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As an accountant and business advisor, I’ve been helping business owners like you for well over 20 years (ouch! that makes me feel old). During this time I have helped hundreds of businesses grow and blossom into incredible success stories… and my goal is to help you and your business be the best it can be too!

 My passion is helping business owners to realise their full potential, making more money, better cash flow, with less stress and as a result live happier, healthier, successful lives.

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The Business Made Easy Podcast is where we make business easy for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

The Business Made Easy Podcast is all about helping small business owners whether they are an online business or a traditional bricks and mortar business, make more money, grow their businesses and have a better life as a result.

You may be wanting to start a business for the first time. The Business Made Easy Podcast will help you fast track your business success and avoid you making costly mistakes with both time and money. 

With fresh episodes weekly, The Business Made Easy Podcast is your business coach & friend in business.


  • Solo episodes with just me covering the fundamental business basics you need to have in place
  • Expert interviews on a range of topics including social media, marketing, business planning, cashflow, financial reporting and general business advice to help you succeed.
    Case Studies of business owners just like you who will share their wins, struggles and challenges experienced during their business journey
  • Exactly what you want to know as we answer our listener questions from our business owners community.



You’re listening to episode 1 of the Business Made Easy podcast. Let’s do this Mia.
Welcome to the very first episode of the Business Made Easy Podcast where we make
business easy. Well, I’m your host Jason Skinner, and I’m so happy and excited to be
bringing you this of my new podcast series, which is totally dedicated to business
owners. So thank you for joining me. Wherever you’re listening in the world, I’m
grateful for your time and we’re going to have some fun as we go along and navigate
this crazy maze we call business.
Today’s content will be a quick introduction to let you know what the podcast series is
all about, what you can expect from it each week… just so you know, whether or not
you’re in the right spot, the last thing I want to do is waste anybody’s time…So thank
you for joining me.
A little bit about myself just so you know my background… I’ve been working with
business owners now for over 25 years as a CPA Accountant and business owner.
During that time I’ve worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes, from small
start-ups entrepreneur, solopreneur type of businesses through to multi-share holder
corporations, and I’ve really witnessed in this time all sorts of wins and losses in the
various businesses that I’ve worked with… some really great wins where people have
some really implemented some great strategies and had some really good results right
through to some tragic losses where people just got the wrong advice, didn’t get any
advice even worse and really made some bad mistakes. So I’ve worked with all sorts of
businesses of all shapes and sizes and I want to help. My goal of the podcast is to help
you not just make the same mistakes, but also help you to get the great strategies in
place to celebrate some wins and I really want to bring those wins to the board and you
can implement them as well.
It can be a lonely place at times running a business and there are a lot of tricks and
traps out there that see business owners coming up against them on a day to day
basis…and I guess, the purpose of the podcast is to help you avoid those tricks and
traps, and give you a frame with sound advice for your business no matter how big or
small your business is, or whether you’re in online business or bricks and mortar
business…wherever you are in the business world we want to make sure you get the
right advice and right answers.
To answer some questions, you may be asking, I thought I would answer this straight
up for you, so you know what to expect from the show. The very first question
probably you’re wondering is what I am going to be covering. The content of the show
is going to be largely driven by the audience, and what you want to know more about as
business owners, and need to know about as business owners. There are plenty of
excellent podcasts out there on specific topics within business, so it would most likely
be a general sort of business podcast – some great social media podcasts, and
marketing etc podcasts – we will be covering some top important topics as we go
forward…So certainly be covering all for those, but we will also be covering on the
financial information and what numbers drive your businesses and how do you
improve in numbers. And what did they mean actually, how should your finances be
structured, how should your cashflow should be structured, etc. Also, some great stuff,
I’ve been putting this podcast together now since April, and I’ve got a whole host of
really great expert guests that are going to come on the show as well, so it will be a
mixed of me talking with you and also a mix of interviews with panel experts, so will be
bringing this up-to-date and great content as well.
This is a weekly podcast, it’s going to come out every Friday and I would like to hear
your questions. Actually you know, there are so many hats you have to wear as a
business owner and I want to know exactly what it is that you would like more
information on, because I want to make sure that the content that we do bring to you is
relevant. So to do that and facilitate that I’ve set up over on the website, a place for you to go over there and record
your question. If you go down, scroll down about 3/4 down on the right-hand side of
that page, you can see there a red record button. You can push that either on your
mobile device or your desktop provided it’s got a microphone. And if you push that
record button I will get a voice mail directly to my inbox and we’ll get your questions on
the show and we’ll get it answered for you as well. If I can’t answer it directly I’ll send it
out and refer to one of our expert panel and will certainly get you the right answer and
the right advice.
One thing that we’re not going to cover is income tax – that can be an exciting area for
some people I’m sure, but we’re not going to be covering income tax because it is very
region-specific and country specific, so we’re not really be getting into that. It really is
pretty well fundamental business advice. As well as answering your questions, and you
know we want to hear your stories in business, what successes have you had in
business. I’d love to hear some stories if you’re willing to share those on the show and
get you on the show and we’ll interview you and you’ll be able to tell the Business
Made Easy community what successes you’ve had with your business as well, so that
will be good. We’ll get that on going as well, as well as answering your questions. We
want to hear your stories in business, what wins have you had in business. So we’re
interviewing different business owners and sharing their wins and losses and struggles
and challenges in business as well as we go along.
I’m a lover of learning and it’s so good to hear from others and about these stories, so if
you have a business story, or a story in business that other listeners could learn about
in the Business Made Easy community out there, by all means drop me an email to
[email protected] and let’s share your stories with the rest of the
community, because there’s no better way to learn than from other people’s
experiences as well.
So that pretty well covers the content sort of the show. We will be kicking off the next
episode with one area that I believe is an absolute must to get right when starting out
in business and at the same time it’s very easy to forget the importance of when you
are in business or you’re getting under the stress and strains of running a business.
These few episodes I’m just going to be covering fundamental things that I have found
myself in business, that I have learned that have really, really made a profound and
impactful difference on myself and on our businesses as well. So I’m going to share this
one…I’m not going to tell you what it is… it’s a very simple thing, and it’s absolutely
fundamental and I’ll teach you some techniques around this as well, so stay tuned for
that one, that’s coming up next week on next week’s episode, but before we wrap up on
today, I just want to give a massive shout-out to my good wife Melissa, who has
tirelessly persevered with me while I get this podcast together. She’s been listening to
us and had a discussion over it – so I want thank her on the show and I’m sure that there
will be many more discussions to come as well, and you can’t wait for those. As I said
I’ve been trying to get this podcast together since April now, and there’s a lot of work
that goes in behind the scenes to bring it all together, so thank you Melissa for your
And thank you for listening in to my very first episode of the Business Made Easy
Podcast. I really hope you get some info out of that coming shows… I’m sure you will. I
certainly will be working very hard behind the scenes for you to make sure you’re
getting the latest and greatest when it comes to your business and the strategies that
other business are using out there to get ahead. The business world is moving so fast.
Technology is driving to change so quickly, and you really can’t afford to be sitting back
now, and just, you know, hoping that everything’s just going to be okay -you really need
to get in there and look at what’s going on and understand. It’s really dynamic
environment within business now, so we’re going to navigate that and get you up and
Just a reminder that if you do have a question that you want to be answered, please go
over to, push the red record button and I’ll get that for
you or even if you want to drop me a line and send me some feedback, I’d love to hear it
at [email protected] I’ll attend personally to your questions there,
so by all means drop me a line.
If you haven’t already please go over to iTunes stores and subscribe to the podcast,
that will make sure that you’ll get the podcast fed directly to your listening device of
choice every week when it comes out and if you like the show or if you’ve got some
honest, great feedback for me I’d really love to hear that, you could leave me an honest
review over there just to help the community grow. That will be greatly appreciated, so
you can do that over to iTunes as well. So just make sure you subscribe there because
that will make sure the feed happens for you.
So I don’t have anything further to cover in this episode, other than to say, I wish you
every success with your business and I’ll be back next week for our very first topic for
business, and I might take it over to Mia to take the show out. So thanks again and to
your success. Take it away…
Thank you for Tuning in
We hope you enjoyed this episode.
If you have any feedback or questions about the content in this episode please don’t
hesitate to drop me a line at [email protected] I would love to
hear from you.




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