How To Overcome Confidence Blocks In Business

Episode 81


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Confidence Blocks can be debilitating to your business performance. They can be happening without you even knowing that they are there. So what are they? How do you identify them? And, most importantly how do you overcome them so that you can get back achieving the success in your business you are looking for?

In this week’s episode, we are talking about, How to overcome confidence blocks in your business.

What You'll Learn!

  • What a confidence block is.
  • What signs to look for when identifying a confidence block
  • How to analyse a confidence block when you find one
  • Why they are important to fix
  • How to approach fixing them when you find one.

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Full Episode Transcript

Good day. Good day, and welcome to The Business Made Easy podcast, where we make business easy. Jason Skinner, your host here for another week of the podcast, that is all about growing your business. Growing your business bottom line profit and giving you a better life as a result.

Thanks so much for joining me. If you are new to the show, welcome. Uh, if you are returning, uh, welcome back. I’m glad, glad you’ve come back with us. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button, if you haven’t done so already. That will make sure you get each week’s episode as it drops to you each Friday we bring it out. And you won’t miss any valuable content as it released.

Also, remember you can listen to us on Spotify if that’s your chosen listening device of choice. We are now on Spotify which is a fantastic platform to listen to podcasts. So check us out over on Spotify. You can to that by just typing in, business made easy podcast dot com or just, business made easy podcast actually, and it will come up and you can hit the subscribe button there as well. So whatever you’re doing today,

I hope it’s going well for you if you are at the gym or driving the car, and I just get back from a run. For those of you who’ve been following along, I set a goal at the start of the year that I want to be able to run the outside perimeter of a lake which is, by our house here on the Gold Coast in Australia. And um, it’s about a seven-kilometer run which is about four point four miles on the other scale. So, yeah, seven-kilometer run and I’ve got to say, it’s been very slow to get started. Some goals I used to say, at the start of the year, I really got in and started the gym but this ones just have me beaten for some reason.

But I guess it’s probably ’cause I’m so unfit. But, I’ve actually started out running and I’m, and I’m, I’m getting out there. And I wanna thank you too for those of you written in and actually share their goals of what they’re doing and encouraged me along the way as well. Don’t forget, you can do that by just emailing me at [email protected] but, yeah, it’s been a bit trying but I am getting there.

I must say, I must be nearly up to running about halfway around there now. So bit by bit each day, I try and push myself that bit further and we’ve got to do that, haven’t we? I mean some goals just seem so daunting when you start out and just say, “Oh my God, I’m never gonna be able to achieve that.” But the thing I’ve realized with goals is it’s the sum of all the, all the progress, it’s the sum of all the micro progresses along the way that actually makes the results.

It’s not, it’s not binary. It’s not to one. It’s basically not to bit by bit by bit by bit until we get to that one. So that’s the important thing I guess that I’ve, I’ve learned out of, out of doing this and along the way but yeah. And I guess uh we just keep going and we just keep working at it and uh, but it, it’s feeling good. I’m feeling good when I get back from my run. I’m very, very exhausted but I am making progress. So hopefully, the next time I’m checking with you I’ll be further around again. Maybe three-quarters of the way around non-stop which is the end goal.

Alrighty, if you haven’t joined our free Facebook community, you can do so over at businessmadeeasypodcast.com/community. Free Facebook group community over there of business owners all friendly helping each other, sharing ideas and wins and um, troubles and struggles that they may be having. I’m over there um, helping out as much as I can as well.
And also to um, I’m just about to start some live Facebook tutorial type things over there as well which just to help the community members out there. So check that out at business made easy podcast dot com slash community and we can um, see you over there. Love to see you over there.

All right, today’s episode is all about something I come across a lot when I’m coaching clients. When I’m helping clients to grow their business and thing and, and it’s probably one of the most common things I guess I came across. Um, I mean there’s a lot of things that are, that are common we come across but, but this one, in particular, is something that flows under the radar a lot with people and then I actually realize they’re experiencing it until such time as they sit and have a coaching session and actually work out, “Oh that’s what’s going on,” and we, we drill down and, and get to the root of the problem.

So I wanna talk to you today about the concept of confidence block. So what I call confidence blocks in business and I guess to describe a confidence block, the way I want you to sort of think about, if you ever had that experience where you know what you want to do, you know what you should be doing, but you don’t know exactly why you’re not doing it. You know you should be. Um, you know you want to. Uh, you just don’t know why you’re not doing it as much as what you should be doing it and to move you and get you to, to those results as quickly as possible. So, that’s what we mean by confidence block. It’s usually a blockage somewhere in the business owner and the decision maker and staff can have this as well. But it’s usually, this block, this confidence block that’s stopping us from achieving the success that we’re seeking. And I wanna talk to you about um, some of the common traits, uh, symptoms I guess, of this today and, and has ’cause it does go under the radar. Seriously, I’ve suffered this myself and it is a really debilitating thing. You know you want to be achieving something. You know how to achieve it. You know what you should be doing but there’s something when you get up every day you go and do the same thing that you’ve been doing day after day. And as we know, doing the same thing over and over again and uh, expecting a different result is just the definition of insanity.

So, I wanna stop that for you and if you’ve ever experienced that, this episode is gonna to be for you but we’re talking about confidence block and some of the symptoms that I identify in people that like they’re experiencing a confidence block, usually the sense of the business is plateauing. So when I talk to them about how has the business been going over the past period of the years or past few years, often the discussion around plateauing. The business hasn’t really gone anywhere. Um, doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Doesn’t matter what I tried, it doesn’t change anything; doesn’t seem to, to move.

Procrastination is a big one. Like you know what you should be doing and you, you know what you gotta get done but you just don’t do it. Don’t wanna do it. Put it off; you put it off. You go and do the easier things, uh, ’cause let’s face it, I mean change is hard sometimes, isn’t it? It’s scary so it’s easy to go and resort to what you know and what you feel secure in. So procrastination is a big one when we’re suffering this confidence blocks.

And um, I guess the feeling of the same old day to day sort of routine, you know? You’re not really getting out there and kicking goals so, or taking action. You just seemed to be just in rot and I guess feeling like your profit is stagnant, where you’re feeling like your profits actually are stagnant and it’s, it’s like nothing is moving. You, your results aren’t really shifting and doesn’t matter what you seem to try but it just seems to pull you back. You just seem to get pulled back into that the old days and the old ways and sort of to get to this day, you’re going, “Oh, geez, you know, I am, I’m a failure,” and start to get into deeper sort of thoughts about yourself. You start to get into depression and, and all these subsequent psychological factors can manifest from this confidence blocks. So that’s why really, really important that we don’t leave them untreated and we do actually identify them when they’re happening to us, you know? And confidence is just such a big area of, of business. Um, my coach and mentor train — um, and yes I have a, a coaching mentor myself because I walk the talk and you know, you need, you need that accountability yourself.

We’re not all, we’re not all uh, these uh, just these magical people that can just, just jump out of bed and, and we’re on the path to success. Um, basically, Tren said to me that you know, cash, ’cause I’ve always said, cash is king you know? Like if we haven’t had cash in our business, we can’t pay the bills. We can’t get our lifestyle etcetera but Tren said to me that, “No, actually cash is queen and he comes from the opinion that confidence is king because if you haven’t got confidence to go out there and make your business work and make the money and, and grow your business and scale your business and show up every day, then you’re not gonna make the money anyway.

So it’s really confidence is king. Cash is queen and, and I tend to agree with that when I sort of heard that I thought, “Yeah, that’s, that’s actually true when, when you sit down and analyze it. We do need to have confidence. So we don’t want anything blocking that confidence to our path to success.

And now I spoke about success back in episode 71, where we discussed success not being a linear path. It’s not a straight line. Success is a squiggly line, you know? Made up of progressive actions, steps and, and results along the way. That’s how success happens when we take step by step by step, we move forward. We keep moving the needle forward and, and success will happen. Bad things will happen too. You know, pitfalls will happen and troubles will happen and things will. So, you know things like that will happen to set us back but we have to keep getting up and showing up. It’s that confidence and drive that gives us — confidence will give us the drive to keep going and moving that needle to success. So if you haven’t checked out that episode, go back and check.

I’ll put the link in the show notes but go out back and check episode 71. So it’s businessmadeeasypodcast.com/episode71 and you’ll be able to listen to that episode there about success not being a straight line. But truly, yeah, and this is a little bit like my running around the lake as I was talking about earlier. You know the idea of if, if I get up every morning and I go, “Oh, I can’t. There’s no way in the world. I’m never gonna be able to run the four-way around. You know, seven kilometres or four and a half kilometres or miles around the lake, then I’m gonna develop this confidence block. I, I don’t — I know I want to do it.

I know it’s good for me to do it. I know the reasons why I want to do it. I can see me doing it, you know? I can see and I know what’s needed to be, to be doing it but for some reason, I get up every morning and I don’t want to go and do that run. Then you know I’m experiencing confidence block at that point because I don’t believe in my — well, I’m, I’m sort of I don’t have any confidence in my success in doing that and achieving it and see the confidence in my ability to achieve that result.

So, I’m gonna talk about that little bit further and I guess, a great case study, I’ll have a case study to illustrate a point and um, I’m gonna use James, one of my coaching students who, whose has a business for some time. But when James — and his name has been changed to protect, to protect the innocent and I’m not gonna get into any specifics — but the things that James was experiencing are great lessons for us all in running our businesses.

And James came in and saw me and basically when he came in, this, for the first session, he was feeling like his business had just plateaued. He just wasn’t getting anywhere and uh, he didn’t know why. Um, he’s tried lots of different things but everything he sorts out of throws at it, it just nothing seems to stick, you know? It’s a little bit like throwing something at a wall and hoping something that it sticks, you know? There was uh, an Australian saying around it but I, I won’t, I won’t — I’ll keep this a family-friendly show — but whatever James tried, uh, it just wasn’t sticking to the wall.

And um, so he sort of began to lose confidence. So he’s just sort of, “This is not working. For some reason, I’m just not gonna be able to get this business to where it needs to be. It’s plateaued. There are just the same old results. I’m just rocking up doing the same old things every day.” And when I sat down with James and sort of in, in our first session together and it was quite an in-depth session. The first ones usually are because we’re always sort of asking, getting lots of get-to-know and background questions about what’s, what he’s tried, etcetera, in the past. But what I did ask James is, what uh, was that he felt that he wanted to achieve? What did success look like for him, you know?

So, to describe it and he could quite clearly. I mean he had a clear vision about exactly what it is that he wanted to achieve in his business and where he wanted to go. And um, so much to say that I, I even going to map it out on the whiteboard. “Put it up on the whiteboard, James. Explain it to me, show, you know?” So and he, and he did so with great passion. So you know he knows exactly where he wants to go and, and he knows exactly when we got into it, where he currently is now. And he knew exactly when we go around that, what steps and what things he had to implement to do these things.

But there was something stopping him from actually taking action and implementing them. And it seems crazy. doesn’t it? Because you go, “Okay, you know where you wanna go. You know where you are now. So the difference between those two things I called, the success gap.

So, you, you know, what your success gap is and you know the steps and things you need to put in place to actually achieve those results. So why aren’t you doing it? You know that seem to me, seems to be a common sense thing, doesn’t it? Why aren’t you doing it? And this is the thing, it’s the confidence in your ability to achieve it. It’s confidence block that I’m, I’m talking about that stops so many business owners and so many people from achieving the true, true success in their business.

Now, I’m not telling you about anything that I haven’t experienced myself first-hand, hands down confession, I have experienced myself in my business regularly and I have to keep reminding myself and, and identifying these characteristics in myself as well because they, they really are debilitating and they, they really can stop you achieving the success that you are trying to achieve and you deserve in your business. For all your hard work and investment, you deserve to achieve success and I want that for you. So, let’s have a look at this, this confidence blocks and drill down a little bit and see what they really are when we get down to them.

So, is it motivation? Is it a lack of motivation? We’re not motivated to achieve or take action to achieve the steps. Now, when we look at motivation, I personally believe in most cases, it’s not my motivation, okay? Motivation really is about a desire to achieve some — you actually got a desire within your passion, within you to achieve something.

Now, we are business owners. We are entrepreneurs. We are passionate people. We, we are driven to achieve. We have this desire to achieve things otherwise you wouldn’t go into business. Like, we have motivation. We are motivated people generally, you know? Unless you have some motivational issues but generally, we are motivated people to achieve. To go into business on your own, um, really does take motivation.

And when I spoke to James in his situation, James, could, he stood up on the whiteboard and he was motivated. He knew what he needed to do and has the motivation to actually do it. The fact that he was coming to see me for coaching and to fix the problem in itself was motivation, you know? He, he’s actually taken action and he’s, and he’s coming to me.

But why can’t he take these steps? Is it self-esteem? These are all elements of confidence by the way. So, so he’s sort of breaking down elements of this confidence blocks. In some cases it can be self-esteem; it can be self-value. Do you not value yourself enough to actually have that success? Do you not believe you’re worthy of that success.

Now, most entrepreneurs and business owners I came across don’t suffer from this problem. They usually are confident people that do have this self-esteem. They do have the belief that they are valuable people in the community. They can add value to people. That’s why you’re going to business. You wanna add value to customers. That’s what we do. We wanna solve problems for customers and help people and grow people ourselves. So we, we do and, and we do believe in ourselves. You know, this might vary from person to person but, you know, some people might have more self-esteem than others.

But generally and fundamentally, I believe we, as entrepreneurs, do have, have, have self-esteem and, and we do value ourselves and our families and those around us. So um, what could it be then if we’re looking at an element of confidence? And I do believe that these confidence blocks come from self-efficacy. Now, um, this is an element of confidence so all these things work together in isolation to each other. So they do all affect each other and kind of help each other.

Now, I, I must put a disclaimer ’cause I’m not a trained psychologist. Um, so I’m just giving you my research and my understanding of what I’ve, I’ve — because I, I see these problems come into the office regularly and I seek understanding in them. So, um, I do a lot deeper research and trying to find out exactly what’s driving it.

And I do believe when we talk about self-efficacy, I do believe this is what drives a lot of these confidence blocks. And self-efficacy is basically the belief in our ability to achieve what it is that we know we want to achieve and should be or not should be but we know we want to achieve.

And the things and that’s I guess prevents us from taking the necessary actions and keeping that drive going on the things that we should be doing to achieve that results. So we’re talking about I believe, a lot of this comes down to self-efficacy and that is the belief in our ability to achieve the things that we want to do. So, if you take James for instance.
James, when we did get down and talked about it, he knew — just to recap — he knew what wanted to achieve and what success looks like to him. He knew where he was now and he knew what he had to do it but he just didn’t have the belief in his ability to be able to achieve that. So, it really is an important point and, and it’s something to understand it ourselves and, and I want, I want you to understand each of those elements that I’ve just spoken about.

So self-esteem, motivation, self-efficacy, all three, big elements of confidence. And, and the three areas that you can sort of look at and ask yourself the question, “Where is it that I feel that I struggle?” It might be in one of the other, you might be lacking motivation but that, that lack of motivation might be coming from your lack of taking action and, and your uh, loss of efficacy feeling I guess. Feeling is the element. So you can you tell I’m not a psychologist, can’t you? So um, you know, they all work together hand in hand so one will cause an effect on the other.

So if we’re looking at our ability to achieve, what is it that, that prevents us from doing that? Is it — like I said with my running goal — that uh, the goal is too big, you know? My ability to achieve such a big target of running right around the whole outside of the lake is that so big that I can’t, I just can’t believe in my ability to, my abilities to do that is limited.

Now, I’ve really truly believed that when we set goals we don’t go far enough in breaking them down into smaller micro-achievements if you like. Milestones, smaller milestones that aren’t so debilitating. It doesn’t seem so mountainous to climb and I’m going to do a session on this in, in the future podcast. But if we were able to break down so, in James’ case, James knows where he wants to go. He knows what he has to do. Okay, James, what time frame are we gonna — do we, do we realistically want to do this thing? Can we um, possibly ascertain this, you know? Set that goal frame and then James, what would have to happen first? What was the first milestone? And break it into some, some what’s the ending, what’s the next and what’s the next and break it into smaller milestones. Bit by bit, James is not gonna focus on the first milestone. He doesn’t have — the the end goal is to — so let us do our path, there still have our victory path but the very first victory is that first step, that first milestone.

So that’s how we can break down um, these confidence blocks. So I think if we actually sit down and really analyze what it is and ask ourselves that question, “What is it that stopping me from taking action on the things that I need to do and implement and take action on that will achieve my goals? What is stopping me from taking these steps? What is stopping me from doing it? And I want you to think about that today as a result of today’s podcast. If you need help with that, get help. Seek coaching. That’s what coaching is all about.

Coaching helps you identify and drill down uh, where these problem areas are and helps you to get and take action. Helps you to take steps in the right direction towards your goals and, and get you achieving them. That’s what it’s all about. We all need coaching and all need some form of coach — even the best teams in the world have coaches, you know?

The best sporting teams have coaches. Best athletes have coaches. We all need a coach to help us grow and get through this confidence block that can stop us from um, and, and keep us spinning our wheels. And I guess that’s what we, that’s what we did with Jack. We sat down with Jack and we worked with Jack and worked out a milestone and bit by bit, chipped away and got that confidence back up. When you, your confidence in your ability to achieve increases and you have those small starting victories, you just wanna keep going ’cause you can see yourself getting to those towards that end goal. Now, that’s not a perfect situation. Obviously, things happen. Things will pull you back but the stronger you’re getting your ability to believe you can achieve this success, the better you are going to survive those things that pull you back.

You’re not going to, you’re not gonna go back to the ground once again. You’re gonna back only a little bit and then when going forward again, you’re gonna go back a little bit more. Again, check out episode 71, about success not being a straight line so that’s business made easy podcast dot com slash episode 71. But yes, absolutely, success isn’t a straight line but the stronger you can get with these confidence blocks and get through these confidence blocks, you’re going to — you’re gonna get there.

You can have a better outcome in your, in your business and, and you’re gonna have better actions happening and, and better patterns and, and habits forming as well. Reducing procrastination, reducing all those plateauing sort of feelings and um, yeah it’s just, just about really identifying. Really, I guess here is my important message today is taking the action to identify. Am I experiencing this in my business? Am I — is this why I’m not doing this at the moment? Is this why I’m procrastinating? I want you to think long and hard and serious about that today. That’s my message for you today.

All right, so I hope that helps you, confidence blocks, they happened to us all in business. They’re not just — when I talk about confidence, they’re not just one element. Like confidence, there are multiple elements to confidence so it’s important that you drill down and see, like I said, motivation, self-esteem and self-efficacy, they’re all elements of confidence. So it’s very, very important that you drill down and, and identify which of those uh, elements it is, that you maybe lacking, you know? Might be affecting your progress in your results. Alrighty, that’s all I have time for today.

Check out the show notes over businessmadeeasypodcast.com/episode81. If you want more information, I’ll have the show notes and a transcript to the show over there today for you. If you enjoy the show, please write the show on iTunes uh, or Spotify or, or you’re listening device of choice.

Those ratings and those, those um, reviews really dig our long way to help the show get found. If you’re experiencing these sort of feelings in your business most, most importantly, feel free to drop me a line, Jason at business made easy podcast dot com and I’m more than happy to help you um, drill down and, and, and identify where, where is it that you might be getting stuck in your business. But I am here for you. I do want your success and until next week here’s to your success and I’m gonna hand you over to Mia. Take us out, Mia. All the best, guys. Talk next week. Bye.

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