Looking after yourself in business is one of the most important responsibilities and roles, we as business owners are charged with.

Yet as entrepreneurs and business owners, we prioritise everything else around us before prioritising this most important responsibility and asset. “Ourselves”

As the leaders and drivers of our business, if we are not in our best condition how can we expect those we are leading to be in their best condition if we aren’t in ours.

There is, however, very good reason we do overlook ourselves, and that is, there is just so much to prioritise and do. It doesn’t matter what size business have, there’s always so many seemingly more important things to take care of or competing for our attention.

This is the case if you are an online business or a physical business. The problems may vary in size and nature, but they always dominate the agenda of our day.

This episode is all about you! It’s an episode to give yourself permission to start prioritising yourself as the most important responsibility in your business and start supercharging your success.


  • I will give you the first 3 imperative investments in yourself you should make now.
  • The Compounding effect of investing in yourself and how it exponentiates your results.
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with the right support networks and mentors to develop and motivate you further.
  • Proven tactics that you can implement to start maximising your returns from your self-investment.
  • Importantly what to stop doing to maximise your success too.



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On to today’s show as I said, we’ve got a great show today. We are talking about
you investing in you and yeah, I’ll give you a little bit of a back-story on this. How
this actually came about? Because I notice myself of late that I haven’t actually
been walking my talk and investing in myself and I just of doing about I’m
running probably about two or three business type activities at the moment, all
are requiring an enormous amount of my time and attention and the all equally
important and all zapping energy and time out of my day.
And what I found is that bit me of just been giving more myself to each of these
businesses in like literally seven days a week and long days too. But I haven’t
actually been scheduling in there any investment in time in myself and I guess
that the thing with that is that, it’s a little bit like a machine, you know. If you’ve
got a machine in a factory and you keep just flogging into death and you don’t
maintain it.
You don’t put you know, service that machine, you don’t put fresh oil in it and
you don’t you know, replenish that machine then it’s gonna break at some point
in time. You might get some good use out of it but it’s gonna break if you just
keep flogging it. And it’s just gonna get less and less productive as you go along
and that the funny thing with this season, I didn’t wanna talk today and I guess
the title of the show is “Who is looking after you?” Because as business owners,
we are charged with so much responsibility no matter what business you are in
if you’re a physical bricks and mortar business, you know. You’re a traditional
trade business so you might have a, you know, a shop or you know, a retail type
outlet or you might be an online business where you’ve got a big online store or
you might be consulting online. Whatever business it is. You might have stuff,
you may not have stuff. Whatever size or wherever your business is, the fact is
the buck stops with you. You are your business, are in charge of your business.
You’re the CEO of your business. And we’ve done an episode on that previously
and a link to that in the show notes but you’re in charge of your customers,
you’re responsible for all your staff if you’ve got a team.
You’re responsible for the strategy of the business and where the business goes.
Is it you’re responsible for the marketing and making sure the marketing gets
done, the products and services that you supply, you’re responsible for
developing those and making sure they’re meeting your target market suppliers
and it just goes on and on and that’s a lot of responsibility for somebody to be
business and I see this time and time again, you’ll see somebody all charged
when they come into my office to see me, they’re all charged.
They’ve just bought their first business or they’ve just bought a business that’s
their dream, passion business that they want to do and it’s gonna be a game
changer for their life and as I visit these people more and more, bit by bit, year
after year, you slowly see that enthusiasm just dripping out of them, dripping
out of them, dripping out and it makes you wonder why you’d ever go into
business really when you think of it like this but it literally is like a cancer that
just eats a bit if your way every day, every single day.
You don’t notice it’s doing it but it just eats you away bit by bit by bit. That
problem that happened yesterday is still a little bit of it in you today and it’s
taking a little bit more energy. And it’s a compounding effect. It has it’s
compounding effect. To those of you, familiar with compounding interest, you
know, where you put $1 in your bank account and then you earn a little bit of
interest in it and then that interest gets added to that dollar and then they
calculate interest on the two of them together again the balance and it grows
and grows and grows. And that’s what happens in your business but in reverse, if
you don’t do what we’re going to talk about today and that is invest in yourself
and we need to put you at the top of the tree but I’m gonna talk about that a bit
So this compounding effect happens bit by bit by bit. It just erodes your
enthusiasm. It erodes your energy. It erodes your passion and increases your
stress, anxiety, depression. It all starts them out. And then we further put
pressure on ourselves because we then start to compare ourselves to other like
businesses in our area.
We compare ourselves to other people doing what we’re doing and they seem to
be doing really well. They seem to be doing better than us. So then all of a
sudden, we start to look internally again and get negative again and go, “Well
why ain’t I doing that well?” And, “Why ain’t I achieving what they’re achieving
and this goes on and on and now, I’m not talking about anything good. I then
suffer from myself. It’s something I have to give myself a good cliff around that,
with regularly, you know, you always have to bring yourself back into
perspective of running your own race in and you can’t compare yourself.
The thing that I’ve learned is you can’t compare yourself to other businesses.
You know, I can’t compare myself to other podcasts in my niche, in my space
because they’ve been doing things for a lot longer than I have and I’ll never, you
know, not the ones that I’ll never catch up to them but were from where I am at
the moment, I’m never going to necessarily be at that level. You can get from
north to a million without doing the hard yards in between and that’s what we
have to remember in business. We’re all at different stages of business. We’re all
at different stages of life and knowledge and but what we have to do is look
after our loss. We have to get a little bit inward focus, and I don’t think business
owners do enough of these because we’re always looking up the staff, were
listening to people, we’re helping customers, we’re giving all the time and you’ve
got to do that, it to be business, you know, you’re going to be adding value in
helping customers.
That’s what business is all about, but there’s also this, I believe this value to look
after ourselves adequately and that I want to talk to you today and give you
some strategies about it today because you know, it’s really, really easy to just
fall into these bad habits and neglect our I guess, our mental and physical and
emotional health, as a business owner.
It is a really easy I think trap to fall into and the other thing that we fall into as
well when this happens is this stress and depression of or not so much
depression was the anxiety and depression. Well, is depression, yeah. I’ve been
through various states of depression myself through business you know,
because you know things happen and yeah, I have to deal with them and you go,
“Oh, I gotta you know. I’m not good at this” or whatever it is that you feel at that
time, that situation has caused you to feel.
We all go through bouts of that, so the better we can equip ourselves with and
makes our mental health and our emotional health more robust and more
equipped to deal with situations as the less we’re going to fall into those
situations as well. And to top it off when we have all that happening in our
business, what we tend to do is seek instant gratification.
We tend to run for the easy, you know, if we’re busy and stressed and we skip
meals and things like that and then you’re hungry, I’m sure we all had those
situations where you just wanna get that thing done. You just wanna get that out
and finish because if it’s out and, you know, that’s a problem off your desk but
you miss lunch and then you, you know, 3 o’clock in the afternoon you’re
starving hungry or 5 o’clock you’re driving home and you haven’t had lunch so
you call into, you know, some fast food place and get some takeaway because
you don’t feel like cooking dinner but that’s gonna fill you up and why not grab a
bottle of wine while you’re going ’cause you’ll have some wine and that’ll relax
you and that’ll make everything better again and you’ll be able to get up and
you’ll have a new fresh day tomorrow.
But here’s the thing, It doesn’t happen that way. You won’t have that because,
these stuff compounds as I say. And we’re only as good as what we put into our
machines and if you’ve got luck, back to machine analogy, I always have to use
an analogy for some reason, I’m not sure but anyway, it’s a good way to describe
things so apologies if you are sick of them but the good thing with the machine is
that, you know, if you’re putting good oil in and you’re putting good things in it, it
will serve you a long time. It will keep producing at maximum capacity but if we
put bad oil in and we put bad fuel in the tank, then it’s not going to deliver what
we need it to deliver long term.
And this is the thing, it’s a long term game and that compounding effect happens
in a machine. That’s just the same. You might put the bad fuel in and it might be
enough to get the machine running again and you know, producing again for
another two or three days but bit by bit, it’s the oil’s not lubricating it properly
and it’s eroding.
The internal workings away and that’s what we’re doing to ourselves if we don’t
invest in ourselves and we don’t actually go, “Hang on.” This is the most
important machine. We, ourselves, you.
You are the most important machine in your business. So if you’re not running to
your full capacity and you’re not at your best, how can you expect your people
to be at their best? How can you expect your customer service to be at its best?
How can you expect all your relationships in your business to be at their best?
Like, how they can’t because you’re not at your peak.
So what I want to do today is talk about, the importance of investing in yourself
and I’m going to give you your first three investments. So we’ll talk about it in
terms of investing in yourself and I think that’s probably that the key thing as a
business owner. We don’t invest enough back in ourselves and give ourselves
permission to invest back in ourselves and prioritize investing back in ourselves
and that’s what I wanna talk about today, getting rid of those bad habits and
improving our self-care and our vitality in our business and again, I talk from
experience here because I’ve been experiencing this a lot myself lately.
I’ve been spending a lot of time literally in front of the computer. I get up at 5:30
in the morning. Have a, quick bite to eat, breakfast, etcetera and I could be
sitting at the computer by 7:30 and I can literally work on the computer
non-stop till lunchtime, have a half-hour for lunch then go again ’til 5:00 and
what I’ve been experiencing is like increasing lethargy like, I’ve just been lacking
energy and then I you know stressed out to de-stress anyone and then you sort
of sit down you won’t have necessarily the best healthy dinner and it’ll be
relatively healthy but then you might have a couple of glasses of wine as well to
relax and then you watch a bit of TV and then you’re off to bed and get up and do
the same thing the next day. And then on the days that I go to the office, I’ve
been doing exactly the same thing only going to a different location so, you
know, my body has actually been feeling more and more lethargic.
I’ve been getting really bad headaches because I’m not giving my eyes rest from
the screen and, you know it’s just really been culminating and I’ve noticed a
decline in my productivity. I’ve really noticed a decline in the way I’m
approaching my tasks. I’m spending more time procrastinating you know on
Facebook or whatever escaping this thing that’s causing this anxiety, and sort of
lack of mood if you like or low mood.
So, I myself actually had to give myself a good pep talk and just say,”Hey, this is
not right and this is not going to be a long-term viable outcome for you, you
know, activity for you.” If you want to work online and particularly for people
that do work in the online space, if you’re in a physical business where you’re up
and about and you’re moving around in a physical shop or business or out on the
road or whatever it is that you’re doing, you do tend to get more movement but
you don’t that’s not necessarily, movement’s not the only thing I’m talking about
today. So that is great.
You do get to have more movement and out and about in the outdoors. Fresh air
is important as well but, certainly you still need to look up the investment in
yourself as well. We’re gonna talk about that as we go. So how do you fix all this?
What do you do and when we say make an investment in yourself, what do you
mean by make an investment in yourself?
Well there’s an old saying. There’s a saying in business and it tends to refer more
to investment and budgeting but it’s the same for business as well that you
should pay yourself first. The lesson in business is always pay yourself first and
you may have heard that expression before. Pay yourself first and that’s true
and it look a lot of people and I don’t believe it was geared to around money, you
know when you’re budgeting to take out an allocation for savings and things like
that first and put those away and then you live on the rest of the surface money
but or pay your bills etcetera with the surface money but what I think of when I
think of pay yourself first I think of invest in yourself first. Make an investment
in yourself first before anyone else in your business. Make a commitment every
day to invest back into yourself. So when we’re talking about investment what
are we talking about? Or what I’m gonna give you three today that I have made
just recently that have made a difference to me.
There are all sorts of investments that you could make back in yourself. Literally
and like it’s breaking it down we’re talking about giving yourself time to work on
yourself. Not in your business but work on yourself so that you’re empowered
to and you’re performing at your best but I like to think of it in terms of
investments because each block of time that you put in it, you invest, will have a
compounding effect on your results. So if I invest a half an hour today in
exercising for example, that’s not just a half an hour invested for exercising.
The results of that exercise are going to be compounding. They’re going to build
on each other. So the more half hours that I invest, bit by bit that’s going to
compound ’til I have a much healthier, fitter body as a result of that. So that’s
just an illustration of why I call investments. But the very first investment I want
you to look at making in that I made recently is to commit to taking charge of
making those regular investments, actually acknowledge that you do need to
make them. They are important and you’re going to commit to making them
happen in your day or in in your week.
Make that commitment. That’s the very first investment. By making that
commitment you are saying to yourself that, “Hey, I do recognize it’s important
and I do recognize it’s for the health of me and it’s for the long-term health and
success and growth of my business as well.
The second one, invest in clear non-negotiable time blocks in your week or
schedule. Now, when I talk to people about this quite often I meant with not
gonna happen and where would I find the time. There’s so much to do. I don’t get
enough done, etcetera now, there’s no way. Here’s the thing, as a s I get back to
this compounding exercise, these investments that you make will compound so,
if you and I made the comment to somebody today, it’s like if you invest a half an
hour of exercise, it changes your your mental state, it changes your outlook on
the day ahead and it makes you more productive.
So you actually get more done which means you don’t have as much to do as it
was and I’ve known myself. If I have a few drinks at night and then I don’t get up
and exercise and I just have a quick breakfast and I just get straight to the office
and I just start working, I don’t I literally know I’m not producing as much as I
possibly or getting through as much as I possibly could do. If I had have just gone
into the office a half an hour later, gone for a run and exercise, come home, had a
nice shower, good breakfast and then gone into the office, I can get through a
morning’s work in no time at all with time to spare to do it, actually something
else as well and it does work that way.
Problems don’t seem to be as bad when you’re feeling more energetic and
energized etcetera so, I want you to don’t care how busy your schedule is or
your diary is.
One great technique to do this is actually to delete everything in your diary in
terms of what you thinks you know, busy for you at the moment or what you’ve
got to get done, maybe don’t fully delete it but have another page beside you
with a clear page, a clear diary. Blocking those time slots. So blocking exactly
when is the best time for you to exercise, when is the best time for you to have
some quiet time to reflect, when’s the best time for you to have your breakfast
and all those things, block those times in first and then fill in all the other stuff
around that. Okay, make them non-negotiable and what you will find is that you
will not have as many things. I promise you.
You will not have as many things that you have to try and fit into those blocks.
It’s a little bit like the analogy and I’ve spoken about it on the podcast before but
it’s a little bit like the analogy of the of the rocks and the sand and if you put the
sand in the jar, you have two jars and if you put the one jar, number one, we’ll
call it. If you put the sand in that jar first and then try and fit the rocks in, they
won’t all fit in.
But if you put in jar two, if you put the big rocks in first the same amount of rocks
if you put those big rocks in first, put the sand in last, all the sand will fit in
around the big rocks and you’ll get it all in and that’s what you have to do with
this. This investment in yourself, the investment in the time to care for yourself
is so vitally important and that’s a big rock. It’s a boulder. [laughs] It is rock for
those of you who have been the way as rock in Australia so it’s a big rock in and I
want you to get the hang of that.
So the third thing is, third investment that I want you to make is to commit to
changing your diet and exercise every day. Now for some of you traveling, for
some of you on the road all the time, I know how hard it is to when you are
traveling. I travel a bit and it’s hard to find healthy food or healthy options.
There are getting more and more though those out there at the moment but try
and avoid those big lunches and try and avoid those fatty foods and the
takeaways and all that bad stuff. It’s no good for you and it does have a mental
effect. It has an effect on your mental capability and your ability to be able to
deal with problems and stress and all that sort of thing.
Again all this stuff compounds. So what you’re put in is what you get out and so I
want you to look for every other option to have a healthy meal, you know. If
you’ve got to go out for a business lunch, I go out for business lunches all the
time but I tend to try an out and choose the salmon option without the sauce or
you know, a healthy fish or something like that, vegetables without the sauce as
opposed to, you know trying to get the big lasagna or whatever it is that you
lovers like. One of my favorites. Whatever it is, try to get those healthier options
into your diet wherever you can, again little blocks that will compound in your
day. So that’s the third investment. Commit to changing your diet and having a
strong solid diet, yeah, in you in your day as well.
So, some ideas to help you all those investments so if you’ve made those three
investments in your day, what are some ideas around that can help you to build?
So if we’ve decided to block in some time to get up early and, get up early and do
some, self investment, what are some of the things that you can do in that time?
Well, first thing is and something that’s been working for me is waking up half an
hour earlier than normal and I guess just getting up and having some quiet time
before the house gets up and meditating and reflecting on what good in life. Just
spend some time. Sit out. Sit outside on the balcony and watch the sun come up
and I guess just watch the, watch what’s good in life and see the sunrise and
hear the birds and take time out just to reflect on that stuff because you know
we don’t get this stuff back .We only get one go at life and we wanna make sure,
at least savor some of it every day before we just run into the rat race in the
office or into the business.
So meditate a bit, you know, to spend some time doing that. Journaling is
another great way to do it too. If you get a journal and sit down and write your
thoughts out and work or invest in your mindset for the day. So that’s what
you’re doing there. If you’re meditating, you’re investing in your mindset.
You’re relaxing in your thinking and appreciating and I guess invest in that
mindset to carry through the day would give yourself that head start for the day,
sort of like charging your brain if you like. But I love this saying which is Watch
your thoughts because they become your words. Watch your words and they
become your actions. Watch your actions, they become your habits.
Watch your habits. They become your character. Watch your character for
becomes your destiny. And this is mindset thing is really, so powerful when you
really get into it, so I really want you to work on your mindset and, I guess
improve your ultimate destiny and it’s so true, you know, you carry these
thoughts around about things, negative thoughts or whatever. You know you’re
gonna have a negative day if you start off that way. Again as I said before take
twenty minutes out a day just to journal your thoughts.
You know, write down what’s important to you in life and get clarity and focus
about how you’re feeling and what you want to achieve? What’s you know,
what’s really a game changer for you? What can you do today to really move
that needle forward so generalize that stuff? Get clear about who’s important to
you in your life. Often we forget about the most important people in our life
because the stress and the strain of running a business, overpowers us and we
just keep this compounding and then people don’t wanna be around you
because you’re a stress hit so yeah, so yeah journaling is a great way to do that
and get clearer about your thoughts as well.
I can’t underestimate this or overestimate this one enough is exercising in the
morning. Since I’ve been walking, I’ve been going for a fairly brisk walk with my
wife Melissa over morning. It’s been fantastic. It just charges you for the day,
gives us some quality time together and we get out there and, get talking and
enjoy the day, enjoy the sun coming up and the birds as I say and what’s going on
around you.
Now for those of you going into winter, that’s probably not going to be so
pleasant particularly if you were the snow is but certainly if you’re inside, do
some sort of body weight type exercises, you know like push-ups or anything
that relies on your body for resistance. Stretch, you know, even stretching and
yoga. Those sorts of things can be really good and the thing with exercises and
this is why I love to go on about it and I realize how important it is to your
performance in your business and your ultimate business performance is it
releases endorphins in your body.
When you exercise, your brain releases these feel-good chemicals like dopamine
and serotonin, releases that into your brain and charges your brain and equips
your brain with the tools that you need to cope with stress and anxiety and
depression and equips you to cope with all those things so I would strongly
recommend that you get some exercise into every day of your life, again even if
it’s just walking. I personally love running and I will get back to my running but I
think I ran the other day and, I think I nearly had a heart attack so, I’m just doing
walking for a few weeks and then I’m going to get into the running, once I get a
little bit of fitness back but yes certainly whatever exercise you can do is cycling
or getting on a push bike and going for ride’s a great idea too. But yeah, just
great way to release those feel-good chemicals and those stress deals. Then
have a good breakfast.
So set yourself up with a good morning routine, get out there, journal, meditate,
there’s the miracle morning by Hal Erod? Elrod? A Hal Elrod? I’ll put a link in the
show notes. That’s a great book. Check that out because that sets you right up
for success every day and gets your mindset going. Again making an investment
in yourself. That’s the the thing with all this is that the problems of today are
always going to be there. There are always gonna be problems in our business.
We are always gonna not have enough sales.
We’re always not gonna have enough marketing, not enough customers, not
enough prospects. Whatever it is, we’re always gonna have those problems. But,
if we give ourselves the permission to and invest and deal with those give
ourselves the strength to deal with those and position ourselves to deal with
those in the best possible way, they’re not such big problems to deal with and
they don’t compound as much because we get them off our plate.
We get them out and done and finished, so sort of hit them with a laser when
you’re feeling good and pumped and prime. So another few things to, a few
other activities that you can do to invest in yourself, regular massage removes
stress from your body. Just go and get a massage once a month or every couple
of weeks and just relax. Just chill out and get all that stress out of your body. So
importantly, business can be a lonely place. It can be a like if you’re running your
own business particularly an online business and you’re not dealing with people
and you’re not communicating with people on a daily basis in a physical sort of
face to face form. I have both.
I have an online business and in a physical business where I talk to people so I do
get a bit of interaction but I do know the days that I sit on the computer all day, I
really do lack that human contact so, a great idea to join some form of
mastermind group or peer network or get yourself a business coach or mentor
like myself to help you and talk to you about your problems and talk to you
about what’s going on your business, talk to you about the successes and your
wins and things like that or your problems and where you’re getting roadblocks,
Don’t sit there and dwell on them and stress on them. Get someone. Get some
engagement in here and one-to-one contact with them. Surround yourself with
the right people in your life as well. Don’t have negative people hanging around
in your life. If they’re negative, get rid of them because you really do becomes a
saying. If you do become the top five people you hang around the most and if
they’re negative people, you’re only going to become negative as well so get
those people out of your life. Get a coach or mentor as I say, and you can drop
me a line at [email protected] or join a mastermind up here
group, you know, as well so there’s plenty of those around meet ups etcetera.
Get yourself out and get talking and in communicating with others as well.
Another thing to look at with your investment of time is steer clear accounting
paperclips, always call it counting paperclips. There’s small inconsequential
problems that just really at the end of the day don’t affect your big picture. They
don’t really matter. Get rid of them out of your day. They’re roadblocks and stay
focused on what’s important. So take those things out so if you’re investing in
time and yourself, you’ll have the ability to be able to remove those things
because you’ll see them clearer.
You’ll be looking up from the outside rather than looking at the inside so, you
always get rid of those where you can. Plan regular mini breaks. I’m a big lover
of these staycation as we call them you know, even if you’re going to stay at
Airbnb six miles down the road, go and do that. It’s a different environment.
Leave your technology and a laptop away. Just go . Be in the moment and take
some time out and have that mini break. Particularly if it’s been a stressful few
weeks. You’ll always have those stress patches in your business.
Go and celebrate that getting through that with a win and recharge your
batteries , and yes, so that as well. And I did talk about diet as well but stay away
from that bad stuff, if you having a stressful day, don’t go to the comfort food.
Don’t go to the wine. Actually with wine or alcohol, it’s proven to be a
depressant so if you’re going home and you’re feeling you’ve had a lowly day and
you’re stressed and anxious or whatever, you go home and top it off with a
bottle of wine. All you’re doing is adding to that problem.
It’s compounding the depression for the next day. You’re not giving yourself the
stress the success that you need, the right fuel to your need. You need to go
home and , have water or have something nice. Make yourself a reward drink
that doesn’t include alcohol so, find something that you like and celebrate with
that instead.
Alrighty and as always, celebrate the wins in your business, no matter how small
they are. They are a win. Celebrate them. You know, if you, I think, I celebrated
on my Facebook the other day. The Business Made Easy Podcast made it to the
in the top 200 in India on the Indian charts the other day. That’s a small win for
me. Well it’s actually a big win for me. That’s a great win and I was so stoked to,
to see that come through so I celebrated it.
My wife and I we had a nice breakfast and high-fived and, we acknowledged it so
do that stuff and, yeah celebrate those wins in your business as well because
they really do matter and again they compound. All these things are spoken
about today compound on your day and they compound on your mental health
and your outlook so that’s my message for you today. I want you to give yourself
that permission to invest yourself. Whatever you’re doing now, ask yourself,
“Do I really need to be here right now? Can I just take an early mark and go
home or go to the beach for a walk?” Maybe do that. If you had a stressful day
and you’ve been listening to this or something like that, knock off early and go
home and go for a walk or go and pick the kids up from school or something like
that, something that’s going to break that cycle that you’re in right now.
If you’re driving to work for the day, start thinking about how you’re gonna end
your day. Are you gonna end your day on the right note? Are you gonna set
yourself up for the right foot tomorrow morning and get up a half an hour early?
Are you’re gonna get out there and exercise or meditate or whatever it is that
lights you up. Some people like to go for a surf for, some people you know, for a
run, whatever it is that you would like to do, set yourself up for that tomorrow
morning so as you go into work today, start thinking about picturing tomorrow
What’s that gonna look like for you and start that movement. Start that regular
investment and I wanna hear from you and I wanna hear, what investments
you’ve decided to make from yourself for yourself, so by all means drop me a
line at [email protected] and tell me what it is that you’ve
decided to implement out of today’s episode. Has it been a value for you and
other things in there that you haven’t been doing? So you drop me a line and an
email and let me know ‘cause I’d love to hear from you and, and hear how you’re
gonna make that change to give yourself that permission to succeed.
Alrighty, that’s all I had for you this week. I hope you found that valuable. I have
certainly been implementing this stuff myself and I’ve seen a really profound
difference in the way things are going. Just my energy levels, my weights
starting to move down the right direction so yeah, really starting to achieve
those goals that I’ve set for myself so I want that for you too.
Alrighty until next week, I’m gonna hand you over to Mia and remember if you
haven’t already done so, remember to join our free Facebook group of
businessmadeeasypodcast.com/community. Great group of people supporting
each other over there as well and talking about this sort of stuff as well so, love
to see you over there if, if that’s of interest for you as well. Alrighty, I’m gonna
hand you over to Mia now and until next week, here’s to your success.




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