Feeling overwhelmed at the amount of options out there for business tools and software? In Episode 38 I share with you 5 great business tools I’m currently using to efficiently help grow my businesses and deliver the results I’m seeking. I share the honest pro’s & con’s of each to help you make the right choices!





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Today’s episode has come about from, I guess just various questions and um, things that I guess
I wish I had actually when I was starting out in business. Now, today’s episode is, is it’s just a
solo episode with me and we’re gonna talk about five tools that I’m using in my business right
now which I’m getting unbelievably great results with them. I’m really enjoying um, uh, working
with them and using them and um, the the tools that– it doesn’t matter what stage of business
you’re in, um, our– I believe that if you’re using them in your business, you go, “Gee, that’s,
that’s so much easier and, and it’s really hard out there these days.”I dunno if you’ve ever seen
that um, there’s a charter, they called the Martech 5000. It’s like all the various software and
tools out there it’s just absolutely mind-blowing when you see this thing. Um, I’ll put a link to it
in the show now. It’s actually if, if you’re interested but it’s called the Martech 5000 and it’s all
the social media platforms. All the softwares, the bells and whistles, email marketing,
everything and um, they’re quite, quite, um, I guess overwhelming when you see how much
choices out there. And then like it’s, it all takes time to set up and then if you get in there and it
doesn’t work or do what you want it to do can be a real, real burden and pain. So I’ve sort of
picked 5 tools that it doesn’t matter what stage of business you are in, whether you’re just
looking to start out or whether you’re really um, in full swing but looking for some efficiency
and, and some better ways to do things with these 5 tools I’m gonna take you through today are
tools I am using myself and getting these great results. So I put– I just take a lot of the noise out
of there for you and um, and um, and, and, and go through each of these with you um, and the
ups and downs of all them and um, and go from there. So um, just a, a disclaimer up front, I am
an affiliate(4:00) for this product so so don’t feel that you have to uh, click through my links to,
to go and get them but, but it is appreciated if you do, it’s no cost to you. Um, I get paid, um, I get
paid a small commission from the company itself as an affiliate but, but certainly, that’s not why
I’m promoting this today. I’m promoting it, well, I’m in promoting them because they’re good
programs around. Um, this really — if anything you know, stable here, um it’s got to be doing the
job and um, that’s why I feel totally comfortable in recommending this to you.
So the first one, let’s — I could start at the beginning with the planning process. Now, whenever
you’re in business um, there is always a — if you’re anything like this, there’s always a million
and one different thoughts going through your mind at any point in time. Uh, I am constantly
waking up in the middle of the night and, and you think “Ah, I wonder about this, I wonder
about that and now, what if I did this and what if I did that? And the downside of that is that
you um, you also get distracted from achieving what you should be working on. So you know,
new thoughts come in to your head and you’re supposed to be working on something else so
you drop it and then you start exploring and, and investigating these new things and before you
know it, it down a rabbit hole and you uh, you can’t, you can’t uh, you just can’t seem to get
anything done. I, I guess I did the whole episode on this one on overwhelm but um, and you
know that, that overwhelm that you can experience because you know you’re um, you’ve just
got so much going on. Part of it is because you’re um, you know you’re really um, motivated and
you’re passionate about what you’re, you’re doing. But the other part of the o-overwhelm is
the, is the um, you know the um, I guess um, there’s so much to do in business, particularly if
you’ve got, if you’re employing staff or um, you know whatever it is it that(6:00) that you’re
doing. You know that’s all um, you might have banking and cash flow things you’re dealing with,
customers you’re dealing with. That overwhelm is, are all thoughts in your head so and it was
back in episode 14 actually, businessmadeeasypodcast.com/episode 14 where I spoke about
dealing with overwhelm in your business and how it could consume you.
But this happens to everybody um, in, in business — the entrepreneurial mind
is a busy mind. So one of the tools, in system that I’ve used to really get clarity and get
all that overwhelm out of my head and out of my system is the, is the idea of um — is that
also an idea — is the technique of mind mapping. In mind mapping, mind mapping one thing um,
is very much, you probably be done brainstorming before um, mind mapping is very, very same
of it. The beauty of mind mapping is that you can free, free stall and, and dump all these ideas
out of your head but you can build a framework around them and you can sort of get them into
perspective. So I usually start with, when you’re mind mapping um, I do a — I start with a central
theme and you know, might be um, let’s just, I will just take an example, let’s say our goals for
2018 and so that will be the central theme of my mind map but before I do then is like I mapped
out what’s important uh and I dumped out all those ideas out of my head and I build branches
and that’s sort of build this map. Um, that’s the name, mind mapping. This map of my thoughts
and it’s really cool for getting clarity and, and perspective on things and what I do is I move
things around depending on what’s important, you know? If this is important at the moment
we’ll go. It might go over here into someday folder or someday um, area. If, if it is important and
needs — it might go over to the priority area. So I just get really good clarity(8:00) around what
it is that I need to be, to be, A.) working on looking out for, looking out for the day in the future. Um,
you know ideas that I might have and what I found is once I get them out of my head, I’ve got so
much more space and clarity up in my head that I can actually do something constructive and
work on only the things that I need to be working on at that particular time.
So not always you can do this. Um, the very simple way of doing mind mapping is with um, with
posted notes on a whiteboard where you could just write the ideas down and organize them on
a, um, on a, on a whiteboard um, or you could just get a piece, a big, big uh, piece of butcher’s
paper and you could draw it out with that. The problem with that, the posted notes work really
well. The problem with the um, butcher’s paper is that you can’t really move things around
because it’s once you have drawn, drawn it, it sort of drawn there but um, the other way that I
really like to do it is, is using a piece of software called, MindMeister and it’s a mind mapping
software tool. Um, and what’s, what I love about it, it’s cloud-based so that uh, it doesn’t matter
where I am, I can um, I can actually log on and, do my mind mapping, um, it’s there.
My mind map, if I’ve, if I’m working in the office, I can, uh, and work on my mind map, I can
actually get my mind map and um, uh, I can just log on at home onto the same software and, and
use it at home and, and update it from there. It also has a cool app that plugs that, that um, so
your phone links with it as well which is really nice so um, a MindMeister it’s called. Now, um, if
you’ve got a free version to trial and they’ve also got a-a-a more advanced paid version. Um,
both are good. That the,(10:00) the beauty of it is to this — you can set, task around the items
that you’re creating in your mind map um, it really is customizable. So MindMeister is the
program and yeah, check it out if you, if you’re not — if you haven’t done any mind mapping,
drop me a line and I can point you in the right direction to um, to, to get you started but it’s
[email protected] and I can um, help you to get started with, with your
mind map but really cool way to get information out of your head and you can see it in, in
perspective. You can see it on the screen. I use it a lot also um, I use Mind Master a lot when I’m
consulting with clients because I — usually when a client comes into me, they’ve got things
everywhere and I don’t know what, what’s, what’s what. Um, you know, they don’t know
whether this is a good thing or a bad thing and I don’t know whether, whether they’re, they’re
going to sink or swim or whatever. So what we do is we, to get clarity we use mind maps and we,
we, we just sit there and we have a strategic planning day and map it all out and get it all into
perspective and get strategy around it. So its really cool to MindMeister. Um, the best way, um, if
you want to check it out on my site, you can go to
businessmadeeasypodcast.com/mindmapping, that’s M-I-N-D-M-A double P-I-N-G so
businessmadeeasypodcast.com/mindmapping. Check it out; great program for getting
clarity and particularly if you starting out in business and you can, you can really start to, to
build your business plan around on a, on a mind map to start, to start knotting at all the, all your
thoughts around your business idea. So as I’ve said, it works for starting out or it works if you’re
existing and, and, and up and up and running as well. So
Alrighty, so once you’ve got your business um, ideas and, and things like that(12:00) out there
or and you’re getting clarity around it um, two tools that I have recently just um, — or one tool
I’ve just recently switched to — I don’t know if I’m using for uh, after a while. The first one is um,
my web hosting company. I have recently changed and I changed to these guys because I was
finding that my website was running quite slow um, and really seconds matter when, when
you’re talking about websites. So if you’re, um, building a website
for your business so you’ve got a website for your business then you really wanna make sure
that you um, your website is performing as fast and as possible. And so I recently switched over
to a business called WP Engine um on the um, recommendation from our designers and uh,
honestly, haven’t looked back, the speed at which the site has improved is, is, is incredible
but the support that I’ve been getting along the way, um, with that as well. So um, if you’re
looking at uh, if you’re just starting out in business um, there are a few things you need to know.
You’ll need a domain name, okay? So that domain name is, is usually held with the domain
register so, so you, you would register that with someone. Um, there’s a number of different
places out there that can, can register that domain name so WP Engine, they won’t host that
domain name. They will host but they won’t hold the registration for that
domain name. So you’ll need to go somewhere like um, Crazy Domains or um, oh there’s a
number of different ones out there where you can register your domain name. But once you’ve
got that domain name registered, then you want to host it somewhere so that you can build out
your site(14:00) and that’s why that’s where I use WP Engine for that. So I basically, they were
able and even my existing site, I was able — they facilitated the whole transfer over. It’s so
seamless so you check that out. It’s um, you can, you can get to, to those guys by going to
businessmadeeasypodcast.com/wpengine and um, and, and just check that out because they’re
um, they have found them really helpful. Even um, one of my other sites um, for our accounting
practice, we were having some issues, some certificates and things and um, you know it’s like I
think it’s about 6 in the morning, I’ve logged onto the support and no idea, they just walked me
through it like it was really fantastically done. So um, yeah, I’m always — I keep writing to my
wife, “Fuck, God, these guys are good.” And I think she’s having —
thinks I’m having a relationship with our web hosting company at the present time but that I
can assure I’m not just um, just found this to be a really useful uh, tool to host your website on if
you’re, uh, if you’re looking to do that.
If you’re looking to build your websites, so if you want something user-friendly to actually build
your website out, there’s a ton of different themes and things like and I’m talking WordPress
here. It seems to be the main one but um, there’s a ton of different um web, uh, WebPress uh,
type themes out there that you can get. One company that I have been using now for probably
about 3 or 4 years — uh, actually be closer to 4 years — is Thrive Themes. Now, what I like about
Thrive Themes is it’s literally drag and drop stuff. Um, it’s all their, all their um, their software
and plug-ins, if you like, all integrate together and they work beautifully as a drag and drop
type thing. So um, I don’t know if you’ve been into the back of WordPress. Um, it can be quite a
daunting(16:00) uh, experience. I know it’s taken me a long, long time to get comfortable in that
space but uh, once you actually um, get something that’s user-friendly um, really becomes an
enjoyable experience and now I’m actually, I’m in, I’m in WordPress, the back of WordPress
there every, every day I think um, working on various um, tweaks and, and what not to — to
improve the site. So they have what they called Thrive architect. That’s basically a-a-a- plugin
that goes into WordPress which allows you to uh, build web pages. Basically, lead build
 landing pages and you can build u adjust your themes in there. You can um, do your blog
posts and things in there. You can and customize them and get some really great um, uh lead.
You can get lead, you can put lead generation stuff in there. It’s pretty hard to describe over the
airwaves but really in-depth um, uh, drag and drop. It’s mobile friendly so it scales, um, it scales
to desktop or mobile depending on whatever your site is being looked at so it’s really mobile
uh.friendly. Um, they have a various platform, uh various other plugins like they compliment
it all such as the headline optimizer which allows you to do AB testing of your
headlines on your, on your posts, on your, your blog posts and your landing pages. Um, you can
create um, um, quizzes. They’ve got quiz plug-ins as well.  Really, just an
amazing piece of um, software or multiple bits of software but as I said, what I, what I really
love about them is the user-friendliness of it and, and the way that(18:00) you can just drag and
drop elements on to a page and then scale them and change the margins quite easily and what
you see on the screen is what it’s going to look like when it goes live. So uh, you know you can
do a preview and all that sort of stuff what it looks like on mobile even though you’re working
on your desktop. Um, yeah so really, really cool, powerful stuff and then to top it off, their
support is second to none as well because they have um, they have like the Thrive Themes
University. So they have tutorials to take you through building and getting the best designs for
your landing pages so they really become conversion focused and making sure that um
whatever you’re building you’re um, you’re up for the latest in terms of um, styles and, and
design and elements and, and that sort of things as well, so check that up. It’s um Thrive
themes. Um, I haven’t found any disadvantages with any of this. It’s like it really does just work.
Um, I really love it. It integrates with um, your email provider. It integrates beautifully in, in, um,
in WordPress and one of the things I do love about their plugins is that you don’t need to have
— it does away with a lot of WordPress individual plugins. I don’t know if you’ve seen before but
if, if you’ve been in this space but there’s a lot of — when you’re building a WordPress site you
can end up with multitudes of plugins, all to do various tasks so they all have their individual
tasks. With, with the Thrive Architect and the Thrive components, they — it does away with a
lot of those individual plugins. So there’s least that can go wrong and your site loads quicker
and, and a lot more streamlined as well. So thoroughly recommend checking that out. Um, if
you get to businessmadeeasypodcast.com/thrive, T-H-R-I-V-E um, yeah you really um, you
really wanna look back with that one because of it’s(20:00) yeah, just a fantastic, fantastic way of
um, products. As I said, I’ve been using them for 4 years now and um, the guys over there have
shown and the, and the, and the guys are really, really know that and just forever improving it.
My recommendation with Thrive would be to do the membership um, program
because you get access to everything and I think as they’ll, they’ll cover 25 websites for $19 a
month which um, which is an unbelievable base. So effectively you can use this software on 25 of
your own websites um, for $20 a month and you get all the training and that sort of things as
well so check that out. if you’re looking to build a website for your business or you want to
improve your website for your business, uh, that is the way to do it. I would start with
something like um, WP Engine as the actual hosting um, platform and, and you’ve got
unbelievable support there and then I would load something like Thrive Themes uh, on to that
platform on to WP Engine to get me going and, and build my sites out from there. Really,
really helpful staff and the training will walk you step by step through the actual uh,
process of, of building that um, website.
Also with Thrive Themes, it will then, it plugs into um, the next piece of software which I’m
absolutely loving and I probably should have this at number one, is ConvertKit. I’m loving
ConvetKit at the moment. It’s an email service provider that just delivers email and it’s, it’s not
an infusion software you’re building out massive big campaigns and those sort of things
although it does have automation secrets is in things in it which you can do so you can
automate a lot of emails and what, what um, actions you want to happen because people have
done certain things with your emails as they’ve read them or whatever. So you can build out
a(22:00) fair view to that but the beauty of ConvertKit and what I love about ConvertKit is that
it’s very simple out of the box easy to use mail delivery. But then gives you the tools in the back
end to get to know who your email person, you know your email community up so you can
catalog, you can sort of um, like segregate various aspects of your um, segments — is the word
I’m looking for — segment various aspects of your email community into specific groups that
you want them to so you can talk to them in a, in a more relatable sort um, tone and language
that they, that they, they understand. And because the emails aren’t big glossy HTML style
emails, they get delivered at — I have really never had such great open rates and, and
delivery rates as I have had since I’ve gone to a ConvertKit. providers but um, I’ve used everything from MailChimp
right through the Infusionsoft and what I love about ConvertKit is that it is just straight
forward. It, it’s like, it’s like they’ve said, “What do we need this software to do?” And I’ve said,
“Right, we needed to deliver email and we need this back end features and uh, they really
haven’t lost the guys over there, Nathan and the guys over there haven’t lost sight of it. It really
is a great um, great tool and, and growing in um, popularity as well so really user-friendly as I’ve
said and then once you do your emails send you’ve got great reporting back as to who’s open
what. You can see whose unsubscribed. You can see who’s clicked whatever links and um, yeah
it gets some really great um, information of about the email campaign that you’ve just,
just undertaken and um, yes it’s really nice. And if someone joins your mailing list(24:00) you
can then put uh, put those people through uh, an automatic sort of sequence to welcome them
and nurture them into your um, into your ecosystem and into your community. So um, you
check that out ConvertKit, again, really user-friendly and bolts beautifully into um, bolts
beautifully into Thrive Themes so you won’t have any trouble with the integration there. So you
can actually, in Thrive Themes, build out a, like a, um, they called them, uh light boxes. In Thrive
Themes you can build these light boxes that pop up on the screen if someone is going to leave
your site or whatever. Then that will feed that information um, into ConvertKit for you and um,
yeah you, you’ll get, um, you’ll just get great um, great interaction and I guess uh, great results
from, from using, using it like that so check, check that out. It’s um ConvertKit and really, really
worth um, having, having a good go out. Um, the best way to get to ConvertKit would be to go
to businessmadeeasypodcast.com/convertkit and um, you can um, check it out there. So it’s
ConvertKit spelled C-O-N-V-E-R-T-K-I-T so yeah check that out. It’s um really cool email. I know
there’s a tendency when you’re starting out to um, um, go to the more free top email service
providers and, and they can be good um, particularly if you are on a really uh, tight budget but I
guess emails is one of those things and I just did an episode recently on it, um, but emails one of
those things that I really think needs to be nurtured and, and really look after. It’s not just a list
of email addresses, it’s a list of people so you really wanna make sure that um, you’re you’re
growing that asset and you’re making sure that it’s, it’s getting(26:00) the results. That’s that’s
why I went away from this, of the free stuff to something that’s going to give me a lot more
control and a lot more flexibility over um, over the messaging and how I talk to my communities
so yeah, check, check that up, ConvertKit.
Um the other one, this is the last one, number 5 um, is a — I met this gentleman um, in America
recently and I came across his software program actually in one of the lectures I was at was at
a, at a social media marketing role. But it’s a new style of word processing program and what I
love about it is I do an enormous amount of writing and, and if you, if you all in business and, and
you’re equipped with the marketing role or content role these days, uh, writing is just part for
the course. And what, what I love about um, and one of my frustrations with writing is the
flexibility of moving things around on a page. Like  when we start to write a document, it’s,
it’s like you sit down to write and you got the white screen and it’s like you want the document
to come out of your head not of your fingers through the keyboard in a perfectly uh, finished
style. So you want, you know, um, if you’re writing uh a blog article or if you’re writing a-a-a
content piece or anything — I write a lot of letters, advisory letters and things like that, –you
want that, so much like you want that to just come out in one go across the — so you don’t have
to backspace or delete. Just comes out in one beautifully finished completed document and
unfortunately, our brains don’t work that way so you always get this mismatch between what
we actually want to come out on the screen and how our brains actually work. Well, I do
anyway and um, I’d love to know your thoughts but uh, the, the idea of this new word
processing program is that it’s just let you dump all your ideas out so you can just um, almost
like um, almost like(28:00) typing a text message. Really you just, you can type your thoughts
out and just dump your thoughts out and then this new program, what it actually allows you to
do is drag and drop things around into order. So is still a what um, um, what sort of page like a,
like a word processing program but you can drag and drop your thoughts and content around
on the page and create headings from various pieces and you can collate various thought um,
bubbles that you’ve had so you can — you might match up that this, this piece goes with this
piece and, and okay and what you do is you, once you’ve got that out, you really start to build a
great framework for document a lot quick, a lot faster and a lot um, — I don’t think it’s a lot
more effective actually. I think you, you don’t leave anything in your head and um, you
get it all out. You get it all your ideas out and it’s, it’s really simple drag-and-drop and it’s there
in front of you. And what you can do then even if, if you got leftover ideas from that, that article
like um, instead of deleting them as you would on a normal word processor, those are ideas or
thoughts that you had around a particular topic doesn’t mean that they’re, they’re wasted.
They might be relevant for another article or document that you, you’ve got to do. So um,
rather than have to try and keep them up in your head or recollect them down the track, with
this program you can just drag and drop into another, another document. Just drag and drop
them to a — because you can have multiple documents open on the one screen. I’m going to do
tutorial training on this program because it really is, really is a game changer when it
comes to um, producing content and how we, how we, how we produce content. So um, but this
program — I bet I should tell you the name of it, it’s called Speare, S-P-E-A-R-E, and if you go to
businessmadeeasypodcast.com/speare,(30:00) S-P-E-A-R-E, check that out. It’s a fantastic um,
program for, for anyone who’s gonna creates content or um — I’m using it again, in a lot of my
consulting roles with clients. I’m using it for brainstorming. A bit like mind mapping. This it a
more um, literal sort of, literal sort of way to, to literally sort of way to get those ideas out. But
um, it, it’s great using it with the mind mapping because we then produced the document using
speed to bring everything together into more detailed sort um, plannings which form our
ultimate business planning and the like as well. So you check that out
businessmadeeasypodcast.com/speare, -S-P-E-A-R-E and um, I’d be interested to know what
you think, I don’t have it, there’s a free version, you can go on, just go on um, um, download it. A
lot of these things I spoke about today have the free version so if you have to buy one, just check
those out because they really are great, um, great tools to um, to get you going in business. I
guess give you some efficiency in your day and give you some better results and keep you, keep
you looking good out there in your business as well.
So I’ll just get recap; that’s for you, they are my 5 picks at the moment that I’m getting great
results with um, in different aspects to my business but they’re all aspects of my business that I
am working on every single day. So um, they’ve, they’ve, they’ve really been game changers in
terms of efficiency and results that they are giving me and the first one as I said was
MindMeister, mind, which is a mind mapping um, software. I know you can get that at
businessmadeeasypodcast.com/mindmapping. That’s with a double P. Um, and then I went over
the uh, benefits of WP Engine to host your website. If you’re looking to build a website, check
out WP uh, Engine(32:00) and that’s a — the other good thing with WP Engine — I just quickly
side to- is they are global so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can use and
 they’re really, really quick. Um, so that’s uh, businessmadeeasypodcast.com/wpengine.
Uh, and then, Thrive Themes to build your site. So I use Thrive Themes um, it’s a fantastic tool.
If you go to businessmadeeasypodcast.com/thrive, T-H-R-I-V-E um, and you’ll be able to get a
good look at those — get a good look at what they offer there and you’ll find that they pretty
well, well have everything you need to build your site out. Other than e-commerce, they don’t
have an e-commerce plugin but um, they really will integrate nicely with whatever um, uh,
e-commerce platform you use. Uh, then we want to have a good mail, email program. I’m using
W — um, I’m using um, ConvertKit at the moment which is, which is fantastic. Um, you can get
to that program the businessmadeeasypodcast.com/convertkit, only one word and then um, for
creating content and getting content out in a, in a fast, reliable fashion, I’m using Spears,
S-P-E-A-R-S and it’s a game changer of a — I guess, I don’t know that they call it a — they call it
the entrepreneur’s words processor there. It’s a, it’s a business owner uh, word processor so
it’s designed really for people that have got a lot of thoughts in their head and they got to
create a lot of content. If that’s you, I honestly can’t, can’t go past recommending that one for
you as well; businessmadeeasypodcast.com/speara and I’ve got an interview with the owners,
be coming on the show uh, in the coming weeks. So um, yeah, can uh, season uh, yeah so be
sure to check that one out. I’ll let you know when that’s coming out as well but um, there
are(34:00) five tools there that really are, as I say, a game changer in the business right now. I’m
certainly getting great results from them and I know you will too and uh, by all means, give
them a go, check them out and um, check out the free version and if you’ve got any questions
on how to use them or if you need a hand with any of it, by all means just drop me a line at
[email protected] and I’ll help you. Uh, we can do a Skype call or
something together and I can talk you through and show you how to get the best out of this
software and get it set up as well. So any of those products programs there that you um, uh,
wanted to have a go for a try, by all means, just, just, just um, drop me a line
[email protected] and I will help you out there as well.
Alrighty, that’s all I’ve got time for today but before I go, if you haven’t joined our Facebook
group yet, our Facebook community, um, it’s bustling away over there at Facebook. If you go to
businessmadeeasypodcast.com/community, a group of fantastic entrepreneurs over there, all
doing amazing things. So go over and check them out and then say, hi. I’ll be over there to let
you into the group as well. It’s free to be a part of. It doesn’t cost you anything to join. You can
just go over um, on Facebook and uh, and uh, hit, hit the “join the group” button and all between
and we’ll have a chat and love to see you over there. This, as I said, there’s some, some great
businesses doing great things.
Alrighty, well, that’s all I’ve got time for this week. Thank you so much, again for joining me. I
really do appreciate you and I appreciate you taking the time to listen in. I love bringing you this
podcast each week. I love bringing you things that are going to help you in your business and I
guess, ideas and, and um, and, and, give you, save you in having to go and do all the running
around trying to find things. My, my job is to give you as much value and help as possible so that
you are uh, making some cool money on growing your business and, and having a good life as
well. So alrighty, I’m gonna hand you over to Mia(36:00) now but until next week, uh, here’s to
your success and uh, Mia, let’s take us out.
(36:06)Mia: Thanks, Jason. You’ve been listening to the Business Made Easy podcast where we
make business easy. (36:17)




Dealing With Overwhelm

Mindmeister is my go to tool for cloud based mind mapping.  The ultimate way to get your thoughts and ideas out of your head and into action.

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Meet the thought processor.

SPEARE is a writing tool for thinkers, innovators, makers, and creatives. 

I call it the modern day word processor.

Affordable Email Marketing Software That Delivers!

An engaged email list is one of the greatest assets a business can have.

I have tried everything from free solutions such as Mail Chimp to high-end solutions like InfusionSoft.

Convert Kit is a “join the dots” easy to follow email system that has been built from the ground up to not only deliver your email content direct to your intended recipients, but to better manage your email database with easy to build automation sequences and advanced tagging of your database so you are sending the right message to the right people!

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