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Episode 97


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It is so easy to get caught up in life busy being busy. But are we being effective? Are we actually working towards or heading in the right direction for what is truly important in our lives and in our businesses?
We explore the beginning with the end in mind approach to life and business this week.
The idea of starting everything with total clarity on what is important to you in all aspects of life and staying focused on it can have a dramatic effect on the level of success you in your business and in your life.
When we begin with the end in mind approach to our lives we become leaders of our lives as opposed to manages of all that comes our way.
We discuss in-depth these concepts and how you can have a life well lead versus a life well managed.

What You'll Learn!

  • What it means to start with the end in mind
  • Why it’s such an important approach to business and life in achieving success
  • How easy it can be to lose focus and direction without a proper plan
  • The importance of recalibrating COLOR regularly to stay focused
  • The important distinction between a life well managed versus a life, well lead
  • How to implement an End in mind approach to life.

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