Do you feel like running your small business zaps every last bit of energy out of you?

Feeling like you’re stuck and don’t know how to move forward?  

Today’s guest is Linda Binns, author, speaker and Breakthrough Energy Expert who specialises in getting small business owners unstuck.


  • The changes you will experience adapting from working for a corporation to being your own boss
  • How your energy affects all areas of your life
  • How you show up each day and the trickle-down effect it can have on your team
  • Why what you think the problem is, often isn’t the actual problem
  • Why you need to step back, reset and then work backwards to avoid overwhelm
  • Spending time on things that won’t reach your end goal
  • The importance of creating and celebrating small wins 
  • Mastering the things you are good at to help reduce overwhelm 
  • Making sure you are aligning your actions with your overall business and personal goals 
  • The key to success is taking smalls steps and taking action regularly 
  • The big impact just small changes to your thinking can make, both professionally and personally 
  • The danger in comparing yourself to others 
  • How Facebook Ads are working with Linda right now in her business 



G’day, g’day and welcome to another episode of the ‘Business Made Easy
podcast’, where we make business easy. I’m your host, Jason Skinner, and I’m
thrilled that you are with me again on another episode of the podcast. We’re
well and truly into 2018, so I hope whatever goals you’ve set for the year
you’re actually taking action on and implementing. If you haven’t set goals for
the New Year yet, it’s not too late. You can certainly get in there and do that. I
would encourage you to do that sooner rather than later so you can really get
some good wins in business this year.
I know a lot of my goals and action steps that I’ve put in place prior to
Christmas, I’ve really taken by the horns. I’m well into. The only one that’s
suffering a little bit … actually, when I say a little bit, it’s probably a lot, is the
health and fitness goal that I set for myself. I really wanted to lose a few kilos
and get fitter and started to lose some, but this last week I have gone off the
rails a little bit and need to get back out running and exercising because it is
so good for you. It’s great for your mind and it’s a really good motivator for
me to be out doing that. Whatever you’re up to, I hope you’re actually taking
action. Remember, the goals are one thing. They’re great to have. That’s your
vision and what you wanna achieve in the year, but taking action, it’s only
taking action that’s actually gonna get us there achieving them. They’re not
gonna happen without action. Yeah. Big point there, and a big lesson.
Talking of action, the lady that I am interviewing today in today’s episode is
Linda Binns, and Linda is a fantastic lady. She’s based in the US. She’s a
business owner and international speaker, she’s an author and coach, and
she’s written seven books, and she’s all about energy, and I guess getting
yourself unstuck in your business. I don’t know if you’ve ever had that feeling
where you just feel in a rut. You just feel that I don’t know, you just can’t
move. You’ve got no energy. You feel zapped. You feel like your business is
zapping energy from you rather than giving you energy, and that’s what
Linda’s all about. That’s her business, is getting you unstuck and turning you
into unstoppable, and we have a fantastic talk about raising your energy
levels and ways to raise your energy levels. Linda shares some great tips and
great stories of people she’s helped and their circumstances that she’s been
able to really get some great shifts for them and some really great outcomes,
so without further ado I’m going to hand you over to the interview that I did
with Linda, and I’ll talk to you shortly.
Well, today I am joined by Linda Binns. Linda, welcome to the show. How are
you going?
I’m great, thank you, Jason. Nice to be here.
Over there in cold America? Winter in America at the moment, isn’t it? You’re
actually from England originally, aren’t you, and then you’ve migrated to
America, so there. Is that right?
Yes, I’ve been here about 24 years now.
Quite a long time.
Fantastic. Linda, we’ve got lots to talk about today, and I’ve been looking
forward to this interview because it’s an area of business that I am extremely
passionate about. We’re gonna get into the mindset of business owners, and
energy levels and a whole lot around that. Can you tell us a little bit, before
we do get into that, your journey in business, because you didn’t always start
out in business? You worked in various corporates and that sort of thing as
well. Do you wanna tell us a little bit about your background?
Yeah, so I always say I was raised not to succeed, which sounds terrible, but
as I was growing up, it was really a … First of all, I had no self-esteem, I had no
confidence, and I really believed that the best I could do was find the best job
I could, and I didn’t really have any concept that I could have goals or dreams
or there could be anything that I could do. My first time I understood that it
was mind-blowing for me. I didn’t know what to do with it, really, but … When
I was working in corporations, I had no confidence, as I said, but people saw
things in me. People trusted me. My bosses always promoted me. Always told
me what a great job I did, and I started to think, “Well, they can’t all be
And so I just started to see myself differently and started to very gradually
learn how to trust myself and recognize my own skills and abilities, and the
starting my business really came about … I started by learning about holistic
health, and I did that for myself and because I had an interest in it, and I really
learned about the energy of the body, and then I became interested in
something else called Feng Shui, which was the energy of the environment,
and it just all made so much sense to me, and I was so excited about it. I saw
the difference it made, and I decided I wanted to start my own business so
that I could share this information with people and help people, but I had no
idea of how to start a business or no experience running a business. I just
knew that this was something I needed to do, so I just kind of jumped into it
and figured things out as I went along. I won’t say it’s been an easy journey,
but I have learned so much, and everything I learn I am then able to share and
help my clients more effectively because of it.
Do you think the spark to, I guess, develop the knowledge in that field of
energy and Feng Shui, were you seeking more for yourself … I mean, you
were receiving positive feedback from your employers and people in your
environment. You still weren’t, I guess, feeling as confident or self-confident.
Was that sort of like a self-discovery thing? Was it sort of like a journey, you
went on to find out more about what was going on with you or was it …
Yes. Really it was, and I always like to say that starting your own business, I
think, is one of the best personal growth tools there is because you will find
out a lot about yourself and you cannot be successful running a business if
you have no confidence and no self-esteem. You can’t. You can be successful
in the corporate world, and many of my clients are successful in the
corporate world, and then they decide they want to start a business. They’ve
seen the success and experienced the success that they have in the corporate
world, and so they think, “Of course I can make it running my own business,”
but very often what happens is between now, it’s just them, and they’re
selling themselves, and it’s all about them, and that’s when any insecurities
you have at all will come out.
They come out.
Yeah, and so that’s when people often feel stuck and wonder why, “If I was so
successful there, why am I not being successful here? What’s wrong?” Often
it’s because they’re trying to carry over the same tools and techniques and
strategies and way of thinking that they had there in that world into this
world, which really doesn’t necessarily translate, and often it’s because
they’re trying to hold onto, “This is who I was there,” but it’s not who you are
here anymore. You can’t hold onto that.
Yeah. It’s so right. I think because you’re really in a cocoon. In the corporate
world, although it is a ‘dog eat dog’ sort of climate, that aggressive
environment, or can be, you really still are, I guess, cushioned and protected
or cocooned by the infrastructure and the corporate entity, aren’t you?
Really, because you’ve got someone to help you with the marketing
department. You’ve got someone to help you with … You’re the technician
doing whatever it is that you’re doing in that environment, and you’ve got
this whole infrastructure around you to support you and protect you. When
you take that away and go into small business or business in general, you
don’t have that anymore.
No. No, and if you thought your boss was terrible in a corporate world, wait
till you start working for yourself.
Yeah. That’s it.
So you think, “Wow, I had it easy there.”
Yeah. I don’t know if you’ve read Michael Gerber’s book, ‘The E Myth’, but he
speaks so beautifully about that. He basically calls the business owner the
technician who’s had this entrepreneurial seizure that decides that they can
do it better than their boss, you know?
Yeah. That’s true.
It’s just so true, and I see it all the time in business as well, and it generally is
the person that can do whatever it is, x, y, z, made widgets, bake cakes,
whatever it is, do it really, really well, so they think that they can go out and
start a business doing that, but forget all the other elements that are
Well, you kind of think it’s that ‘build it and they will come’ mentality, I
suppose. “It’s because I’m doing this and I’m really good at it, then people are
going to find out about it and come to me.” Well, you’re gonna be very lonely.
Because if you’re not marketing, they don’t know about you. If you’re not
looking after your books, you’re not gonna have money to run it.
Right. Writing a book’s a great example. People think, “Well, I’ll just write a
book and that will get me out there. That will establish my credibility, and
then I’ll really grow my business,” but a book is a business. Writing the book is
just the first part of it. Now you have to publish your book.
That’s it. That’s it. It’s so true. The type of work you do with business owners,
Linda, tell us about that. What would your typical patient or client be?
Well, it’s mainly somebody who feels stuck, and I have to say, typically I work
with women, and I think the reason for that is because women are more used
to looking inside themselves. My husband will always say to me … I’ve done
some cruises where I took groups on cruises and he would help me in the
workshops that I did and he would say, “We don’t have to go into all that
emotional stuff, do we?” Say, “Well, yeah, actually we do… “
“It’s what I do.”
Yeah, that’s where the gold is, so it’s mainly women that I work with, but it’s
when they feel stuck in some way, and it could be, because we’re talking
about energy, and everything is energy, they could be stuck in really any way
for me to be able to help them. So it could be, “Well, I’m not getting clients.” It
could be, “I’m struggling with income.” I’ve had people who, as I said, gone
from the corporate world to start their own business, and things are not
going well, so why is that? They could have health issues, money issues,
relationship issues. It could be any number of things, or it could be, “Life’s all
falling apart. What do I do?” I’ve had all of those scenarios, and always,
always, always what we have to do is look at them. How did I create this
situation in my life and how do I change myself to now bring about the change
that I want?
So you really do need to start looking in, and I guess as guys we have this
tough exterior, and sort of … I guess there’s pride there and all those things
too. You don’t really want to acknowledge that stuff from time to time, from a
male’s perspective.
I’ve had people tell me, not only men, some women too, tell me, “You know
what? I understand what you’re saying and I understand that I need to do
this, but I just can’t go there.” I had someone tell me last week … she said, “I
have everything. I know I have all this baggage, really, and I’ve kind of locked
it away in a box inside me, and I don’t wanna open that box because I’m afraid
that if I do it’ll never stop. It’ll just be able to move beyond it,” and that’s a
real, genuine fear for people. They think they might get stuck in the fears, the
anxieties, the conditioning, the beliefs, whatever it is that’s been holding
them back, and I understand that fear, but the reality is you can keep it locked
away in there, but do not think it’s not affecting you every single day with
every thought you have and everything you do. It does affect you. It’s like
carrying a big ball and chain around with you. Yeah.
To the point, you probably don’t realize how debilitating it is. I guess if you
feel like it’s locked up in there and it’s buried deep, and I don’t know, you’ll
hopefully tell me, but that does affect our energy levels and does affect the
way we conduct our day-to-day conversations and the way we act in our
businesses, doesn’t it?
It does. It affects how you show up in your life. It affects how you show up in
your business, and we become very good at not only burying it deeply but
putting on this façade that this is who we are when we go out into the world,
and we think that most people don’t pick up on that, on what’s really going on
inside, it’s all the doubts and insecurities that we have, but that affects the
energy that you’re putting out there and people do pick up on it. Even if they
don’t know what it is, that’s how you get an impression of somebody. It’s how,
when you walk into somebody’s house, you get a feeling about the house and
about the people who live there. It is all energy, and so what you’re carrying
around with you determines how you are showing up, and what I mean by
that is the energy that you are bringing to yourself and your life and to those
around you, it’s impacting all the time.
Particularly for those in business that are leading teams or leading people. I
mean, you’re the one at the front and you’re … if you’re carrying around any
sort of weight, the team pick up on that, don’t they, and then it comes
through in the culture of the organization.
It does, and we’ve seen it happen where if you have dysfunctional teams,
you’ve always gotta look at the top. You’ve gotta look at the leadership and
what’s going on there because it’s definitely top down. It trickles down.
Yeah. I guess a lot of the work that you do is extracting that out, unlocking
those boxes and getting that out?
Yeah, and again, people have a fear that they think that, “Oh, we’re going to
be digging over the past and talking about the past all the time, and what
happened when you were growing up and all that,” and while that is
important, it does have an impact on you, we don’t go there because I don’t
want to go back to the past. What I want to know is where are you now? All of
those things that made you as you are now, okay, yes, that’s important, but
we don’t need to go back and look at that now, and most importantly what do
you need to do to change it? It’s really focusing more on now and going
forward than it is on staying stuck in the past.
If you are, I guess, delving around that area, and obviously in those
discussions they’re obviously very, very deep discussions, but how do you
then deal with … if I do have a lot of baggage that I’m carrying and we’re
digging around and unlocking that, how do you then deal with the past? Do
they see someone else about that or do you help them to process that?
I do help them to process it. Most importantly we look at, “Okay, what’s
happening now, how’s it happening now, and why is this happening now?”
“Well, it’s related to something in my past.” Okay, so that is a belief. It’s
usually a core belief of I’m not good enough in some way, and so we look at
how is that showing up for you now, and then how do we challenge that belief
and turn it around? It’s difficult to explain it without a real example. What I
will say is what people think is the problem is never the problem, and it’s not
always a case of, “Oh my gosh, it’s something from the past that’s affecting
Quick example. I talked to a lady recently who … she contacted me because
she’d been running her business for about a year, and she really knew all the
things that she needed to be doing to grow the business. Her issue was that
she felt she was procrastinating, she wasn’t doing the things she knew she
needed to do, and so she came to me in the hopes that I might be able to help
her overcome her procrastination. So, “Why am I procrastinating? What is
wrong with me?” Was her question. So we had a discussion. I was just asking
her really about her business, and what was going on, and how she felt about
it, and what she loved to do, and I never know the questions I’m going to ask
until I’m talking to the person, but as we were talking, after about five
minutes, it just became really clear to me what it was. That was not the
problem. It’s not her lack of motivation or the fact she was procrastinating.
Here was the issue. She has several children and many, many grandchildren,
and those are her life. She wants to spend time with her grandchildren, so the
reason she started her business was so that she could spend a lot more time
with her grandchildren, but the way she was trying to grow her business was
having the opposite effect. It was taking away more time, and so if you think
about that subconsciously, well, no wonder she was in resistance because
there’s a part of her that knows that. She was conscious of it. Subconsciously
she knew that “If I’m doing all these things, that’s going to take me away from
the grandchildren, giving me less time.”
Once we knew that, then the issue became, “Okay, you want to spend more
time with your grandchildren. That’s what you want to do. How do you then
design your business so that it gives you that now? Not in five years time
when your business has grown to a certain point then you can spend time
with your grandchildren, it’s a case of how do you design your business now
to give you that?” Once we went there, then all kinds of things opened up.
It all opened, yeah. Yeah, and that really would have been a relieving moment
for her to know that firstly, A, that was the problem, I guess, and B, now that I
know that I can actually re-engineer backwards. That’s hugely powerful when
you can identify that. I speak to a lot of business owners and there’s almost
like this … I wouldn’t call it a fear of success, but nine times out of ten people
know what they have to do in their business to succeed, but there is always
something that stops them from achieving that success and moving forward
to that success. That’s a great story about that lady because I’m sure she
would have felt totally relieved.
Well, it’s, because now I know, “Oh, it’s not that there’s something wrong
with me. It’s I was focusing on the wrong things,” and once you know that … A
big part of it is really identifying what is the real problem.
Yeah, and then working back from there.
That’s, I guess, the type of work you’re doing. Are there other stories of
people that you’ve come across where, I guess, they are spinning their wheels
in their businesses? I know I see people letting things happen to them in their
business. They know that they’ve got to change the way they … I had a retail
store who was getting virtually … I mean, their whole industry had changed
due to just the big corporate supermarket-type stores changing the
environment, but I guess they knew they had to change, but it was kind of like
still going to do the same thing day in, day out, and I could see it from the
outside, I could see what was going on, but their energy was just getting
zapped away, and I think that’s something that business owners suffer from a
lot, is they start the business to give them life, give them energy, and it zaps it
away from them.
It does. That actually happened to me because I lived in St. Louis in Missouri
when I first started my business, and I had been running my business there
for nine years when my husband got a new job and we moved. We moved to
another state. We moved to Idaho. My business before had been really
geographical, so I went to see people, I saw them in my office, I went to their
businesses, so it relied on the geographical area. Now I’d moved to a new
state and I had to start over. I had to start again. Initially, I thought, “Okay,
well I’ll just do the things I knew that worked then. I’ll do those now.” So I
started to do exactly the same things to build my client base that I had done
before, and nothing worked. Nothing. Everything I tried, and I thought, “Well,
I don’t understand it. How come it worked then but it’s not working now?”
I had to really take a step back, and there were several things that I realized,
and one was that I was exhausted. Was that I had created really a nightmare
for myself, because I was doing all the things I thought I should do and I was
told I should do, and because I didn’t trust myself because I felt I didn’t know
anything about running a business, I trusted everybody else, and whatever
anyone else told me I should do, “You should join this, you should do that.” I
was in so many organizations. I even started my own organization. I did
workshops, I did speaking engagements. I was everywhere doing everything,
and a lot of it I really didn’t enjoy, but I did it because I thought I had to. As I
took a step back and really evaluated everything, I realized that I had … Why
did I start my business? I started it because I wanted to help people and
because I wanted the freedom of running my own business, so I could choose
my clients and I could manage my time, have more freedom with my time, and
in reality, I had none of those things.
That’s what I realized, I had created a nightmare for myself, so I had to really
step back and ask myself, like we said in the beginning, “What do I want for
myself and my life? What do I want my life to look like, and now how can I
design my business to give me that?” So I started eliminating all those things
that I didn’t love to do. I started asking myself, “What do I love to do? What
do I wanna do more of?” And as I started doing that, that’s when things
started opening up for me and I started succeeding again.
But now I had the energy. It wasn’t zapping my energy, it was feeding me,
because I’m focused on the things that feed me, and now when I do that I’m a
better version of myself. I bring more energy to those around me, and to my
clients, and to everything that I do.
Yeah. The energy feeds more energy. Is that sort of the thing there?
Yeah, because if you’re doing things that you know are not right for you or
you know things need to change but you’re not changing them, what does
that do to your energy? Like you said, you can see it in that organization
where the people’s energy is just zapped, and so that is the energy that they
are bringing to their work, to their life, that they take home with them. That’s
how they’re showing up for themselves in their lives, so what happens is that
they start to attract more things that will zap their energy. It’s
self-perpetuating, so when you start to make the changes that you know you
need to make and you start to gain back some of that energy that has an
impact on everything you do.
So true. You’ve touched on a really important point there, is the starting with
the end in mind, I guess, and I’m seeing it a lot actually at the moment with
social media, for instance, and in the business and marketing space, where
there’s a lot of people out there putting pressure on themselves that they
have to be at all these things if they’re gonna be successful in their business,
and I did a talk on this the other day, but people are out there writing
Facebook ads, and they’re doing this, and they’re doing that, and doing
Facebook lives, and they’re being everywhere, and it’s a lot of work. It’s
absolutely a lot of work. To do one of these things well is a lot of work, but
they’re doing it on this hype that that’s what you should be doing if you
wanna succeed in business, and I’ve got this theory that really you need to do,
like you said there, is step back, hit the stop button if you can, but at least
take that time out, work out exactly what it is that you want for your life,
what you want for your business, how you want it to look.
I try and tell people, “Hey, let’s work on a five-year plan that you’re gonna sell
this business in five years’ time.” Even though you may not, but let’s just say,
“In five years’ time, I don’t wanna be doing this business anymore. I want to
be doing something else, so I’ve gotta sell it. What have I gotta do between
now, where the business currently is, and in five years’ time, to have it ready
for sale for the best possible sales price?” I think when you start with that
mindset, I’ll guarantee you it’s not being all over social media and all over …
It’s actually a lot of the times the freedom and the growth that we’re looking
for in our business and our lives is actually already in there, in the business
already. We’re already doing it, we just have to nurture it and, like you say,
and I really like that idea of energy, building energy. Create those small
victories of energy, of positive energy, and keep feeding them and growing
them, and it keeps you powerful when you can do that.
It is, and it’s so true. When we’re doing more online now, and like you said,
there’s all the social media, there’s all the things that we feel we should be
doing, but if you can take the one that you enjoy the most, the one that feels
the best to you, and become really good at that, become a master of that,
because when you’re spreading yourself too thin you’re scattering your
energy in so many places, and none of it’s really effective. Instead of if you do
one thing and do it really, really well, and then you can always add something
else if you want to, but just think of how much energy we spend and how
exhausted we become when we’re trying to do all of those things and we
don’t really see any of them paying off very well.
Yeah, and when you’re not getting that payback or you’re not getting those
signs of business workings or … I think it goes a long way ahead of Facebook
likes and all those sorts of things. I’m talking about actual engagement for the
energy that you’re putting into that content, so where are you getting
engagement back? Not vanity likes or those sorts of things, but real traction.
Yeah, it takes a lot of energy and a lot of work, and if you don’t get that back,
it erodes you.
It does. It does and talking about that, recently I had the awareness that I … I
kept saying to myself, “Oh, I should be out there networking. I should go find
a networking group and do that.” But the more I thought about it, it didn’t feel
good to do that, and then I thought, “Well, maybe doing some networking
through social media,” and then I had this concept in my head that if I was
spending too much time on social media, that was a waste of time.
But I actually realized that I can be more effective if I connect with people
online, so I was on LinkedIn for example, and I started going, and I was
reading articles and commenting on them, and actually having conversations
with people online, and it’s amazing the amount of connections I made just by
doing that, and I thought, “You know what? That’s actually more effective and
less time-consuming than me going out to a networking event, and I’m
meeting more people and knowing more about them by doing this,” so it was
just a shift in my mindset, but you’re right. If we’re doing something like social
media, then engage with people. Don’t just post stuff out there or try to get
likes, engage with people.
I think social media … I might be digressing a little bit into social media, but
it’s fundamental in terms of energy and the work. I think social media has
evolved or the internet has evolved so much now that really you do have to
be putting out good content out there and do have to be genuinely
contributing and showing up for the conversation and being in the moment,
and interested in it. It’s not enough to go out there now and just go, “Oh yeah,
if I like these people 500 times I’ll be … ” That’s all gone. I don’t think it was
ever really there, but as a strategy that, yeah, you really have to be engaging
now with ..
You have to be engaged and you have to be present. I mean, really present in
having conversations with people, because it really is more and more about
relationships because there is so much information out there. There are
probably so many people who are doing a similar thing to what you do. How
are you going to stand out above all of that?
When we’re talking about relationships, you need to be in the right frame of
mind to be open to welcome those relationships, don’t you? You can’t be
stressed out of your head and getting home after a day at the office or a day
in the business and then go, “Oh, the last thing I wanna do is get on the
computer and talk to anyone. I just wanna grab a glass of wine and do
nothing.” Which then you get up the next morning, you’re not clear-headed,
you haven’t exercised, and then you start it all again. It’s like a vicious circle.
Right. That then is the energy that you’re bringing to what you’re doing.
People feel that.
Do you, in your work, so you help people if they are stuck in that sort of rut,
the work that you do, you do help them to break those cycles? Because it’s a
very common one. Wine o’clock at five, and then you get up and you’re not all
clear the next day, and then you’re trying to stress out and get everything
done again.
Yeah. Yeah, what are the daily things you’re doing? What are the things that
need to change? How are you showing up for yourself?If you say you want to
accomplish this, how is what you’re doing now helping you to accomplish
that, or is it actually pulling you away from that? If it’s pulling you away then
we have to look at those little things that you can change to move you back in
that right direction again.
Yep, and it starts with small steps, I guess. Yeah. I think that’s the other thing,
too, is people think that, “Oh, to get out of this situation, it’s such a big job,”
or, “Oh, God, I could never be out of this rut because there’s so much I would
have to change to make a difference.” Do you see that a lot?
Yeah, that and people want to know the how. Like, “Okay, yes, I want this, I
know this is what I need to do, but I can’t see how to get there,” and so it all
feels too overwhelming. We’re so used to wanting to know the whole plan,
and sometimes you don’t know the whole plan of how you’re going to get
there. Sometimes you only know this piece of it, and this part you do today, so
you do this piece, and then once you’re doing this piece, then the next piece,
and then you do that, and so gradually, bit by bit, and it accumulates.
It gets faster and faster, so although it seems very daunting and very far
away, perhaps, just doing something small every single day, making some
kind of change, even if it’s just a change in your thinking, even if it’s just a
change in awareness, because the key to all of this is really self-awareness,
understanding what you’re doing, what you’re thinking, how you’re feeling,
and then once you’re aware of those things then you can start to change
them little bit little, and that really has a big impact as you go along.
Yeah, I noticed myself, I started back running again recently, and that energy
that I get from going and running, doing a physical run, first thing in the
morning, get up, and I go out. The sun’s starting to come up, everything’s
fresh, and the day goes … Now, when I first started, I couldn’t run that far. I
could do a little bit, but as my energy levels increased I wanted to run further,
and the more I run, the better I feel during the day, and the better I actually
perform during the day. I feel like I’m on fire. I’ve got so much energy, and it’s
a simple thing. Just getting up half an hour to an hour earlier, and putting
some joggers on, and getting away from computer screens and phones, and
just getting out there and enjoying it. It’s amazing.
It is amazing, and sometimes it’s just changing a thought. You mentioned
running. I play tennis. I love to play tennis, and tennis for me provides great
material for personal growth and stories that I share with people because
when I play tennis and something happens it shows me really how I’m
showing up in other areas of my life, so it gives me perspective about what’s
going on for me.
I had a match on Sunday, and I sometimes play singles. I don’t know how
much longer I’ll be able to keep playing singles because people are a lot
younger than me, but I was playing this lady, and we were having a good
match, it was a very close match, and I knew that I could play better. I was
making too many errors. I knew I could do better, and I was starting to get
frustrated with myself because I was making too many errors, and I knew she
was a good player, so it wasn’t that. She was playing well, but I knew that I
could do better, and so I started asking myself, “What’s going on with me?”
Because if you try to play better, you make more mistakes.
So you have to go inside and figure out, “Okay, what is going on? What’s my
thinking here?” And I realized that I was thinking that this person probably
should be at a higher level because she was better than the level we were
playing at, and I thought, “Okay, so if I was playing at her, at a higher level, I
would be quite happy with the way things were going because I wouldn’t
expect myself to win the match, I would just expect myself, I would just want
to be competitive.” I realized that I had the expectation that I should win this
match quite easily, and because she was better than I thought she was, then I
was getting frustrated because I had that expectation, and so I thought,
“Okay, so what if I just treat this as if it was a match at that higher level?” So
then I released all that expectation of, “Oh, it’s a lower level match. I should
be winning it.” And my expectation then becomes, “I just wanna have a good,
competitive match.” Completely changed how I played, and then in that set,
and everything started flowing, just by me changing my thinking and ..
… my expectation. Those things that we think and the expectations that we
have, control our ability to do things. I didn’t consciously change how I was
hitting the ball, I just hit the ball better because I changed my thinking.
That’s incredible, and it’s so true. It’s our perception of things, isn’t it? Where
we’re at. I know in business it’s the same. You see people. They’re beating
themselves up because they’re not here at this point, but I always say to
them, “Give yourself permission to celebrate where you’ve come from and
actually just stop for a moment. Let’s just step outside your business and look
at it. You started at nothing. You’re now here.”
Yeah. I know. I think part of that is that we compare ourselves to other
people. We see somebody else is here, and especially with a lot of the
messages we’re receiving where people say it seems like an overnight
success, or if you just do this, follow these steps, then you’ll be here. So you
do these things, and you follow those steps, and then you’re not where they
said you would be, and so you get frustrated. Why aren’t I there yet? And you
ignore the fact that you did actually make some progress because sometimes
people give up because they’re not where they thought they should be,
because there’s that expectation, again, that they have of themselves, but it’s
that comparing ourselves to other people I think really gets us in trouble.
Yeah. It absolutely does. You’ve gotta run your own race. Certainly, learn
from other people. I believe people that are successful in particular areas are
fantastic to talk to because they can at times help you avoid making mistakes
that they’ve made, so they can accelerate your success, but certainly, don’t
compare yourself to them because … I heard this saying. It came out of a
conference recently, but it was, “Don’t compare your 100 steps with their
10,000 steps.” I think that’s so true. You’ve only done 100 steps. They’ve
done 10,000. They’re supposed to be where they are.
So yeah, take it in, see and appreciate their journey and their success and
learn from them, but don’t compare yourself to them ever because … Yeah.
That’s something I actually had to learn myself in business really early in the
piece, and a lot of my friends at the time were … I don’t know. They just
seemed to be doing better. I was still studying. I was still at university. Yeah,
and they all seemed to be really knocking the lights out, and my life was on
hold virtually while I was studying. It was like, “Oh, geez, I’m never gonna get
there.” It’s like, “Look at these guys. They’re driving BMWs or whatever
they’re doing. They’re really, really making it.” I was forever, I guess, yeah,
just not so much envious, but yeah, I guess envious is the word, but now that
I’ve got all that study out of the road and business is going well and, yeah, it’s
different … They’re no further ahead. It’s all relative. You have to look at it in
your own perspective and your own shoes.
You do, and I always ask people, “We have to define what success looks like
for you, and that does not have to look like anybody else’s success, and it also
doesn’t have to make sense to anybody else, because very often when you’re
forging your own path somebody else will tell you, “Well, that’s not the way
to do it,” or, “You should be doing it this way.” If it feels right to you then it is
right for you, so you follow your own path. What does success look like for
you? Don’t worry about other people.
Yeah. Nice. No, I love it. Linda, do you work with people online as well, so are
most of your consultations online with people?
Yeah, so most of my consultations … I’m actually moving more towards
creating an online school, which I call ‘Solutions for Success’, and so I help
people learn this stuff for themselves. My goal is that … I love working with
people, but I want them to have the tools and the information to be able to
get to this on their own. It was a client of mine said to me one time that she
was in a bit of a crisis and she wanted to call me. She said, “But I knew I
couldn’t call you because you were on a plane going somewhere,” and so she
said, “I had to step back and figure it out for myself based on the things you
told me before,” and she did. She figured it out herself and she was able to
move forward.
That’s what I want for people. I don’t want them to have to say, “Oh my God,
I’m having a crisis. I need to call Linda.” But I want them to have the tools to
say, “Okay, I’m having this crisis. Here’s what I need to do about it to figure
out what’s going on and what I can do to move forward.” I’m doing a lot more
with courses, online courses, but I still do individual coaching as well.
As well? If people wanted to find out more about you, where would they get
more information about the services and work that you do?
The best place to go is my website, which is . Lots of
information on there, and different ways for people to get more information
and get started if it’s of interest to them.
Nice. Yeah. It’s so powerful, the work that you’re doing, and I just love it. I
mean, having an accounting background, I guess there’s always the numbers
and there’s the tangible stuff that we always look at in business, but honestly
I think the emotional and mindset stuff is so overlooked, and the power of it
and the effect that it can have on the outcomes in your business, that yeah,
it’s just amazing.
Well, I just saw a quote recently that I liked and it said, “Your net worth is a
reflection of your self-worth.”
It’s completely true.
Perfect. Yeah. There’s a lot of talk about … people talk about IQ, and there’s a
lot of talk out there at the moment about EQ, and certainly, yeah, that
emotional component is so, so important in everyday life. Fantastic.
Well, Linda, we’re coming up to time here. I really appreciate you coming on
the show. It’s really, really been valuable and I’d love to get you back on as
well down the track to talk further about this area because I do think it’s so,
so powerful for business owners. I do like to ask people, though, is there
something in your business at the moment that you’ve found that is working
for you really well at the moment? That you’re getting some good results? It
could be an app that you’re using or it could be a technique or something like
that. Is there anything that’s ..
Well, I have to say that I just started getting more involved with Facebook
after not wanting to go too deeply with it. I’ve been testing different
audiences and I’ve been doing a few Facebook ads, and actually, I’m pretty
amazed at what I’m finding, and I’m actually quite enjoying it. I have three
things these days that I say to myself. When I do something I want it to be
easy, I want it to be enjoyable, and I want it to be effective. It’s gotta meet
those three criteria, and I have to say, I’m really surprising myself that I’m
saying this. I have to say that Facebook is doing that for me right now.
Facebook’s lighting you up? That’s good. Are you doing actual paid
advertising or are you doing organic-type stuff?
Well, I started off by boosting posts just to test different audiences, and was
just blown away by the engagement that I’ve had with just boosting a post for
$20.00. It’s like, “Oh my God. I’ve got hundreds of not just likes, but
comments and shares as well.” And, “Wow, this is really good, so if that works
in terms of just boosting a post, what can I do with advertising?” I’ve just
signed up to work with a coach who’s gonna help me very specifically do
some Facebook advertising, so excited about that.
Excellent. All right, well we hear about that when we get you on the show
next time. Yeah, that’s, yeah, because it’s a big area, Facebook, now, and
forever changing, so yeah. Wish you the best with all that as well. Thanks so
much for coming on the show, Linda, I really appreciate it. Really enjoyed our
chat, and we’ll talk soon.
Yes. Hope so. Thanks, Jason.
Well, there you have it guys. That’s Linda Binns for you, and what a fantastic
interview. I really love that chat with Linda. I could have talked to her for
hours. She’s such a peaceful, relaxing lady to talk to, and just I was fascinated
by her ability to be able to dig deep into what’s going on in people and
identifying the real cause of what’s holding them back, and unlocking that,
being able to unlock those blockages that stop you from moving forward. I
don’t know if you’ve experienced them in business yourself. I know I have
from time to time, and they can be really debilitating when you just feel like
your energy’s being zapped by something that you once were passionate
about. But there you go. Linda, thank you so much for that, and if you haven’t
already, check out Linda’s site. You can check out her page at , and she’s got a whole heap of information about what
she gets up to over there, so thank you for joining me.
If you haven’t already, and you are interested in joining a Facebook
community, check out the ‘Business Made Easy’ podcast group. We’ve got a
group on Facebook, and you can get that by going to , and join up there.
There’s a great group of entrepreneurs and business owners over there
helping each other and talking about business each week, or every day,
actually. Everyone’s in there, and it’s a really active community, and we’ve
got everyone from web designers, to graphic artists, to logo designers,
psychologists, all sorts of people in there, so yeah, check that out, and you’ll
even catch Linda over there in the group as well. Linda’s a member of that
group as well, so that community, so check it out at , and you just go
in there and ask to join the group, and I will let you in there, and see you over
there as well. Great to chat with you and catch up with you there.
If you haven’t subscribed to the show already, so you don’t miss an episode
make sure you do that. You can subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher or Google
Play, but if you go over to the and you’ll
see the iTunes buttons or the relative podcast listening buttons over there
that you can join up on as well, so there we have it. Another episode down,
and thank you so much for joining me today. Again, I really, really appreciate
your time, and whatever you’re up to, I hope you really kick some goals in this
next week and keep moving that needle. Until next week, I’ll hand you over to
Mia, and here’s to your success. Take us out, Mia.




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