Why You Need To Maintain A Health Check Plan

Episode 92


About The Show

If you haven’t got your health you haven’t got anything.
Without our health, we really can’t do much, yet we fail to get regular health check-ups to make sure things are working properly.
As a business owner, we wear lots of different hats that bring a lot of different stresses, so it is very easy for our health to deteriorate easily and without us even knowing.

We have a responsibility as business owners to make sure we are the best version of ourselves so that we can maintain a long and happy life, while enjoying the fruits of our labour.

What You'll Learn!

  • How important our health is to maintaining and running a successful business.
  • How quickly your health can if left unchecked
  • The importance of regular health checks and prioritising your health
  • How to set up a regular health checkup plan as a part of your business & life routine.

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Full Episode Transcript

G’day G’day and welcome to The Business Made Easy podcast where we make business easy. Jason Skinner, your host here for another week of the podcast, it is all about growing your business, growing your bottom line prof-profession, and giving you a better life as result.

Thank you so much for joining me wherever you are in the world. I hope you are well. If you haven’t done so already, just hit that subscribe button and that’ll make sure you get each week’s episode as we bring it out to you. We’ve got a great episode this week. I’m not sure how long it’s gonna go in terms of length, I try to do the show’s more so based on value and adding value to you then show link but this week’s podcast episode is based on something that’s been happening to me personally in this last week. So, I thought it would be of a valuable lesson for your souls as well. And so yes, it will be, be as long as it needs to be to,to give that value across for you. if you’re new to the show, welcome. I’m glad you’re here with us.

do-don’t forget to write in and let me know what business you’re in. You can do that in a number of ways. We’ve got a number of ways we can get in contact with each other. First, you just drop me an email to [email protected] If you’d like to share your story with me and gonna, wanna asked question regarding business and how you can improve a particular situation in your business that’s going on, so drop me a line to that, that email address or you can, can join our free Facebook group which is over on Facebook. But if you go to businessmadeeasypodcast.com/community, you can join the free Facebook group over there as well. Alright, and I’d love to see you over there. I’m over there answering any questions.

And I’m introducing a new live session each week, which is going to have practical tips; things that we can’t necessarily show you on the podcast. But with the advent of video and technology, were able to show you in and, and help you with any visual top lessons on business over there as well. So, be sure to hit that um, hit that subscribe button to the Facebook community at businessmadeeasypodcast.com/community and I’ll be in there helping you as much as possible, as well.

Okay, let’s get into today’s episode and I wanted to talk on following on from last week’s theme where in Episode 91, we spoke about the importance of slowing down to go faster. And, and the importance of taking that time out to I spoke about sharpening the soul, which is based on Stephen Covey’s book. Ah, it was, it was his seventh habit in his book, Um, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, but basically this concept of um taking a slowing down a bit and thinking about strategy and actually planning the way we do things as opposed to just going in gung-ho and you know, stress-stressing out and trying to just, you know, um, just get it down at all costs. Ah and, and the, so there’s a great episode there if you get back to Episode 91, which is businessmadeeasypodcast.com/episode91. Ah you can, you can catch up with this, but, but it is all around health and our mental health and , I guess, maintaining-maintaining our health and that’s what I want to continue on today. And I want to talk to you about the importance and, I guess, the responsibility we have as business owners to maintain our personal health and that, that um, that might seem, sort of, fairly obvious.

Ah but, but I’m gonna share a story, story with you that, that sort of, happened to me recently and , asked quite alarmed at the results that time, that, that, that came out of this situation. But, what I’m talking about here is, as a business owner, I mean, if you think about our bodies, they, they really do put up with a lot. I mean, we, we, we eat what we, you know we eat a lot, we drink a lot, we, we celebrate a lot, we, we stress a lot. Um, you know were we, depending on your lifestyle, you might have a very fit and healthy lifestyle but this applies to you as well. It’s not just about if you eat badly or if you eat, eat well. I mean, I, I consider my diet fairly good. I don’t, don’t eat a lot of junk food and that sort of thing. I did get some exercising when I , when I can and have um, you know, I take along pretty, pretty well. But, um you know, also deal with a lot of stress in my day and I have a lot of, lot of responsibilities, I have staffing and I have businesses around, etc. So, you know, that comes with stress and challenges as, as I’m sure it does for you too.

And being a business owner, we weigh many many hats. You know, we, we have, we have all these responsibilities and, and pressures on ourselves. So, um we need to be in the best physical form that we can be, to be able to, to, to cope with that on a long term basis. And that was, were trying, we, you know, um um my whole goal and focus of this podcast is to bring you um advice and tips to help you minimize a whole lot and maximize your results and output but at the same time to our bodies are having to process and having to do all this stuff for us. And, and they do a very good job at, at doing it, for the most part until something goes wrong. And um what we usually find is that our bodies just give up at um an inappropriate time or at an, at an unexpected time. And um, or , you know, just right, you know when, when we don’t need this, something will go wrong and we’re out for the count.

Um, I mean, when you think about um, even just getting a, a common cold or flu can really knock you for six in terms of your productivity and ability to be able to perform um in your business. You know, I’ve had days before where I’ve caught, you know, caught the man flu, as my wife calls it, but got the man flu and, you know, you can’t um , you can’t get out of bed, you gotta cancel your appointments and, you know, you got things to do. And, you know, next thing you lying in bed with a laptop trying to get it as, as little as much of what you’re going to get done, done. And that’s not a great way to, to be alive. What we want to try and do is get to a point where I, we, we, we get, we don’t get sick would be, would be preferable. But also to we, we, um we have our lives and businesses structured in a way that allows us to have that recuperation time as well. And that’s, that’s an important part of what I’m talking about today.

But um one of the, one of the best things that, I think, you can do as a business owner, um and we have this responsibility, as I said, one of the best things um you can do is to actually have a reg-regular health plan or regular health check factored into your schedule somewhere. Now, I’ll just share you, with you my story just quickly because um, this just a lil’, I have literally just been through this process in the last week. I’ve had every form of testing and, and checkup that I think I could possibly have. That’s another story. Oh, I’ve all here with all the details but um I think it’s probably to be realistically, um I, I haven’t had a, a full checkup or proper checkup for probably three years. And I’ve been ticking along nicely. My health has been fantastic . It’s still I, I relatively healthy and exercise when I can and, and, and I’m not terribly overweight, I’m carrying a few more kilos. And I’d like to, to be honest, but um you know, I’ve been taking along nicely I get up every day. And I, and I follow pretty much my routine and I’m, and I’m working in my business and working on my business and, and you know, dealing with what life throws at me, as well as what I’ve planned, you out telling know, working towards my goals as, as we work to. But um I haven’t had a checkup at all and um, you know, my wife and I were talking recently and I said you know I better go and, and have that check out because you know that things, not that I’ve got anything wrong with me but, but it wouldn’t hurt to know how everything’s functioning.

So, I went and saw my regular GP and, and which I very rarely see him actually. I’m surprised he remembers my name. That’s how often I don’t go. But we, I had a chat with him. I said, Look, you know, Jimmy’s name is I’m getting a bit older, I need to look at my health, I want to basically just have a full checkup all over and make sure everything’s ticking along nicely. And they said, you know, not a problem. And so I basically went had to have a fasting blood test. So, I don’t eat any prior to it. And he, and he did, I think he took that vials of blood. And before I knew it, I had all these results. But I also had to go and get a stress test. I don’t know if you’ve ever had one of those. But a stress test is basically where they put um, put these sticker wires all over your chest. And then they put a monitor on your arm, a blood pressure monitor, and you have to go on this walking machine and, and they put you through various um paces and um inclines on this treadmill and they test all your heart and, and all work. So, I’ve had the complete works done.

And I went in to see him just yesterday to, to have my results of that, I’ll get the result. And what was alarming was my, my actual cholesterol. Now I’m not, podcast isn’t about my health. So, I’m just sharing with you um the, the story but my cholesterol was through the roof, I, like, when I say through the roof, like it’s double like more than double what it should be. And um like in the higher risk factors and a couple of other readings there that were sort of way out of kilter as well. And I had I mean, as I said to the doctor, I said I feel great and nothing wrong. And he said he has it’s, it’s not so much how you feel now but in three years time, four years time, if we let that go, it’s just going to continue to build up and, and cause he-he-heart attack. I’ve got a family history of that, or, or a stroke or those sorts of things that you don’t want to have happened. And there severe health issues that can be prevented now by having that reading, It was sort of like an alarm bell to me because here I am feeling like I’m working away just perfectly well fine. And now all of a sudden, I’ve got these readings that are sort of indicating that I’m heading south.

Now, if I didn’t go and get that check and here’s my point to today’s episode that if I didn’t go and get that check up and factor that into my diary and met to maintain my health, then I wouldn’t know about that. And I would go another three years down the track until something bang could possibly you or, highly likely could go wrong. And um when we started going through the lil’, the, the um, the factors around heart attack and things like that today, I think I talked about three or four, the, the five or six boxes. So, you know, we’re getting up into the high risk area now. I know as a result of this, that I have to have medication for that and get, get that sorted out. But that’s kind of bring it down and get me, get me sorted out.

Now, in practicing, when I’m coaching clients, I say this all the time, we just flog ourselves. We just keep going and keep going, keep going. But without maintaining ourselves properly, and actually, the thing um that surprised me about going and getting these tests done was just how much information they can learn about your body from just reading your blood, like just reading your blood test. Um, just I mean, I can tell you cancer reading and all sorts of stuff. And I’ve had clients that have, that have fallen ill very suddenly and it is catastrophic um to their families, it’s catastrophic to them, and it’s catastrophic to their businesses, you build up this business, we’re working hard to build up our, our financial world. And then, irony of it all is, is, is that we’re working hard and, and building these businesses to um, to give ourselves a better life. Yet, we don’t, you know, we increase the risk of not being around to actually um enjoy them. you know. So if you don’t maintain yourself and you’re after this better life and your business flourishes, and you do, do, you know exceptionally well, and you’ve got everything in tune, if you’re not there to enjoy it, or what’s the point, really at the end of the day of working hard. So um and I, I do maintain that philosophy. I’m really, I’m happy to work hard, I’m happy to grow and I want to do fantastic things for the world and, and business. But at the same time too I have to look after myself, and, and you do too. And that’s, that’s the point of today’s episode.

So, how do you do that? How do you, how do you remember to, to do this? By the way, this is something I’ve been reflecting on a lot, um particularly after, after my readings but the thing that I’m doing, putting in place now is regular scheduled health check out plan. So, much like we get our car service at every so many thousand kilometers. I’m putting in place now a regular plan to, to go and see my doctor, get the full reading again to see and then the beauty of going and seeing the same doctor to um make sure it’s someone that’s, that’s competent, and you can relate to and understands what you’re about, that the, the beauty of going to the same person is they’ll have last, the, the last results that they can check back against and they can monitor any differences in your health’s profile. And I, I think that’s invaluable because if all of a sudden your cholesterol ratings are, are blowing out further, and then they can act on that.

And so I’m going to actually look at getting out sort of a six monthly um check up scenario going. It doesn’t cost a lot to go to the doctor, it doesn’t, it doesn’t take much to get the blood test that I would rather know in advance that , you know, all the, all the ratings and all the indicators are pointing in the right direction and that I’m in the best possible condition I can be in to meet the challenges that I have got to meet as an entrepreneur, business owner, and as a, you know as a husband, and, and, you know, friends to people and family member, you know, I want to be in the best possible condition that I can be in the physically and mentally. And I think we all need, we all need to be, be looking at that as part of our to-do lists in our business and in our lives and, and factoring that thorough um health check out plan. As I said, it doesn’t have to be, it’s not a big job to, to do it. But I have seen the result, as I said, of, of when things do go wrong. And um I don’t want that for you.

I want you to, to live a long happy life as a business owner and entrepreneur. So, I have, I want you to, to factor in that regular health check out plans with your GP but it’s not just your GP. Also, there’s, there’s , there are other tests that you can get done such as your site going and getting your eyes checked for all sort of things like they do pressure tests on your eyes and glaucoma and any, any sort of um optical um diseases that could be um taking place in your eyes, that could cause you to, you know, have difficulties down the track, if they’re not acted on as possible. That was a big one for me.

I actually had laser surgery many years ago to correct or my eyesight was perfect, everything like that. I thought one year I better go and get an eye check. Turns out I needed glasses even after having the laser surgery, but I needed them just for the reading. And it’s made an extreme difference to the way I, I perform in my work now and, and the way I work. So you know, I, I check out a, a big one to get, get done. Skin checks, go and see a skin specialist and get someone who understands skin and get your skin check for any sort of melanomas or cancers that or, you know, things that could be um going to cause you problems down the track if left unattended. Because early, early detection um and prevention of all this stuff really will serve you well um in your business and it’s going to, it’s not gonna put money in your bank but it’s going to save you losing the money in your bank. Could it that way, an actual fact that will put money in your bank, because if you’re healthier and you’re, you’re more, and you’re happier, and you’re and your’re um you know more in mentally equipped, you’re going to be um, you’re gonna be firing on all full cylinders, and, and being able to maximize um the profit from your business in that respect as well.

So that’s, that’s the thing, I guess, think of it like a machine, think of your body like a machine, if you had a, if you had a piece of equipment that, that was producing amazing results for your business and you just kept plugging in and plugging it and you didn’t really have time to turn it off and service it and maintain it and check the oil levels and check the bearings of all working properly or you know, everything’s as it should be in working properly. Check all that. Ah if you don’t do that, then the machines just gonna to stop one day and um, and you’re gonna lose production. And that’s the way I’m thinking of, of my body now is actually a machine that really needs to, really needs to be well maintained and, and keep going. So, I’m on a strict health regime now as a result of my, my recent tests. But do yourself a favour if you haven’t done it for some time go and get yourself checked up. Go and get your health checks and build it into your diary as an annual event or six monthly events, annual I would say at the very, very minimum but, but go and maintain that those regular health checkups so that you can, can be around for a long time to, to keep, keep maximizing and benefiting from the rewards of your business.

Alright. That’s all I had time for this week. Ah, it’s a, a non-exciting episode, I know, um but it is a very, very important episode and actually just before I do finish up on that one thing that, that with your health, this all ties into your um, risk management strategies. We’ve spoken about those before on the podcast. But really you wanna factor in that, with your health when you can get these ratings and get everything done, this will help you in your risk management strategies as well because if there are things that are detected, then at least you can plan , you can plan ahead for any, any sort of um adjustments that you need to make in your, in your success path.

So, thoroughly, thoroughly can’t recommend getting these checks done enough. Um and if you’ve got any questions or I can help you anyway with it, not that I’m a doctor, but far from a doctor actually, but certainly I feel free to drop me a line and I’m happy to hear from you. Ah until next week, though, I’m going to hand you over to Mia and here’s your success. Take us out Mia.

Thank you again,
I appreciate you!

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