What Is Six Figures Really?

Episode 85


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We’ve all heard the saying it’s a six figure business.
But what is six figures really?
When people throw around the term 6 figures or even 7 figures you really need to look at what is being said in context.
I meet far too many business owners and entrepreneurs jaded because their business is falling short of the 6 figure benchmark.
My question is to you though – who is setting the benchmark your or somebody else?
In this episode I give you some practical thinking to help you get your goals and expectations into relevant context for you and your own set of circumstances, so that you can focus on what is actually the most important goals for you to be achieving and not for somebody else’s circumstances.

What You'll Learn!

  • What is six figures really?
  • What questions to ask to get context on these benchmark numbers.
  • How to identify what’s important for you and your circumstances.
  • How by gaining clarity on your importance numbers you will be more free to achieve what you need to achieve not what somebody else is achieving.
  • The importance of running your own race
  • Learn from a case study and how James was virtually burnout working for what he didn’t know what he was working for.
  • How bigger is not always better and how more is not always what you need.

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