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Episode 43

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About The Show

Kent Sisco SPEARE creator is an entrepreneur in the true sense of the word. Kent has been an integral part of some of the largest software development companies in the world, including being one of the original design team on Microsoft Excel.

Not only does Kent share his interesting journey throughout his career but he shares also the lessons he attributes to his success in business.

Kent has just released his new software project called SPEARE which is a modern-day word processor for busy content creators and he shares with us the pathway that led him to design and build this product. Take a listen!

What You'll Learn!

  • The entrepreneurial journey of Kent Sisco
  • Valuable lessons in business Kent has learnt along the way
  • Kents approach to business
  • The development of SPEARE and how the idea emerged.

Links Mentioned

Meet the thought processor.

SPEARE is a writing tool for thinkers, innovators, makers, and creatives. 

I call it the modern day word processor.

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