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Episode 78


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We all know time is a limited resource, we just cannot get any more of it. As an entrepreneur, we tend to wear a lot of different hats which can be stressful and overwhelming. Getting clarity around where it is that you should be spending your time is very important in order to set the right goals and strategy to run your business

Tune in to this episode as we answer one of our Business Made Easy Podcast Subscriber’s Questions about how to improve time management to find more time in business.

What You'll Learn!

  • The importance of prioritizing
  • When is the right time to delegate tasks
  • How to take advantage of technology to automate processes

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I'll be honest with you the thought of going into Word Press used to frighten me.

Not only did I find it confusing and difficult to understand, but the time it would take to get things how I wanted,  coupled with the thought of breaking something was all too much.

I discovered Elementor, which is essentially a drag and drop page builder for Word Press and it's been a game changer for me.

It's how I have built this site and in fact this very post you are reading now.

Elementor is simple to install and operate. It's a simple Word Press plug-in that you can have up and running and start creating and building your site in no time.

I have found the Elementor Support Community to be the best value because you get access to all their professionally designed themes as well so you can really hit the ground running.

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