of smiling in your
business. Now before you, some of you may be going, “it’s got nothing to do
with making money or putting money in the bank”… and I can understand
how you’d think like that, but the thing with smiling… the importance of
smiling…when we smile it actually changes our mental state, it changes our
physical state, our face opens up from becoming more welcoming, and our
body stance, our body language actually changes as well.
And implemented consistently over time, you will start to see a better culture
in your organisation, customers are more likely to
be engaged with you in your business, supplier relationships improved and
staff relationships improve. There’s a whole host of benefits associated with
the simple act of smiling. And it’s just something that’s not discussed enough,
and I don’t think it’s not implemented enough. I’ll give an example… just out
for lunch today with my wife and I it was a beautiful sunny day… there was
absolutely no reason for anyone to be grumpy. It was a magic day. And the waitress sat us at the table… and she said all the right things,, “Hi”, “How are you”, “Come and take a seat”, but when she, her whole
body language, was no smile on the face, whatsoever, she just seemed grumpy and irritated to be being there, and that just rubbed off on us. Even though she was saying the right thing and doing the right… bringing the water and table service that sort of thing, a simple smile on her face and an open genuine smile would have made a world of difference to our experience in dealing with her.
And she’s just one out of many businesses that you go into and never ever
greeted by a friendly smiling face. I think if the boss or the owner of the
business were implementing that culture within the business and the
importance of it then you’d find a lot of better customer service and a
better interaction between your staff and your customers. And you as the
employer as boss and your staff, and it really does go around. Now I never
used to think too much of this until I did a course which is called the ‘Dale
Carnegie- How to Win Friends and Influence People’. I did this course
after I read Dale Carnegie’s famous book. He wrote it back in 1936, and it’s a
fantastic book i didn’t even know how I came about reading it but after
reading his book the whole chapter about smiling and I’ve read about some of
his quotes out of that later – I went and did the course after reading the book,
because I just wanted more, I wanted to know more about it. Doing that
course and studying that material absolutely changed my professional life in
terms of openness to smile. When I get to seminar I’d be the one standing in
the corner, checking his emails and that sort of things, I wouldn’t be talking to
people and engaging with people. Doing this course actually taught me
how to do it better, and one of the very big skills that was taught was the
importance of smiling and it’s principle number 5 in his book, but absolutely
really life-changing stuff. And there was another… there was many stories of
this but another CEO gentleman that I was talking to… he was basically
struggling with his staff and getting engaged with his staff, lack of
communication, they wouldn’t tell him anything… he wasn’t approachable, so
the staff wouldn’t go in and see more anything like that. When he
implemented having a more open friendly face and putting a smile on his dial,
he found that overtime, the staff just warmed to him better than before – he
was more approachable for them, and it just made a whole lot of difference in
his business and business culture.
You see it a lot of times, you see it if you were a dentist reception are and
no-one’s talking and everyone’s sitting there with a sort of pained look on the
face (probably because you got a sore tooth) but when someone does come in
and actually has a smile on their face or a baby comes in the surgery,
whatever it is you just see that engagement change as soon that person’s
smile radiates, and just create the openness to communication.
So, smiling is one of those things that is not talked about, but we all know… we
all recognise, when we’ve seen the smiling person is supposed to seeing
somebody who is frowning, and that sort of things. You’ve on got to go and
order a coffee or go to a supermarket or whatever and be greeted by a
non-smiling person versus someone who’s friendly and open and got a
genuine smile on their face. The fact is that the research shows that you
know it reduces stress, it changes your body language, the brain actually
knows, and recognises when you are smiling; when you are smiling it will
actually recognise that and release feel-good chemicals into your body. And
you that’s a known fact – endorphins and all those sorts of things are
released into your body.
The other thing with smiling and that I’ve found is that a lot harder to have an
argument or be angry at a person that is smiling and so, you know, if you’re
going into a difficult meeting or something like certainly greeting a person
with a smiling open face is certainly going to set a scene a lot better than
coming in with a scowl in your face and really angry and, starting off with that
People are more attracted to smiling people. So,
it is really a no-brainer as far as making sure it’s being implemented in your
business. So I guess the question that comes out if is “How do you actually…” I
mean, yeah, we all smile, and I guess you are possibly sitting there saying “we all
smile”, but the type of change I’m talking about or being conscious about it,
and it starts at with being conscious of it. But I’m talking about having a
culture in your organisation that is open and friendly smiling faces. So that’s
whether you’re answering the telephone… we had a rule in our office that
before you even touch your phone when it rings that you actually check to
see… the very first thing is to check to see whether you’re actually smiling,
because when you answer the phone… you’ve been working away, you’ve
been concentrating on whatever and somebody rings and the phone rings,
and you’ve got to answer it…if you haven’t positioned yourself, if you haven’t
got yourself in the right mindset then that’s going to come through in your
communication with the person on the other end of phone. If that’s a
customer they’re going to copy it. So we had this rules the basics is that
before you touch the phone, you check, sit upright and put a smile on your
face and get into the right zone to have that conversation with that person.
And it makes an amazing difference.
Likewise if you’re going downtown, if you’re walking down the street to get a
coffee or whatever, check whether you have you got a smile on your face, is your face open,
how’s your posture, you’re standing upright, because that sort of things,
that’s how people see your business. When they see you with a grumpy look
on your face, that’s how they’re looking at your business. It doesn’t
matter whether you’re an online or offline business, it’s all the same. If you’re
an online business, and you know, you’re sitting there with a grumpy or scowl
look on your face then when you write that email, that’s going to come
through in your communication with your customers or suppliers or whoever
you’re dealing with.
Therefore, it’s extremely important that we get that right. So how do you do that?
How to change the culture? As I said it does need to be a genuine smile, not
putting on a fake grin on just because someone’s coming in the door. It needs
to form habits within you, say you need to basically make it a habit that your
body just do when you get up every morning it’s naturally ready and open and
got a nice smile on your face. And the way I found that really works for me
was exercising every morning is a fantastic way to set yourself up for the day.
Where I go walking around the lake every morning, there are lots of people
and you can always tell the difference between them – the happy ones and
the not so happy. The happy ones are standing upright, they’re walking
upright, they’ve got a smile on their face, and they’re really into it, their
taking on the day and enjoying this start of the day, whereas the people not
so happy, they are like hunched over and they can barely say “Hello” to you.
The more happy people that you run into, that more infectious that
actually gets. It just really does build a momentum. So that’s one way that I
learnt to set myself up for the day, set myself up to have a successful day in
the business and really pass that feeling of happiness onto our team as well.
And you just get far better culture in your organization.
The other way I do it is a sort of a breathing exercise where you just breathe
in and as you blow out through your mouth you just finish with a smile on
your face. It becomes a relaxed sort of smile that sets your body right, so
when you find yourself being stressed or getting grumpy just start breathing
in just be conscious of it and then just let it out in a way you go. So that works
really well, as well as an exercise to do that. But you do need to practice it, so
it’s not something you just get. I had to go back and the course again a couple
of years later because I found myself just slipping back into old ways and you
know, it’s not just right for business, it’s not the way you want to do
So as I said when you smile, it says to another person that you’re talking with
that you’re happy to see them, that they’re welcome here in your business,
you want them here in your business. Same with your staff, when you smile at
your staff, you want your staff here in your business and you do appreciate
them, you do enjoy having them around rather than grumpy. We all get
stressed, we all have bad times and things that really get under our jumper,
but you have to be conscious to not let that, I guess, flow out onto the rest of
your company or business.
Another thing that I’ve found that works really well, in the practice
department is when you’re going to the shops, or when you’re going to buy
coffee or going to a grocery store, whatever you’re doing is to put a smile on
your face and greet the customer service person with an extra smile and you
do actually get into that habit of doing this. What you actually find is you get
far better service everywhere you go. I mean, I hear a lot of people
complaining about the service they got here and the service they got there
etc, but when you actually implement it to yourself, when you’re the one,
remember when I said, “Smiling is an infectious sort of thing”, so it’s hard to
be angry at person that’s happy and smiling, and so when you go up to order
coffee, if you go up and greet them with a genuine smile on your face and ask
them how their day was and really pass that goodness over to them, you get a
far better service and a lot more care and attention. I find myself that doors
start opening up when you start building this better relationship. So, I
can’t stress the importance enough of just how important it is to smile.
I just wanted to read to you, this one’s from Dale Carnegie’s book himself,
and it’s just so true, and I’ll just quickly read it to you, doesn’t get really long,
but “Whenever you go out of doors draw the chin in, carry the crown of the
head high, and feel the lungs to the utmost. Drink in the sunshine; greet your
friend with a smile, put soul into every handclasp. Do not fear being
misunderstood, do not waste a minute thinking about your enemies. Try to
fix firmly in your mind what you would like to do and then without veering
off-direction you’ll move straight to the goal. Keep your mind on the great
and splendid things you would like to do and then say as the days go gliding
away, you will find unconsciously seizing upon the opportunities that are
acquired for the fulfilment of your desire.”
And that to me says, in summary, exactly what I was just talking about as
you go out into the business world, as you’re out there doing business and
involved in the hustle and working of your business, just check in and say hey
“How’s my body language right now?”, “Am I smiling”, “Have I got a genuine
demeanour about me that says I’m open and friendly and want to talk with
So that was my topic that I wanted to cover with you today…As I say it is a
skill that you have to practice… It doesn’t just happen, you do need to keep
working at it, but I guarantee it will make a profound difference to the way
you run your business and your business runs, and the relationships that you
have as a result.
If you haven’t done so already, please duck over to iTunes and hit the
subscribe button if you haven’t done already, that will make sure that you get
each weekly as it comes out. Also to over on our Facebook page, we’ve got a
Facebook group called the Business Made Easy Podcast Group, and it’s a
great community of business people over there talking about various
business ideas and problems and solutions and sorts of things and feel free to
go over there. It is a free group and a great place to get some business advice,
and etc. So until next week, I want to thank you for listening and I hope that
you have a successful week!

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