Persistence In Business

Episode 46


About The Show

As a small business owner, we can be faced with many challenges from different angles. When we get the cash flow right, the staffing and resources have problems. When the staffing issues are sorted, the customer service is suffering. It can be hard to know what problem is going to arise at any time. Often we can feel on the highest of highs with a win or victory towards our goals, only to be knocked down five minutes later by a problem that seems insurmountable at the time.

It can be common, as a small business owner, to wake up and not want to get out of bed at times when it all seems to be getting too much. So why do we do this to ourselves?

What is the secret sauce that gets us through the turbulent highs and lows? Listen to this weeks episode as we discuss the secret powers of persistence v’s perseverance

What You'll Learn!

  • How to deal with the highs & lows of being an entrepreneur.
  • Why you are not on your own with facing challenges in your business.
  • Why persistence is paramount to success in your business.

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Full Episode Transcript

Jason: You’re on the business 46 of the Business Made Easy podcast. Let’s do this, Mia.
Mia: Thanks, Jason. You’re on the Business Made Easy podcast where we make business easy.
Here’s your host, Jason Skinner.
Jason: G’day. G’day. Welcome to the Business Made Easy Podcast where we make business
easy. Jason Skinner, your host here for another week of the podcast which is all about making
business easy and that’s what we’re gonna be talking about today.
A secret ingredient that I believe that all successful business owners possessed, some more
than others but it’s something that you need to work on and I think it is a critical ingredi –critic
— I’ll say it again, a critical ingredient in, running a successful business. And, before I get into
that though, I just wanna let you know about our free Facebook community for the podcast at
the Business Made Easy podcast dot com slash community. It’s a free Facebook group full of
entrepreneurs over there all talking about their latest, victories and wins and sharing ideas and
travels and, I’m over there helping and sharing ideas and providing as much help and [Inaudible]
as possible as well. It is free to join as a say, but you can get there by going to business made
easy podcast dot com slash community so check that out if you’re, wanting a bit of extra or
when your business a bit of extra support then that’s the place to get it and it’s totally free.
There’s no, no commitment or anything like that. But the, only real criteria is that you, get
involved and, you’re a nice person and you’re passionate about business and you wanna, wanna
succeed in business because that’s what all those people are over there doing as well. So that’s
www.businessmadeeasypodcast.com/community. So I’d love to see you over there in the group.
Alrighty, let’s get into today’s show and today I want to talk to you about Persistence.
Persistence is a critical ingredient that I believe that all business should have and before I, I’d
sort of uh, just to holler, I guess a story, a personal story of my own, that I experienced in
running a business or multiple businesses, as I am.
You know, you just don’t know in business, from one day to the next, what’s going to come out
of the woodwork. You could be on the highest of highs, you know? You may have won the best
new customer or client that you’ve ever want and for some reason the next and the — you
know, everything looks to be and great in business and the next day you come in and there’s
staffing issues, all these customer issues, all these cash flow issues or whatever it is, it always
can be that, that one thing that knocks the stool from underneath when you’re feel, when
you’re celebrating those highs and over time it builds up and um, and, and anxiety builds up and
you go, “Look, I won’t celebrate this high too much because I just know tomorrow that there is
going to be uh, something to knock me back down. So I’ll just stayed down here. I won’t actually
get up um, and celebrate that win and you know that can be tough sometimes.
To share my story, I mean um, it happened just, just this last Monday. Just go on um, woke up
Monday morning and for some reason was overthinking things during the night, Sunday night,
all the things I had I to do Monday morning and you know just a million things on my mind that I
had to achieve and worrying about. You know, it’s coming up to the end of the financial year
and has this person been looked after? Does this happen? Has that happened? And um, you
know, I’m getting all the worries I was having but certainly, they were, they were building up
and leading me to feel really down in um, in the morning. I was sort of like going,”Wow, this is
uh — I’m struggling to get to work today. Like why am I doing this, you know? Where is the joy
and fun in this?” And, and really leading to a point of overwhelme and I, I got into sort if driving
to work and still thinking and you know, worried about what else gonna get done, when and
how? Uh, nothing really bad happening but, but certainly to me in my mind I was feeling totally
flat and wondering, why? Why am I doing this?
What’s going wrong? Why am I not succeeding like everyone else? Or why am I, you know,
further ahead, I guess, in my journey than where I should be? And I sort of thought about it and,
and sort of thought that what, what is it that gets people through this? What, what, what — I
mean everyone in business feels that way from time to time. No one wakes up and every single
day’s just the best day of their life. Uh, well, it’s life; it’s called life, isn’t it? We have our ups and
downs but it’s I guess, it led me to believe it’s how we actually bounced back from, from those
and those down times.
What is it that actually gets us back up from those down times and how do we actually bounce
back better from those down times? And I really believe that the secret ingredient to doing it is
persistence. Now when I say, persistence, I really need to clarify that point because I don’t —
when I say persistence, it’s different to perseverance. Although they have very similar
meanings, a lot of people say, “Well, just persevere, you’ll get by.” Like just persevere you’ll get
through this time.” And perseverance necessarily isn’t a great thing because you might be
persevering with the problem, you might be persevering with something that isn’t going
Whereas persistence is different. Persistence is finding the answer to your goals. Persistence
of finding the answer to your goals, of finding the answer to your vision of your business the
way you want to go. What you want to achieve that helps you to find your path, to find new
tracks and find new ways of doing things, you know? It’s not, it’s not working then sometimes
you have to, you have to make that critical decision. Um, you don’t persevere and, and keep
going on beyond that road. You, you make a persistent decision to actually go, “Hang on, no, I
wanna get to this goal, what is the — what is — this way is not getting me there. Where do I —
how do I get there?
in, in my story, basically what I did, I, I got into work. I sat down for a bit like as I normally do on
Monday morning and decided to sort of, plan out what was gonna happen for the day, what had
to happen, etc and I just went, “Stop. Stop.” And I picked myself up, I got my laptop and I went
down the road to a nice um, cafe slash restaurant that I like to go to for breakfast. Outright,
ordered my favorite coffee so I started to actually change my mindset. I took myself out of the
thing that was causing me that, that, to feel that way and I, I had my laptop with me uh, because
I still wanted to be productive. I didn’t want to sit there and look at the, the um, newspaper.
So I got, I got the laptop, came down ordered my favorite coffee, ordered my favorite breakfast
and I sat and I started to just, “I felt right, let’s just dump everything out of my head.” And I
dumped it all that into — I use the sun or as my, my preferred sort of organizer and I dumped it
all and just dumped it out. And then started to over breakfast just get things in perspective. Uh,
and it didn’t matter what it was I put out.
It, it was a personal thing you know. I haven’t been running as much as I’d like to run so I put
that on there. I put whatever all those things that I think were, were either a problem that were
in my head or, or something that I felt I needed to be doing or achieving. Got it all out and then
started to drag it, drag and drop it around into some sort of meaningful, I guess, itinerary uh,
and, and list of importance and priorities towards my goals that I, I want to achieve. And in
doing that, I actually um, going better clarity around what is it that I needed to actually be
doing? What was actually important?
And you know, when I looked at the completed list of what I had as opposed to what was in my
head when I was driving to work that day, two totally different lists. The one in my head
didn’t resemble anything that I ended up with uh, in terms of in my actually uh, finished
published list in the [Inaudible] and it sort of led me to believe that if I had just persevered, had I
just persevered with my train of thought on that day as a, as a, as opposed to being persistent,
uh, I would have had two totally different outcomes. I’d still be bogged down. I’d still be going
home glum. I’d still be you know not as productive and it just sort of picks you up again and gets
you going again. And these are the things, persistence is the thing that picks you up when you
um — persistence is the thing that picks you up when you’re feeling down. When you, when
you’re having a bad luck in business, that’s what gets you back up and gets you going and all.
That’s what makes you stop, reassess, re-adjust and go again.
It’s that persistence in business and you need to have it and develop that skill of persistence. I
see so many business owners and they come in to me every year, year after year after year and
I say to them, “How long are we going to keep doing this? How long you’re going to keep
persevering with this status quo, the same old, same old, same old? Uh, and when we’re getting
into this perseverance, — uh, I will just add — when you’re get into this perseverance um,
mentality, this is when the blame starts to happen as well because you persevering, you’re
enduring and you’re enduring the situation that you’re in and that’s when you start blaming.”I,
well if it wasn’t for this, then I wouldn’t be feeling this way. If it wasn’t for this, then I would have
this. If it wasn’t for this then my world would be a lot better and I wouldn’t have to persevere
with this. I hope I’m illustrating their difference effectively but there’s a real difference, sort of
distinct difference between perseverance and persistence.
So it’s really, really important that, um, when we, when we’re persevering that we realize what
we’re doing. We’re actually, we’re just putting out with the — I mean these clients had come in
um, you know, year after year and um, yes they’re just not changing, not changing what they’re
doing. If the environment’s delivering you a certain result, this is where their persistence cuts
in and says, “Hang on, that is, that, that environment is delivering me something that’s going
against the grain of what it is that I’m trying to achieve.”
So that’s why you have to stop and you have to hit that pause but then that could be hard
sometimes because that could be all manner of noise and catastrophes and, and pressures. You
know you might have time deadlines that you need to, to meet or you might have, you know
customers pressing you for particular things and you’re gonna lose that customer if that
doesn’t happen. It can be very, very difficult to actually um, hit that pause button, reassessment
kind of go, “How can we best get this outcome?” But I’m telling you the way you have to do it is
to actually hit that pause, pause button for half an hour and just reassess. Um, it reminds me of
another story, an old, and old uh, bushman story that um, when you’re. when you’re out in the
middle of the outback somewhere — and for the, for the American uh, listeners you might find
this story interesting — that uh, you know, if you are out in the middle of the outback
somewhere and you, you get a flat tire and you — there’s no, no service station or garage
anywhere to be seen and uh, you’re in a world of pain.
You know, you don’t know how you’re gonna get this tire fix or-or-or get out this, this uh, bog
that you’re in. Sometimes uh, you know, your first inclination is to panic and, and react and
really jump, jump in and start trying to solve the problem. But, but quite often that can make
that worse and um, and that’s that’s perseverance. You’re persevering of the situation at hand
but if we actually uh — and this bushman
story goes, if you actually sort of sit back and take you know, like a cup of tea, put the billy on
have a cup of tea and uh, sit back and think about, “Okay, what are all the actual options here
that I have available to me?” Just take time out, that take the, the pressure and the, and the fuel
out of the, out of the problem and sit back and reassess and mind mapping, brainstorm or it’s
been hard to do out in the bush while having a, a billy tea I understand but you know this
bushman story is very much like that. It’s, it’s about sitting back and just, just having a, just
having a breather and just say, ‘Okay, phew.”
That’s what I did. Um, that’s what I did, Monday morning. I-I-I went down and I had a nice
breakfast and I just took the pressure out of the situation and the clarity that comes from that
and, and that’s what, what I really going to share with you. I guess the idea with this
persistence, that, that we need to develop this persistence skill that helps us to identify what’s
going on. Reassess, take a breather, reassess, reevaluate. Sometimes it can be paving new roads
you know? Sometimes because that’s the way it’s always been done, we always feel that’s the
way we must always do it and you know that’s not always right. But I tell you what?If the end
goal is really important to you, if your vision in your business or what you want to achieve in
your life, is that important to you and you are a long way from it, the only way to get there is
persistence and taking action.
It’s not persevering with the status quo or where you are now. So by persistence, remember I
mean, take actions. So you are actually, “I’m not accepting this. I need to find a better way. I
need to find a new way. I need to step back, reassess, reevaluate, move forward again. Not just
persevere it,”Ah, it will get better.” Because just getting better maybe taking you down a totally
different road uh, or just getting it done. Um, no matter what happens, no matter what
problems come up tomorrow, if you’re just pers –per-per- um, persevere with, with those
problems, then, then you’re just gonna be in for a world of pain in business and you’re gonna be
flooding along and you’re gonna have many, many more unhappy days than you are happy days.
We’re always gonna have stressful days in business. We’re always gonna have stressful times.
We’re always gonna have things go wrong but it is how we get ourselves up off the ground, dust
ourselves off, learn from them, which is the big one. Learn from what just happened. Learn how
we can improve. Learn how we can do things better. Learn how we can do things more
efficiently. That is the persistence that I am talking about and that is the critical ingredient that
will get you successful in your business and get you to where you want to go a lot faster. I’m not
talking about having blind faith here. I’m just — I’m talking about practical persistence, uh, in
your business and, and in the way you approach your business each day. So that’s what I
wanted to talk to you about today. It’s not a long episode but it’s a really, really important
episode and I hope you’ve got some value out of it. If you uh, if you’ve got any feedback on
today’s show, I’d love to hear it. I’d love to hear how you deal with um, persistence in your
business and how you do — are your persistence, that was high or low? Where do you sit on the
uh, persistence scale of your life, if you’re like on the scale of 1 to 10? But yes, drop me a line
and let me know at Jason business made easy podcast dot com on how you deal with
persistence in your business.
Alrighty, that’s all I have time for today but before I go I wanna tell you, uh, if you do have a
question that you do want answered on the show, be sure to go to over to business made easy
podcast dot com and hit that red record button. There’s a red record button on there. If you hit
that, send your audio uh, question into me, I will answer it on the show and if I answer your
question on the show, I will be sure to send you a free Business Made Easy Podcast, Too Easy
t-shirt. Uh there are fantastic t-shirt — actually I’m wearing mine right now — black t-shirt,
fantastic uh, and uh, you know, I’ll send it out to you for being a great listener and uh,
participant on the show.
So that’s www.businessmadeeasypodcast.com, hit that Red Record button, you’ll see there’s a
big, red, round, red record button and uh, I’d love to answer your questions and help you and
get you moving on your way.
Alrighty, that’s all I have time for today, thank you so much again for joining me. I, I really
appreciate you being here and uh, here’s to your success until next week. Take us out, Mia.
Mia: You’ve been listening to the Business Made Easy podcast where we make business easy.

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